Create Law Banning Dog Chaining in Portsmouth

Target: Portsmouth Virginia Mayor Kenneth I. Wright

Goal: Create “Storm’s Law,” which would ban dog chaining in the city of Portsmouth.

Storm’s Law is named for the two-year-old dog that strangled to death as a result of being chained up and unsupervised outside a home in Portsmouth, Virginia. Now, animal rights advocates are writing to Portsmouth’s mayor Kenneth I. Wright to create an ordinance that would ban or seriously restrict dog chaining.

When dogs are aggressively chained up alone outside, they are exposed to myriad dangers and injuries. They can be strangled, stolen for use in dogfights, or attacked by other animals. Often, chained dogs are neglected for long periods of time, during which they suffer starvation, dehydration, freezing, flea infestations, and heat strokes. Their chains cause sores and cuts on their necks as well. It is also a safety concern for people who interact with these animals, since chained dogs are more likely to bite or become violent.

Chaining is much different than taking your dog for a walk. Chains are extremely heavy and constrictive; they often limit the animal’s movement to a small, confined area. Dogs that are chained are usually victims of heavy neglect as well, and chaining is a form of abuse in itself.

Many states, counties, and cities have passed laws restricting or banning dog chaining. One such law should be introduced in Portsmouth so that no other animals will have to unnecessarily die like Storm. Please encourage Mayor Wright to ban dog chaining in Portsmouth, Virginia.


Dear Mayor Kenneth I. Wright,

The upsetting story about a dog named Storm strangling to death as a result of dog chaining has gotten the attention of animal rights activists. It is essential that we confront this issue directly before any other animals suffer a similar fate.

Dog chaining is extremely dangerous for both dogs and humans. Animals chained up outside are often victims of neglect, starvation, dehydrating, freezing, strangling, heatstroke, and flea infestation. When left outside for long periods of time, they can be stolen for dogfights or attacked by other animals. Likewise, chained dogs are more likely to become aggressive and bite or attack humans.

Chaining is a form of animal abuse and should be banned or seriously restricted. Please protect the safety of Portsmouth pets and residents and create an ordinance against dog chaining.

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  1. Stacey Namel says:

    Chaining an Animal should be BANNED everywhere!

  2. Unsupervised chaining should be banned; some dogs are fence jumpers and must be chained while outside though they should be taken in at night and during bad weather and not deprived of attention. I’ve seen the ‘benign chaining’ cases where the dog is not neglected as well as the neglectful chaining crime and want them differentiated between.

    • Rosetta DiGiovanni says:

      I disagree. These dogs should not be tied or chained under any circumstances! If you can’t afford to put up a type of fence high enough they can’t jump it – you don’t need to have them period.

  3. christine zacek says:

    No animal deserves the hellish life of being chained up it is wrong and unnecessary!!!!

  4. Danielle Green says:

    The greatness of a nation and it’s moral progress can be judged by the way it’s animals are treated.~Ghandi~

    I can’t believe that dogs are still being kept outside in kennels and runs, all day in the heat and cold and rain. These are supposed to be our companions. When you’re angry, upset, sad, depressed, and stressed a dog is there for you. Even if you have nothing to say to them, they will listen. Dogs will love you no matter what you wear, or how you look, or what kind of car you drive, and even when you have lost every worldly possession. So why not bring them in the house with you to sleep, and play?

  5. Ruth Rogers Ruth Rogers says:


  6. D. Carter says:

    I am all for dogs being left unchained as long as the owners have a way of controlling them. Either keep them in your house (as I did my cat for 16 years) or in a run-I am not a dog owner and I do not want your dog tearing up my property nor do I want myself or my visitors stepping in your dog’s poo. So just keep these things in mind. Otherwise you may be making a lot of trips to the pound.

  7. Rosetta DiGiovanni says:

    these dogs are God’s creatures and we are their caretakers. It is our responsibility as human beings to protect these defenseless animals.

    It is cruelty to chain or tie dogs up in a yard. 90% of the time these dogs are just ignored with no interaction with the owners at all. It breaks my heart. I have a neighbor with two sweet gentle dogs tied in the yard 24 hours a day with hardly any space to get any exercise The poor dogs just lie around. One sleeps under a bile of wood and the other sleeps under the steps to the upper garage. They have “no” life whatsoever. I pray every night something will happen to rescue these dogs and someone that will love and care for them will get custody of them. People who don’t care about taken proper care or showing any attention to their pets do not deserve to have them. I pray the city of Portsmouth will have compassion for these dogs and pass a law to ban chaining or tying dogs.

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