Denounce Donald Trump’s Islamophobic, Nazi-Like Proposals

Target: Donald Trump

Goal: Criticize Trump’s Islamophobic policy proposals that mirror those enforced in Nazi Germany.

Donald Trump said recently he would absolutely implement tracking Muslims in the U.S. in a database. This is just another one of the Islamophobic policies this modern poster child for racism and intolerance has proposed.

The Republican presidential hopeful said he wouldn’t stop at just databases and would utilize “a lot of systems,” such as making Muslim Americans wear “a special form of identification that noted their religion.” Some are saying these policies mirror protocol in Nazi Germany.

Trump has also said he would close down mosques and would consider warrantless searches of Muslims and increased government surveillance of mosques.

Donald Trump thinking he can unfairly target a group of people based on their religion and enforce illegal activities against them is insane. Criticize Trump’s Islamophobic proposals and tell him we refuse to return to a time like that of Nazi Germany.


Dear Mr. Trump,

I’m writing to criticize your continued disgusting attacks on yet another minority group. The Islamophobic policies that you have proposed are similar to the kinds of protocols carried out during Nazi Germany. You’re an incredibly hate-filled man, and someone with that much intolerance will never have what it takes to lead this country.

Tracking Muslim Americans in databases and labeling them by their religion is offensive and borders on illegal. Your consideration of warrantless searches of Muslims and increasing surveillance of their activities violates human rights and shows just how unprepared you are to truly tackle the issue of terrorism in this country.

Stop spewing your hateful rhetoric and learn a bit about compassion.


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Photo credit: Gage Skidmore

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  1. Catherine Dugan says:

    Donald Trump is an ass and doesn’t deserve to be President. He attacks everyone and everything and thinks he could handle the situation better.
    All I can say is if, by some slim chance, he makes it to the White House, I’m moving to Ireland!

  2. Michele Corum says:

    Donald Trump is doing the right thing by my beliefs! We need to pay attention to Islamic Muslims in this country right now we don’t know who is dangerous or not meaning ISIS related. No more chances are needed we already lost many innocent people in 911 & just as Donald Trump said the muslims in Jersey City were laughing HOW DARE THEY “GET THE HELL OUT OF OUR COUNTRY” WE DONT WANT THEM HERE TAKE YOUR SYRIAN REFUGEES WITH YOU WE HAVE ENOUGH PROBLEMS! PEOPLE STARVING HERE CANT FIND JOBS OUR VETS ARE HOMELESS CANT FIND JOBS THEY COME FIRST!!!! DONALD TRUMP REALIZES THIS & HE WILL FIX THE COUNTRY WHETHER YOU LIKE IT OR NOT HE HAS MANY SUPPORTERS!

    • Wednesday's Childe says:

      Wow….looks like SOMEONE went off their meds! Back away from the computer, put your tin-foil hat back on and go hump Alex Jones’ leg some more…
      F*cking Conspiracy Nutters….
      Sheesh, you Cheeto-dust-covered cellar dwellers sure make one pine for the intellect of Dan Quayle.

  3. If that hater and women abuser gets elected the third world war is a fact.
    He is probably gay or transgender as I have learned that he gets one of his secretary’s friend buy stockings in Piles.
    I have no problem with that,but imagine a president candidate so full of hatred in sexy stockings with lots of gold and glitter on..djeez,he hates those who does things like that,maybe a little sign that he is been hiding in the closet for all those years..
    Would love to say the name of the store,but even a beast like him deserves some privacy.
    A man who got rich on driving his fathers limo beating up poor people who didn’t have paid the rent in time..
    He likes coce to,up to you to decide if it’s a legal beverage,or snow..
    Good luck Democrats!easy win.I hope..for world peace..

  4. Bary Appleby says:

    Well actually they reflect the internment of the Japanese during WW2, a lot if not a majority of whom were US citizens. Italian and German Americans were not subjected to
    the same treatment despite the fact that many German Americans were pro-Nazi and anti-Semitic, whereas it is usually recognised that few Japanese were involved in anti-American activities. The USA would be far safer is there was a register of extreme right-wing groups and individuals given the attacks on Black churches and the recent murder of two Jews by an extreme neo-Nazi.

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