Justice for Elephants Poisoned in Zimbabwe

Target: Zimbabwe president Robert Mugabe

Goal: Find and charge under the full extent of the law whoever is responsible for poisoning elephants with cyanide in Zimbabwe.

Twenty-two elephants were found dead after being poisoned by cyanide in Hwange National Park in Zimbabwe. Twenty-six other poisoned elephants were found dead in the same area earlier this month.

The elephants in some parts of Africa face the risk of extinction, while in other regions it’s not quite so bad but the population is still falling. Part of these threats to the population is the demand for ivory, which is rising rapidly in Asia.

This is the same national park where the beloved Cecil the lion was murdered by an American hunter, causing many to question the park’s abilities to protect its wildlife. With such a great risk posed to the elephant population and with so many being killed with poison something must be done to protect these elephants and bring their murderers to justice. Urge officials to do whatever it takes to find and charge under the full extent of the law whoever is responsible for poisoning these innocent elephants with cyanide.


Dear President Mugabe,

Nearly 50 elephants have been found dead after being poisoned in the same area of Hwange National Park in Zimbabwe where Cecil the lion was also murdered. The lives of innocent wildlife are at great risk and something must be done. We as humans must step in to protect elephants from poachers and others who are trying to poison them and steal their tusks for the ivory trade.

Elephants are at the risk of extinction if you do not step in and do something to save them. I urge you to find and charge under the full extent of the law whoever is responsible for poisoning these innocent elephants with cyanide.


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Photo credit: Werner Bayer

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  1. the government needs to step in and do something for the elephants and other wildlife now. 50 poisonings is unacceptable now.

  2. Judith Mitchell says:

    This is shockingly horrible and is on the shoulders of Mugabe. Shame on him and the other complicit members of the Zimbabwe dictatorship — you all need to be gone and replaced NOW. Profiting from the slaughter of your magnificent animals is a CRIME AGAINST NATURE and the rest of the compassionate global human community; Mugabe is an arrogant disgraceful old monster.

  3. Karen Black says:

    Speechless with horror!

  4. Terry barnhill says:

    Stop this murder‼️ They have a right to live. Find these bastards and punish them. They DO NOT HAVE ANY RIGHT TO DO THIS‼️‼️‼️Stop them

  5. Teresa DePaula says:

    What kind of $$ could any government possibly get from Poisoning Elephants!! Who is Robert Mugabe — You will Die a horrible death living eternally in Hell =your worst nighmares over&over & if you believe in reincarnation – you will come back to a tortured person or animal!!
    Just because Evil has always existed – NO ONE HAS TO SUPPORT EVIL– horrendous killing of these animals is Evil

  6. Lisbeth Alvarado Sanchez says:

    It breaks my heart to know how this magnificent animals are been killed by a group of sadistic and selfish morons. When will this horrible crimes stop! Governments should be held accountable for allowing this to happen. Everybody involved should be sentenced to life in prison.

  7. Where’s the security? — Who’s watching Hwange Park? — Who’s in charge? — Who’s allowing this torturous suffering upon the elephants? — Poisoning is cruel & unconscionable, horrific & savage — IF WE DON’T PROTECT THESE ELEPHANTS, THEN WHO WILL? — They have the God-given right to their lives! — You have the power to protect them! — Where is the rationality? — Where is the compassion? — PLEASE put an end to the suffering, the abuse & the death of elephants — they, like us, value their lives and want to live — do not take this sacred right away from them.

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