Allow Access to Safe Abortions for All Women

Target: Paul Ryan, Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives

Goal: Support legislation that would allow access to safe and affordable abortions for all women.

As anti-choice crusaders continue to attack women’s rights, it’s becoming more and more difficult for some women to access the healthcare they need. This problem has been exacerbated by the fact that, for the past 39 years, taxpayer dollars have been barred from supporting abortion. The Hyde Amendment banned Medicaid from funding abortions in the mass majority of cases. The impacts of this amendment are disproportionately devastating to low-income women who rely on Medicaid. Combined with repeated attacks on Planned Parenthood forcing the closing of clinics across the country, in some states it’s downright impossible for low-income women to get a safe abortion.

Access to healthcare, including abortions, should not depend on a person’s financial standing. Every woman should have the right to choose if and when to have a child, not be forced to give birth due to her inability to pay a price tag. The emotional and financial burden of raising an unwanted child can be so devastating that some women still seek abortions even when it is not legitimately available. It is in this way that anti-choice legislation encourages desperate women to resort to “back alley” abortions. Barring access to affordable, legal abortion does not end abortion—it simply makes it more costly and dangerous for less-privileged Americans.

No woman should feel trapped and have to consider an illegal abortion. Sadly, for some there is no other option. Provisions like the Hyde Amendment are archaic, discriminatory, and counter productive to public health. It is long past time to repeal the Hyde Amendment and replace it with legislation that will ensure equal abortion access for all women. The EACH Women Act, introduced into the house this past summer, would do just that by requiring the federal government to ensure abortion care under Medicaid and prevent it from restricting abortion care in private health plans.

Sign the petition below to encourage Congress to support the EACH Women Act to allow access to safe, affordable abortion to all women.


Dear Speaker Paul Ryan,

For the past 39 years, the Hyde Amendment has prevented some women from accessing abortion care. This provision specifically targets abortion care under Medicaid, meaning low-income women suffer the consequences of restricted abortion access. It is wrong to force some women to cope with unwanted pregnancies while others are able to pay for abortion procedures. Additionally, barring access to safe, legal abortions encourages some desperate women to turn to “back alley” abortions. These procedures are extremely dangerous and can cause permanent internal damage or even death.

In order for all women in the U.S. to have access to the healthcare they need, the Hyde Amendment must be repealed. Recently, the EACH Women Act was introduced into the House. The act would ensure the federal government provides abortion care to women on Medicaid and prevent governments from interfering with abortion care under private health plans. The EACH Women Act is a large step in the right direction for women’s health. I encourage you to put an end to discriminatory policies like the Hyde Amendment, and instead support access to safe and affordable healthcare for all women.


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  1. This is a bullshit petition. You want to promote baby killing. Why not promote abstinence, birth control! And by the way, many GYN clinics do provide abortions. Where are you getting your information?

    You are promoting baby killing. Not at my expense! My tax dollars are not for murder.

    • Tamara Heikalo says:

      Lucy, I dislike abortions, too, but are you prepared to help women who are unable to raise a child? And BTW, there are many reasons, beyond just irresponsible sex, for abortions. It is absolutely true that free or very low cost birth control must be made available (which in large part it is not), and that sex education is an absolute must for BOTH young men and women. But this, too, is clearly not being given a priority. There is little point in expressing such rage until these things are properly addressed. And what about forcing boys and men to take responsibility in the equation? That is, when people are being lazy about sex (as opposed to the other legitimate reasons for seeking abortion). YES, there are legitimate reasons. Without safe, legal abortions, you are then promoting illegal UNsafe abortions. Or, abandoned unwanted babies in a system already overloaded with unwanted children.

    • Wednesday's Childe says:

      Yup…. you’re both fact-free AND completely unhinged. Crack a book open, honey.

    • Wednesday's Childe says:

      Oh, and also, Lucy:
      It takes a lot of finely-tuned events for an egg to become a planted zygote and later still a fetus; millions of fertilized eggs in the female population are rejected by the body and are flushed with their menses…. some studies say as much 45%. According to YOUR crazy non-science that makes every woman (who has ever been sexually active and had more than one period) a ‘murderer’.

      So you’re a ‘baby murderer’ just like the rest of us women…. WELCOME TO THE CLUB, O’ Judgmental One!

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