Protect Boreal Forest from Damaging Industrialization

Target: President Ron Hallman, Canada Environmental Assessment Agency

Goal: Protect Canada’s boreal forests from industrialization and devastation.

Over 180 million acres of boreal forest are being destroyed by companies involved in logging, mining hydroelectric power, and oil and gas extraction. More than 30 percent of the forest has been reserved for future expansion of natural resource extraction. Caribou and wolverines have disappeared from the forest and millions of songbird nests have been destroyed by logging companies, but industrialization of the forest continues on.

The Canada Environment Assessment Agency has a duty to protect their boreal forests that are of global importance. The thick layers of moss, soil, and peat play a major role in regulating the Earth’s climate. Wetlands filter millions of gallons of water daily. The forest ecosystem supports a vast number of mammals, birds, insects, and plants. More than 600 indigenous people communities call the boreal forest home.

An average of 2.5 million acres of forest are harvested annually for logging purposes. More than half of the harvested trees are shipped to the United States as pulp for paper and manufacturing. This pulp is turned into toilet paper, junk mail, newsprint, and catalogs.

There are approximately 7,000 abandoned mines scattered throughout the boreal forest. Nearly half of the mines are located close to a water source and are leaking contaminants into the waterways decades after closing. Previously undeveloped, there are now 4,400 mining claims staked over Ontario’s northern boreal forest. Infrastructure supporting the mines, such as access roads and transmission corridors, severely impact the forests.

In addition to the 175,000 acres of Alberta’s boreal forest decimated by oil sand extraction, greater than 155,000 active gas wells are operating in the forest. More than 34 million acres have been leased to companies for further oil sands extraction and an additional 117,000 gas wells are scattered throughout the forest.

Hydroelectric development has also threatened the boreal forests. Dams block migratory fish from reaching their spawning grounds and flooded areas upstream destroy animal habitats. Large dams have affected more than 80,000 miles of rivers causing a loss of 12.9 million acres of lost habitat due to flooding.

By signing this petition, you will urge President Ron Hallman of Canada’s Environmental Assessment Agency to protect Canada’s boreal forests and halt the increasing industrialization of this formerly pristine environment. Please help save the ecosystem for billions of birds, insects, plants, animals, and people.


Dear President Hallman,

Canada’s boreal forests play an important role in the global environment. Its moss, peat, and soil help regulate climate. Its wetlands filter millions of gallons of water daily. The forest ecosystem supports birds, insects, plants, animals, and people.

Increasing industrialization is wreaking havoc on the boreal forests. Expansion of logging, mining, hydroelectric dams, and oil and gas wells are devastating the environment and threatening thousands of species.

The planet deserves all the care and protection we can provide. We, the undersigned, urge you to stop expanding the industrialization of the boreal forests. Please maintain the integrity of this fragile ecosystem and help save the planet.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Alex Mak

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One Comment

  1. Dianna Koller says:

    I agree as long as there is millions to line these large corporations pockets this will never stop. I have noticed however that all of the elected politicians put into positions of fighting these various corporations by implementing laws against profiting from sucking out our planets resources at the cost of all forms of life pertinent to sustaining the earth’s existence, are not doing what they were voted in to do. I never hear of or see any reports of our members of parliament fighting to change the laws which are so outdated it is ridiculous. I never hear of our politicians crying out to stop large corporations of taking advantage of our natural resources to make themselves rich and if someone does try to start something there is always an excuse of why this is a good thing for the people it makes life better for the community, etc., etc., that is bullshit a cover-up. The only thing that matters to anyone is the almighty dollar and at what cost in the end…greed of all of these old foggies who sit in government seats making our laws who are burned out and have lost their passion for life if they ever had any.

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