Brown Bear Slaughtered by Russian Police Deserves Justice

Target: Head of Khabarovsk Police

Goal: Apologize for shooting and killing a wild brown bear who got into public areas rather than taking the steps to subdue the bear with a tranquilizer.

Russian police shot and killed a wild brown bear that was running through public areas. The bear was first spotted near a sporting arena before making its way to a mall. The police chased the bear through the mall, using smoke to scare it out. This only made the bear more anxious and scared as it fled out of the mall.

Police say they had no other choice but to shoot the animal. While many are saying the police made a good call to prevent any human casualties, some are saying the police should have taken earlier action to subdue the animal rather than waiting until the last minute to eventually shoot and kill it. The bear was spotted early on and made it through three locations before police took any real action, and the smoke used in the mall frightened the bear more than doing any real good.

Tragedies like this can be prevented if police are trained and equipped with tranquilizers or other methods of handling situations like this rather than resorting to a panicked shooting. Urge the police to apologize for the handling of this precious creature and take steps to prevent this from happening again in the future.


Dear Head of Khabarovsk police,

The handling of the shooting of the brown bear was not what it should have been and this bear should not have had to die. The bear was seen early on near a local sporting arena and could have been subdued there or at the mall before it was frantically chased down the street and shot.

I urge you to apologize for the way this precious bear was handled and murdered and take steps to prevent this from happening again in the future.


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Photo credit: Spencer Wright

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  1. Wayne Johnson says:

    Out of the thousands of petitions I sign each year, there have been only 3 in which I refused to sign. This is one of them.

    The Bear is Russia’s National symbol and the people of that country LOVE their bears. I don’t believe any Russian Police Officer would intentionally hurt one unless it was a sever threat. People pull over to the side of the road when they see a bear in Russia. Some even get out of their cars and feed them to the amazement of non-Russians. It is all on YouTube.

    • I dont believe that for a moment. The bear was running AWAY not towards anyone.

    • Victor Fanin says:

      Excellent observation. I, too, refuse to sign this, as concern for human life should always supersede that of an animal, especially a dangerous one. I agree that possibly this could have been handled differently. However, police officers often have to make split decisions and, no doubt, this was one of them. Also, disparaging comments about the people or a country are not appropriate and have no relevance to this conversation.

      • Jane Morrow says:

        “concern for human life should always supersede that of an animal” – what rubbish! The human race has become a plague on the planet with its over-population at the cost of every other living being. Some of us don’t believe in speciesism – all living things are equal and have an equal right to life. This whole situation was dealt with in an appalling and unacceptable way. The bear had threatened no-one, it was frightened.

    • I’m quite familiar with Russian culture.
      But unfortunately they are very cruel with animals!
      Here is an example:

  2. Because human populations have exploded and thoughtess humans think they are entitled to sole use of the land previously occupied since time immemorial by bears, one of whom found himself trapped in the maze of some mall. The police followed this unfortunate creature to three locations without any attempt to subdue him humanely with a tranquilizer,which would have enabled them to remove the bear without difficulty to a safe haven. But the least work for the police was to simply fire the multiple live rounds at the bear until, eventually, a sufficiently accurate marksmen was able to kill this bear for no good reason whatsoever had the police done their job properly when a humane resolution was entirely possible.

  3. It sounds just like the police here in the USA when confronted with an animal issue….shoot first & make excuses later!!! The animal ALWAYS pays the price with its life!!!!!
    A – Holes!!!!

    • Yes lyn .I saw a documentry on tyke the elephant forced to be rediculed in the circus. He certainly had enough thats for sure. He ran out in the streets what would anyone do in his phlight the owner was warned to take him out of the circus .of course the advise was ignored.! Bless him!

  4. From what is the norm that killing seems to be a WAY OUT OF A SITUATION.Wether the public needed to be protected and otber areas bears were not allowed in.Better methods should have been sort after.
    It also appears animal whispers are needed to understand the minds of bears etc not to anger them with anxiety and feel inferier to MAN


  6. Irena Franchi says:

    I urge the chief of police to apologize for the unnecessary slaughter of this precious animal and to take steps to prevent this from happening again.

  7. Catherine Dugan says:

    I hate this! The bear wanders into a public area and he is killed! He didn’t even attack anyone but he’s the one who lost his life! Why didn’t they tranquilize the bear and move it back into his habitat? I guess they didn’t want to be bothered. So, instead of doing the right thing, they do them worst thing.

  8. A power seeking individual who dishonors the creator and all the species that exist on this earth.

  9. I know nothing of the Russians attitude to bears, but it was a big mistake to kill it.
    As others have said we are taking away their habitat and they will wonder into populated areas by accident because they are curious animals.
    This also applies to polar bears in other parts of the world, but at least they are usually tranquilised and returned to their habitat.
    The head of police should learn from his mistake and ensure he has trained police to cope humanely with this type of situation.

  10. Denise Smith says:

    typical stupid gun-happy idiots – poor bear!!!!

  11. barry jones says:

    Stop killing innocent bears ! Stupid Putin heads !

  12. Wait a minute, did someone say “apologize”,I must have read it incorrectly. Apologize b.s., fine or jail time. My preference would be a life for a life.

  13. This was handled very bad. The bear was not posing danger to anyone. Why did they not tranquilize the bear and take it to a safe place? Why is killing the first action? This to me was a heartbreaking choice. Shame on them!

  14. Wendy Waltenberg says:

    I am surprised that Putin didn’t ride bare back and shoot the poor bear himself.

  15. wilma van der wurf says:

    Save theese beautiful animals.

  16. “So many people insist they are against animal abuse, cruelty, suffering and the inhumane treatment of animals, yet they don’t understand they are actively engaging in and supporting egregious suffering, abuse, cruelty and inhumane treatment when they eat animals and their ‘by-products.’ If you are against cruelty, suffering and inhumane treatment, then you go vegan. It’s just that simple.” – Sarah Kiser

  17. It is the INDIVIDUAL barbarians who chose to do the unthinkable towards any helpless creature could be Evil. This could happen anywhere in any country. But this time it is the Russian Moran who acted like a ruthless scumbag. These Bears have being living long before those scumbags came to be in the pictures. It is every civilians MORAL responsibility to live with these wild animals while co-existing, rather taking an easy way to Murder the innocent living beings. They too need to live in the same Planet earth as any one else. No one has any right to take a life of such brutal manner specially when these animals home grounds are being deforested and snatched away from them by the so called Two legged ones while building their homes, businesses etc. So to take the methods to save & protect the vulnerable wild animals must be a part of the agenda the governing bodies need to stand united with. This man who Murdered the innocent Bear should NEVER be working with the POLICE anymore. HE IS EVIL & VICIOUS INDIVIDUAL LOVES TO SEE BLOOD BATHS OF INNOCENT ANIMALS.

  18. This erroneous decision and cruelty must stop — where’s the rationality? — Where’s the compassion? — Where’s the conscience? — WHERE are your TRANQUILIZER guns! — To needlessly & callously end the life of this bear is heartbreaking — Police should be held to a higher standard & their actions should be judged seriously — we do NOT want repeats of such HUGE mistakes in the future — PLEASE mete out the proper punishment.

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