Don’t Murder Defenseless Deer

Target: Marty Walsh, Boston, Massachusetts Mayor

Goal: Stop hunters from killing helpless deer population.

Massive amounts of deer may soon be slaughtered. Ninety-eight hunters will be allowed to shoot deer in the Blue Hills Reservation, an area in Boston that has not allowed hunters to kill animals since the land was set aside for public use in 1893. Officials claim several deer need to be shot so that both people and animals can safely coexist together. We need to take action to better ensure these beautiful animals will be saved.

Deer quickly reproduce after there is a significant population loss, often making it so that hunting them actually has the opposite effect than what is intended. While hunting advocates claim that killing these animals will help lower the number of car accidents, using such a method to accomplish this goal is futile. A better way to ensure people stay safe while driving is to build wildlife underpasses and overpasses so that the animals will be able to walk safely back and forth to their habitats.

Hunting advocates further claim that deer eat all of the under-canopy, making it so other plants and animals starve and die off as a result. However, such a scenario is not possible since under-canopy is naturally destroyed when it loses shade due to mature treetop canopies closing.

There are more humane ways that can be used to control deer populations. In fact, giving deer contraception injections have already been utilized in various parts of the country. These animals can also be sterilized to prevent too many deer from overtaking an area.

Demand that more humane ways be used to address the apparent overpopulation of deer in Boston. These animals do not deserve to be slaughtered when there are more ethical ways to solve a potential problem.


Dear Mayor Walsh,

Many deer may soon be hunted in an effort to better control the current population. Deer repopulate at even faster rates after their numbers are significantly lowered, making it so more car accidents are liable to occur rather than less. The best way to keep people safe on the road is to build overpasses and underpasses for the animals to use while traveling between habitats.

It is further a myth that deer take away food from other plants and animals because they eat a majority of the under-canopy. As trees mature and their canopy tops begin to close, under-canopy naturally dies, making it useless to most living species anyway.

Deer have successfully been given contraceptive injections in many parts of the United States. Sterilization methods have also been utilized to help keep populations under control. Although these methods will likely be more costly, many people would rather such methods be used than to have 98 hunters with loaded guns prowling around on protected land.

I urge you to support using more humane ways to control deer populations. These animals do not deserve to be mercilessly slaughtered when we have friendlier means to deal with deer population size.


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  1. I cannot believe I am having to share this with an EXPERT…but clearly it is necessary.

    It has been repeatedly documented for many years that killing off large populations of wildlife actually leads to increased breeding and larger populations than before.
    What the hell are you doing handling this decision when you are clearly ignorant of how nature actually works.
    Recuse your self from this issue and leave it to someone competent. Please!

    • Totally agree with all that! This same issue around deer came in our area recently, and the SAME scientific facts were presented. But in too many places, stupid, stubborn humans only seem to use or believe scientific findings when it suits them, and IGNORE them when they just want to KILL other living beings, all rationale and documented facts aside. Insane idiots!

  2. let these deer live now.

  3. Who gave humans the right to kill everything that crosses their path?? They did not give life, they have no right to take it away. Laws should be passed forbidding hunters from killing ANYTHING. Put the hunters in the woods & let them hunt each other, that would put a stop the to killing of our precious, beautiful, innocent animals. SHAME ON THE SONS OF BITCHES WHO KILL THESE BEAUTIFUL CREATURES. SHAME ON THEM, ONE AND ALL. Perhaps a bounty on hunters brought in DOA would do the trick and stop some of this madness~~they are not innocent, but the animals are and they have committed no crime to be shot in cold blood. I hope the hunters burn in hell for eternity. The only good hunter is a dead hunter!!!

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