Save Dog from Unfair Euthanasia Law

Target: Judge Andrew Owens

Goal: Protest an unfair law that forces all dog bite cases to end in euthanasia.

In two weeks, a dog may be sentenced to death for biting a boy in self-defense. The “Damage by Dogs” law states that if a dog bites a person, even in self-defense, the dog must be euthanized. Support a new bill which will end this black-and-white law and convince Judge Owens to rule against euthanasia and save an innocent dog’s life.

Dr. Paul Gartenberg, Padi’s owner and veterinarian, obtained Padi through a rescue society after the dog was found tied to a tree with a chain. The chain was so tight that it had to be surgically removed from his neck. Despite this abuse, Padi is an affectionate and friendly dog. However, when a four-year-old boy came into the office and lunged at him, Padi fought back. It was clear that Padi had acted in in self-defense. However, per the “Damage by Dogs” law, Padi must be euthanized.

The “Damage by Dogs” law does not take intent into consideration. Instead, it assumes that all dog-bite cases are dealing with an out-of-control dog that must be put down. This includes self-defense and defense of the owner. It is not fair that a dog should have to die for protecting itself or its owner.

Rep. Greg Steube has proposed a bill that will modify the language of the “Damage by Dogs” law and protect innocent dogs from euthanasia. He hopes that it will be signed into law next year. In the meantime, Padi awaits his fate. Sign this petition and encourage Judge Andrew Owens to pardon Padi and save his life.


Dear Judge Owens,

Padi is a sweet rescue dog with a big heart. His attack on four-year-old Cooper was done in self-defense when the boy lunged at him without warning. We ask that you take Padi’s nonviolent history into consideration when making your ruling and recognize the faults in the “Damage by Dogs” law.

Rep. Greg Streube is working on passing a bill that will change the language of the “Damage by Dogs” law. If he succeeds, no other dog will ever have to die for defending itself or its owner. However, if you rule for Padi to be euthanized, he will not see the passing of this law.

We demand that you reexamine the “Damage by Dogs” law in relation to Padi’s case and make Padi the first dog to be saved by Bill HB91.


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Photo Credit: Kevin_P

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  1. Judge Andrew Owens: We demand that you reexamine the “Damage by Dogs” law in relation to Padi’s case and make Padi the first dog to be saved by Bill HB91.
    “I wish we had such a harsh law for people that murder and rape children”. I agree with
    Ричард Эрен Хок

  2. Stop blaming friendly innocent animals, when it is the fault of parents/caretakers for unfortunate dog defense. A 4 year old child, is old enough to be taught gentleness towards a dog, not to lunge at a dog who was hiding under a desk, protecting his toys. The babysitter, in this case, allowed the child to tease/attack the dog, and expectedly, the dog reacted and bit the boy, out of fear. Any idiot knows that if an animal is attacked (especially one that has previously been abused), it will defend itself. Don’t most humans do the same?

    Padi does not deserve a death sentence because of negligent humans! The “Damage by Dogs” law is insanely harsh and unjust. It doesn’t even allow legal defense for the dog.

    Save this innocent dog by Bill HB91. That is the only intelligent, sane and humane action!

  3. “So many people insist they are against animal abuse, cruelty, suffering and the inhumane treatment of animals, yet they don’t understand they are actively engaging in and supporting egregious suffering, abuse, cruelty and inhumane treatment when they eat animals and their ‘by-products.’ If you are against cruelty, suffering and inhumane treatment, then you go vegan. It’s just that simple.” – Sarah Kiser

  4. Please don’t put this dog down. It seems he has already had a terrible life he deserves a second chance at a great life .Thank you. Sincerely Christine Hutchison.

  5. it wasn’t the dogs fault it was the parent of the child who got bit. the parent should’ve had better control over that boy.. now look what you have done parent?? you have sentenced a dog to die because you did not or would not restrain your son from lunging at this dog.
    shame on you!!!!!

  6. People should keep their kids from innocent animals, please allow this animal to live. Please have a heart.please give this animal a second chance, he won’t do it again.

  7. Padi does NOT deserve to die — take into consideration all the facts, the circumstances, along with his history — your Damage by Dogs law MUST be amended — it’s irrational and lacks compassion — keep in mind that Padi has a loving and caring support group — give him that second chance at life which he so deserves.

  8. Darlene Avery says:

    This is a despicable law that must be reworked. Padi was defending himself from a kid who lunged at him. How dare you order this sweet dog’s life be taken when this was not his fault at all. Would YOU not defend yourself. You must take into consideration all facts and circumstances. He has led such a dreadful life due to humans torturing and abusing him. Do not add to this poor dog’s misery by putting him to death. What an horrific, vile decision. Padi must be allowed to live his life with his loving owner.

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