Prosecute Cop for Violently Throwing Student to Ground in Class

Target: Honorable Daniel E. Johnson for the Fifth Judicial Circuit of South Carolina

Goal: Prosecute Deputy Ben Fields for throwing a student from a chair and other instances of police brutality.

Deputy Ben Fields has been thrown into the spotlight for his recent run-in with a student at the high school he patrols. Deputy Fields has been patrolling Spring Valley High School for years and, in that time, he has rallied up quite a few complaints from students and teachers alike.

The most recent incident of Deputy Fields’ police brutality was caught on tape, showing exactly how violent he gets with students. The video, posted to social media just hours after it happened, shows Fields asking a student to leave the classroom. When she resists, the deputy apparently throws the desk to the ground with the student still in it and then pulls her out of her seat and throws her to the front of the room.

This is not the first instance that Deputy Fields has been accused of abusing his power. In 2005, a man referred to Deputy Fields as “dude” and, despite the man profusely apologizing for his mistake, Fields threw the man to the ground and handcuffed him. The deputy then reportedly pulled out his mace and sprayed the man’s face until his shirt was soaked. Furthermore, after catching a woman filming him, the deputy allegedly threw her to the ground and handcuffed her as well. The woman’s phone was confiscated and never returned to her.

This kind of behavior from any person is intolerable, especially from a police officer patrolling a high school. With the amount of times Deputy Field’s behavior has been excused in the past, it is imperative that the prosecutor’s office knows that the public is in support of his prosecution. Sign this petition and demand that this deputy is fully prosecuted under the law.


Dear Solicitor Johnson,

I am writing you today because I am deeply disturbed at a video of a sheriff’s deputy, Ben Fields, apparently using violence against a student at Spring Valley High School. The video shows a young girl refusing to follow Deputy Fields outside of the classroom. Upon the students refusal, Deputy Fields pushes the desk to the ground with the student still in it and then pulls her out of her desk and throws her to the front of the classroom.

This is not the first time Deputy Fields has been accused of abusing his power. Many complaints against the deputy have been filed over the years by both students, parents, and citizens alike. In 2005, after a man referred to Deputy Fields as “dude”, the deputy reportedly pinned the man to the ground, handcuffed him, and sprayed him with mace until the man’s shirt was soaked. Deputy Fields noticed a woman filming the incident and allegedly confiscated her phone, pinned her to the ground, and handcuffed her as well.

I urge you to prosecute Deputy Fields. His behavior is unacceptable and he cannot continue to get away with abuse of power.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: liftarn

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  1. What a B!! and all those people that think it’s okay are idiots!

    This B……should lose his job and,get a sentence for HIS actions!

  2. Debbie Matthews says:

    A great deal of people commenting on the actions of this cop are not aware of the bigger picture of the laws of the states of “0” tolerance in the schools of the cities. The police and the teachers are given more latitude of physically assaulting students..going to court doesn’t help due to no one being allowed to see the case due to the age of the student..if the student isn’t one can be present other then the judge and parent…thousands of cases shoved under the rug like this one…right now more and more juvenile institutions are being built to incarcerate these under age’s all about the MONEY!..these young adults have their lives ruined with felony charges before the AGE of 18! PENNSYLVANIA,FLORIDA,TEXAS are three of the worst states…Netflix has a documentary”Kids for cash” a judge and several other people was prosecuted for making money for handing out long sentences with feloney convictions mainly due to the laws of juveniles…no one cannot hear these cases other then the parents,judge,police,school staff..the students are not allowed to speak on their behalf..does not matter of the actions of the’s all about the MONEY..

  3. I saw this on our News in New Zealand, I was so shocked that this happened in a class room and no one tried to stop it.

  4. Sorry. Won’t sign. She was given instructions she chose to ignore and she was disrespectful to the teacher, other students and the officer.

  5. Teanna Seminerio says:

    What was the cop supposed to do? Sit on side of her til she decided to get off her fat ass and do as she’s asked? Maybe if her parents did their job the cop wouldn’t be put in the position to have to do what he did. All you bleeding hearts are the reason kids are out of control and acting like savage animals. The decay of society is the fault of people who want this cop prosecuted for doing his job.

    • Katy LaPorta says:

      Strongly agree with you! She was the problem in the 1st place! Disrespecting teachers, classmates,principal and assisting this cop first. No respect! No manners! She is the problem. Not the cop! Tired of the damn race card shit.

  6. This policeman appears to think he is above the law. If he is not made to justify his action he is correct in so thinking

  7. Lynn D'Ovidio says:

    Maybe firing him was the right thing to do, but I think she should have been charged with resisting and gone to jail. You pamper these kids and they grow up to be criminals and then everybody wonders why they’re out robbing, mugging and killing.

  8. Charge the cop only if the media releases the entire video worldwide. No editing at all. Show how the girl disobeyed all school officials and especially the part where she punched the cop. She deserved to be punished by her elders and nobody can tell me that you can hit a copy with no reprocusions. The desk was not thrown by the copyright. From here actions the desk flipped backwards. He did overreact but she is not innocent. The race card is being thrown also where there is not one part of what happened racist. Stop the stupidity of the pc. sheeple being such overly sensitive rejects

  9. i will not sign this one sided piece that feeds into the PC sheeples ego`s, maybe if the entire video was aired world wide i might take part in this farce, maybe the cop did over react and use too much force but the girl is not innocent, she deserved a punishment for not obeying orders from her teachers and elders then she assaulted the cop, now people are so quick to throw the race card into this rediculous show of a teen gone wild, show the entire video where the masses can view how people are not disciplining their kids and letting them run wild, spare the rod spoil the child

  10. Neil Withnall says:

    Daily Kos just published an in-depth article about this – to find it Google

    “daily kos” “spring valley officer slam”

    Please read it and decide for yourself whether you think this student “deserved” that treatment. It’s a sad day when people think that being disrespectful to a teacher warrants a young girl being thrown out of her seat and slammed into the ground. That treatment is warranted for a dangerous felon or somebody that’s about to attack you, not a high school student sitting in their seat. Didn’t anyone ever hear that *sometimes* the police and city officials cover things up to protect their own?

  11. David Cooper says:

    I applaud the cop.
    Will NOT sign.

  12. To all of those individuals that think this behavior is OK, when they have children let’s see if it’s OK that their children are treated the same way. Parents are not even allowed to lay hands on their children, why are police officers? there may be many in this country that think that is acceptable behavior, but if you ask many people around the world they have a different opinion. Our Nation is becoming a state. What happened to the land of the free and the home of the brave? Looks like it has become the land of the incarcerated and the home of the scared.

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