Keep Grizzly Bears on the Endangered Species List

Target: Barack Obama, President of the United States

Goal: Do not take grizzly bears living in the Yellowstone National Park region off of the endangered species list.

Officials may take grizzly bears off of the endangered species list in the Yellowstone region despite the fact that doing so may severely hurt other animals and an entire economic community. Activists need to take action to try and ensure that much needed protections are maintained for this majestic animal so that grizzly bears, other animals, and people have a better chance to thrive.

Grizzly bears are important because they make sure prey animal populations do not get out of control. When too many prey animals are present, food sources can quickly deplete, causing other animals to starve and less animals to survive. Animals become weak and reproduce at lower rates when they become sick or diseased when they are not able to get the proper nutrition from everyday food sources, or because they are exposed to too many sick animals in the particular ecosystem. More diseases in an area can throw off the entire balance of the ecosystem, making it so many other animals may become in danger of going extinct.

Grizzly bears also help to draw tourists to the area. In fact, it is estimated that if tourists have less chances to see a grizzly bear upon visiting the park, $10 million in annual revenue would be lost. Considering tourism is one of the three major ways that Wyoming—where the park is mainly located–makes money, taking this animal off of the endangered species list so that people can hunt these bears is a very bad idea.

Sign this petition and urge the Obama administration to keep the grizzly bears living at Yellowstone National Park on the endangered species list in order to better help both animals and economic communities thrive. Allowing people to hunt them may prove to be devastating to both the environment and to people who live in surrounding communities.


Dear President Obama,

It is currently being speculated whether or not grizzly bears should stay on the endangered species list at Yellowstone National Park. It is important that these animals maintain their protections in order to ensure that they, as well as other animals and people, have a better chance to thrive.

These bears make sure the number of prey animals stay within a controllable ratio, as more prey animals present means that more animals will starve as a result of stiffer competition for food. Disease is then spread throughout various animal populations because the animals cannot get adequate nutrition. In addition, because large predator animals like the grizzly bear make sure there are less sick animals that infiltrate a particular area, other animals have a better chance of remaining healthy. Several sick animals would put the entire ecosystem in complete turmoil, since when many diseases spread throughout an area, it makes it more likely that other species of animals will get sick and therefore be in greater danger of dying off.

Grizzly bears are even responsible for ensuring a large number of tourists visit Yellowstone National Park. Experts surmise that $10 million in annual revenue will be lost if tourists have less of a chance to see a grizzly bear while visiting. Since Yellowstone National Park is mostly located in Wyoming and since one of Wyoming’s major sources of income is derived from tourist dollars, removing this animal from the endangered species list and allowing people to hunt it would likely adversely affect the economic community to a great extent.

I therefore urge you to support keeping grizzly bears on the endangered species list in the Yellowstone region. Other animals and even people will likely be much better off as a result.


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Photo Credit: Scott Calleja

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  1. Stop killing Bears in their own habitat! Its cruel and unhumane!

  2. Stop killing Bears in their on Habitat! Bears need be on endangered specie list because of trophee hunting and their numbers is plumbing!

  3. Stop killing Bears in their own Habitat! Its cruel and unhumane

  4. barbara patterson says:

    Please stop this inhumane treatment of the bears.

  5. michael guest says:

    Enough is enough! Just like the wolves, these bears are also in danger of being removed from the ESA. That’s unacceptable. Let them live!

  6. I agree with what everyone has said couldn’t make it any clearer just leave them alone.

  7. Keep all wildlife on the endangered species list. All this killing of our precious animals is cruel & unnecessary, and it is all for the sick & twisted killer instinct of the subhumans that do it. Protect our animals~~don’t let them become extinct, for God’s sake. If animal-killers want to kill, put them all in an arena & let them kill each other. That would solve the problem and rid the world of these sickos.

  8. Let them live, PLEASE !!!

  9. Let them live ! PLEASE

  10. Jean-Louis Rubens says:


  11. Karen Remnant says:

    Leave the bears alone! The problem, as usual, are humans!

  12. Judith Mitchell says:

    Why, why, WHY do hunters etc. think their horrendous KILL mentality is sane? It is pathological! Every time an animal like a Grizzly comes within 5 miles of some stupid human, their “solution” is to KILL it. Apex predators are part of the natural balance (or what used to be a “natural” balance before we over-populating humans mucked it completely up); we NEED PREDATORS! Predators are GOOD! When are these trigger-happy goon squads going to learn that?

  13. anita culling says:

    Stop killing

  14. Protect the grizzly bears!

  15. We humans are the real problem, not them! We invade their habitat and blame them for coming too close, and then we shoot them for that? They have the right to live as well. No animal should ever be killed or harmed by humans – except in very extreme cases of course, like when you have to choose between killing or starving, or when you are attacked and killing the animal is the only way to stop the attack. This is clearly not the case in Yellowstone.

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