Cancel Offensive Radio Host’s Show

Target: Scott Greinstein, President of Sirius XM radio

Goal: Cancel Gregg “Opie” Hughes show on Sirius XM radio due to his offensive behavior.

Gregg “Opie” Hughes is currently paid millions to be an insulting and offensive personality on a show on Sirius XM radio. You could go on and on about the offensive and disturbing things Opie does to try and be entertaining. Opie has stomped on a homeless man’s cake and filmed it, laughing as he smashes one of the man’s few possessions. The homeless man goes on to say: “Come on man, I worked for that, I worked for that.” Opie has followed kids around shoving a cameraman in their face and making fun of them for crying about Lady Gaga.

Opie once mocked a man with a tumor in an elevator, calling on two women and saying: “Wanna see something weird? Look at him.” He then proceeded to only show the half of the man’s face that is not deformed and says: “Look, I fixed you!”

Opie’s offensive actions have been taken out on women too. He has followed a model who was working and proceeded to yell at her: “Shake that ass! Let us see what you got under that coat, I understand woman” and calling her by the name “piece of ass.” Opie also followed a woman with a stroller even after she tried hiding from him. Despite her efforts to hide, he repeatedly shouted “MILF of the day right there!”

The list of despicable actions coming from Gregg “Opie” Hughes goes on and on. Despite all of these signs pointing to Opie not being a good role model, he is put on the radio everyday with the ability to influence thousands. He makes money off of being rude to people less fortunate than him. Sign this petition and ask Sirius XM to cancel Opie’s show and stop encouraging this crude behavior.


Dear Mr. Greenstein,

I am writing you today because I am concerned about the crude behavior of one of your radio hosts. Gregg “Opie” Hughes has a long list of disrespectful actions towards those less fortunate than himself. He once smashed a homeless man’s cake while laughing and filming it. Opie followed kids while they were crying and shoved a camera in their faces in an effort to be funny. Opie has filmed and followed disabled and overweight people while adding rude commentary.

Opie’s actions have also been incredibly offensive toward women. He once followed a model who was working and named her “piece of ass,” yelling at her to take off her clothes. Opie also once followed a woman with her baby, yelling that she was “MILF of the day” despite her efforts to hide from him. His behavior is incredibly disrespectful and crude and he should not be rewarded for trying to turn his bullying into entertainment.

I urge you to cancel Opie’s radio show. His behavior is offensive and unacceptable yet he is paid millions because of it. His voice is heard by thousands everyday and with that power he surely influences others’ opinions and behaviors. This is not a man who should be a role model for others.


[Your Name Here]

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  1. Myrna Burdick says:

    I have never heard this show but if the petitioners comments are true —how can you possibly think this
    disrespectful abuse is entertainment?????

    If the listening public gets “off on this” they are
    as stupid as Opie.

    Cut your losses while you are ahead and dump the creep.

  2. Correct me if I’m wrong, I believe all SiriusXM radio units have a simple method for changing the channel with push buttons or a rotating knob. Also, one of the most important principles the country we live in was founded upon says we ALL have the freedom of speech. Obviously the show Opie hosts isn’t for you. The good news is that you aren’t required to listen to his show! SiriusXM provides a wide variety of shows for you to choose from so just change the damn channel! I’m sure I could find a show that I don’t like and offends me, if I looked. Why would I waste my time or even care enough to try to have the show cancelled? Move on. Bottom line is that Opie may be a jerk, but it doesn’t affect you so just fuck off

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