Ban Horse Drawn Carriage Rides in Chicago

Target: Mayor Rahm Emanuel

Goal: Ban inhumane horse drawn carriages in Chicago and retire horses to suitable habitats.

In Chicago, horses are used to pull carriages for entertainment purposes in dangerous and unpredictable conditions. They are fitted with uncomfortable harnesses and forced to perform among traffic, noisy trains, and mobs of pedestrians in a cramped space. This type of stimulation is frightening for a horse and can easily cause them to panic, resulting in injury to themselves or others.

Horses are just as likely to experience heat stroke, dehydration, and frostbite as people. Despite this, they are forced to work long hours in often dangerous weather conditions. The weather in Chicago can fall below zero in the winter and rise to over 100 degrees in the summer. Rain, sleet, and snow are common. All of these factors put the horse at risk.

Horse carriages travel slowly and often pass through busy intersections. At the very least they disrupt the flow of traffic during peak hours. More importantly, their presence on the road is a traffic hazard and has resulted in traffic accidents. Most recently, in 2014, a car hit the back of a carriage, resulting in injuries to both the people involved and the horse.

Lastly, when horses are no longer able to perform, they are often euthanized instead of being placed in a suitable home. Imagine never being able to experience the peace and comfort of a loving home. This affectionate and devoted animal deserves better.

By signing below, you will encourage Mayor Rahm Emanuel to ban horse drawn carriage rides in Chicago and ensure the safety and comfort of our horses.


Dear Mayer Emanuel,

Horse drawn carriages have proven to be a hazard both to the horses and the citizens of Chicago. The horse is forced to work in inhumane conditions and disrupts traffic and pedestrian flow, often causing unnecessary accidents.

Carriage horses are forced to work in noisy, cramped, and volatile work environments. They are subjected to dangerous weather conditions and unpredictable pedestrian and vehicle traffic. They are responsible for numerous accidents and disrupt the flow of traffic in the city’s busiest intersections. Ultimately, if these horses do make it into retirement, they are often euthanized instead of being moved to a loving home.

Please take action and ban horse drawn carriages in the city of Chicago. Join Biloxi, Mississippi, Camdon, New Jersey, and the host of other cities that have already banned this inhumane practice. Chicago has an abundance of entertainment to offer without putting the welfare of horses on the line.


[Your name here]

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  1. Carol C Brown says:

    I seriously doubt that Emanuel cares about the horses…but we can try.

  2. Kathy Williams says:

    “Lastly, when horses are no longer able to perform, they are often euthanized instead of being placed in a suitable home.”

    OMG…IF ONLY!!!

    They are usually sold to kill buyers at auctions, who then sadistically transport them in overcrowded trailers in unbearable, extreme temperatures for days at a time while denying them water, food and rest until they finally unload the traumatized, exhausted, dehydrated, hungry, sick and/or injured innocent victims at their final destination so they can be cruelly butchered in a Canadian or Mexican slaughterhouse.

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