Cat Shot in Chest with Arrow Deserves Justice

Target: Douglas R. Lloyd, Eaton County, MI Prosecuting Attorney

Goal: Ensure person who shot a cat in the chest with an arrow is given a harsh sentence, when found.

A cat was found with a crossbow arrow stuck inside its chest. A concerned citizen found the cat and immediately called animal control for help. The cat is currently in critical condition after having emergency surgery. Activists need to take action to better ensure the responsible party pays for this heartless crime.

Animal control employees stated that sometimes people justify their actions of shooting cats because they are annoyed by their presence. However, the legal penalty for purposely hurting an animal in this manner is a fine of up to $5,000 and up to four years in prison.

It is important that this case be thoroughly investigated and that all means and resources possible are utilized to find whoever committed this disgusting act of animal cruelty. If the person who did this gets away with it, many more helpless animals are liable to also get hurt or killed by this sick individual.

Sign this petition and urge the county prosecuting attorney to do everything possible to try and ensure this person be given a harsh legal sentence if they are caught. Other animals will likely be much safer as a result.


Dear Attorney Lloyd,

A concerned citizen found a cat under his deck walking around with an arrow inside of it. It is important that the investigation to find this person remain open so that the best possible effort is put forth to find whoever committed this thoughtless crime.

The cat had to undergo immediate surgery. Sadly, it is now barely hanging on to life.

Horrifically, some people justify shooting cats with arrows because they find the animals annoying. These people need to be made an example of to society in order to show people how someone can be legally punished when such an act is carried out. It is therefore important that all possible efforts and resources be put into finding whoever committed this shameful crime. If such strong efforts are not made, many other animals may inhumanely suffer at the hands of this cold-hearted individual.

For all of these reasons, I encourage you to suggest to animal control employees to keep this investigation ongoing and to further recommend that if this person is caught, he or she receive a harsh sentence under law. No animal deserves to be treated in this manner, and many more animals around the area will likely be safer if whoever committed this horrible crime is quickly brought to justice.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Capital Area Humane Society

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  1. Think before you shut at innocent animals they’re family they’re at living souls they trust us they believe in us please stop hurting innocent animals. They trust you and you betray the trust because you’re heartless worthless monster scumbagg piece shit from animal lover Elaina God please protect those innocent animals amen

  2. Well I am not surprised. I mean after all the stupid Veterinarian that shot and killed that poor cat with the arrow never got in trouble for doing it so why should anyone else care. This world is so screwed up I just can’t figure it out. Why we as humans even put up with these things.

  3. The real beast that walks this earth is our own species. We kill for pleasure and to entertain ourselves. How devolved a creation we are. No other being in the animal kingdom acts in this nature. The person who done this is not a freak of nature but only a product what what society is slowly accepting as a norm. We are doomed as a species and we deserve so, just a shame we will bring down the entire planet with us through our destructive nature. I find myself moving away from religion everyday when I read stuff like this, another MAN MADE product. “. ” help us all.

  4. This sick & twisted subhuman monster needs to be behind bars, as he/she is a danger to anything or anyone who breathes and walks this Earth. Find this monster and see that his is prosecuted to the full extent of the law, meaning fined, incarcerated, forbidden to ever have an animal in his possession, forbidden to own lethal weapons, and he should be listed on an animal abuse/torture/murder registry so that people around him can know what kind of monster they have living in their midst & report any untoward activity from this person. He should also be closely monitored by law enforcement. This kind of meanness & hatefulness must be stopped!!!

  5. All countries in this world need to impose a fair penalty for crimes against animals. Eye for an eye… If not, crimes against animals will keep happening.

  6. Sick evil bastard. Who could do this..what sort of sick minded evil shit could do this to an animal. Have it done to him…that’s what I say. Punish him like he did to this poor cat!

  7. The punishment MUST be severe! – if we don’t stop these idiot-monsters permanently, the imbeciles will keep repeating their horrific abuse of animals — the unspeakable suffering these innocent animals go through should not be taken lightly — Society must NOT tolerate such abuse — throw the morons involved in jail — throw them into rubber rooms — throw away the key!

  8. sandra mason says:

    dear Mr. Lloyd.. please prove that you are doing something besides sitting and collecting a paycheck.

  9. charles hall says:

    what’s horrifying is that people think it makes them impressive and popular to hate and abuse cats. it actually
    makes them cowards and freaks.

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