Ban Fur Trapping In Nevada To Prevent The Suffering Of Animals Left In Traps To Die

Target: Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval

Goal: To ban fur trapping in the state of Nevada

There has been a lot of turmoil generated recently on the current regulations and allowance of fur trapping in the state of Nevada. As of right now, fur trapping is completely legal as long as trappers follow state regulations which consist of rules such as checking the traps within a certain period of time. Regardless of the regulations put in place, fur trapping is still a cruel and unnecessary practice that must be stopped completely. Animal advocates are fighting to ban this terrible practice, and at the very least change regulations to be kinder to the animals that succumb to these traps. A change in regulations would be nice, but ensuring this practice is completely outlawed would be an even sweeter victory.

Last month a video of a Nevada wildlife advisory board member encouraging a dog to lunge and attack a bobcat that was caught in a trap enraged the activists who would like to see fur trapping banned and with good reason. Immediately, activists voiced their concerns and a petition was created in favor of this particular board member’s resignation. A legislation for the ban of fur trapping was also introduced along with all that happened in response to this video. Unfortunately, this practice is still currently legal, despite the fervent efforts of activists within the state. As stated above, regulations such as a 96 hour waiting period to check fur traps for wounded, suffering animals is just too long. Regulations such as these prove that rules set forth by trappers are not even attempting to be kind to the animals, knowing they already have a set fate anyway. The least trappers could do is ensure the animals don’t suffer for that long of a period. Thus far, animal lovers have taken good lengths to change Nevada’s state of mind about fur trapping, but support is needed to take that next step.

The more people that are willing to speak up about how wrong fur trapping is, the easier it will be to ensure that Nevada understands why it would be beneficial to ban this practice. The state should not have to worry about wading through complaints and petitions to condemn certain wildlife board members or tend to dead animals that have suffered at the teeth of a fur trapper’s cruel device. Nevada could just ban the practice entirely and be saved from that burden, and save countless animals at the same time. There is no need for this cruel practice to exist any longer. Synthetics can perfectly replace real fur. Who wants the skin of a dead animal on their backs anyways?


Dear Governor Brian Sandoval,

I understand there has been quite an uproar lately with concerns and complaints about the legal practice of fur trapping in Nevada. The cruel video of a wildlife advisory board member encouraging a dog to attack a helpless, trapped animal is just morally wrong and disgusting. It is disheartening to know that such a person is a part of a wildlife board, as that is the last place they should be welcomed. Animal activists have put forth that they wish this member to resign from their position and that the regulations of fur trapping change, or even better, the practice be banned altogether.

Now please take into consideration that banning fur trapping would be quite beneficial for you. Not only would it truly place you in a moral, compassionate light, but it would relieve the state of Nevada from having to worry about complaints and violations of fur trapping regulations from concerned citizens. Animals are suffering for as long as fur trapping is still allowed. Please use your best judgement and ban this terrible practice.


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  1. Marie Gilman says:

    Ban ALL trapping, ALL hunting of any kind, using any kind of equipment. A total ban is what is required. Leave the animals alone to live their precious lives in peace. Keep humans away from wild places. Go play sport instead, and lose weight. These men are obviously trying to prove their masculinity where it is obviously lacking.

    • I believe that you are missing the bigger picture. Humans do not exist without impact to wildlife. All of us drive vehicles and look at the volume of wildlife that are killed on the roads. Also your mention of sports being a no-harm activity, well that is just ignorant. It takes water for the grass on soccer, baseball, football fields etc. Well that water comes from somewhere and at the current state of this country it is sourced from streams, rivers, lakes and wetlands. So now let’s look at what happens to the fish, birds and invertebrates that need this water. They DIE. . . Now insinuating that drying up a stream to overheat and suffocate a fish is somehow less brutal than the restraint of a wild animal with a trap lets us know that you don’t understand the complexities of the human impacts to wildlife.

      Everyone hates a trapper until a rabid coyote decides to move into town and make a living on toy breed dogs. Then the govt. is supposed to come to the rescue with. . . yes, you guessed it, a trapper to remove such animal.

  2. The people who set these traps are scum

    • Nancy Munger says:

      Ingorance is vile . Trapping has been around for centuries (protecting lambs, calves, fawns, elk calves, as well as dogs and cats). We do not all live in the cities. Perhaps country folk can see clearly the need for trappers and trapping.

  3. anyone who uses these steel traps, wire traps and so on should have to endure 1 hour in their own trap and suffer the pain, fear, hunger, thirst and anguish they make these poor unsuspecting animals go through before they are beat to death, skinned alive, shot to finish their painful death. these so called human hunters are heartless wicked people.

    • Charles Diaz says:

      1. We don’t beat the animal to death. That would ruin the valuable pelt.
      2. We do not skin the animal alive. Complete lie and would be very difficult and dangerous.
      3. I will compromise with you: What if we simply took the pelts of unborn Bobcats, Mountain Lions, Mink, etc? I mean, it isn’t really a Bobcat if it hasn’t been born is it? If it is not yet born, isn’t it just a parasite or clump of tissue?

  4. Elgrit B. Russell says:

    This trapping practice and devices used are among the most sadistic, fiendish inventions of man. How is it possible for any human to condone this horrible practice. These animals have no reason to suffer on our behalf and should be leftin peacein their natural state. I wish it were possible to catch the trappers and put them into traps under the identical circumstances and then see how long trapping would continue. Shame on those who condone and do this.

    • Charles Diaz says:

      Well, for thousands of years humans trapped to survive. Some of us still do. In fact, without our ancestors trapping, none of us would be here. I for one am glad to be here.

  5. i am vegetarian; likewise cruelty is out of the question, too!

  6. Hunting to eat and make full use of the animal in season under proper wildlife management is one thing. Leg-hold and other crippling traps are another. The cows we eat provide plenty of leather to spray ‘fur’ fibers onto glue painted on the hide in a pattern based on photographs of wildlife; no animal should have to die just for its skin. Ban hunting of inedible animals like natural predators! (Camera hunting is fine, so long as the animal isn’t offended!)

    • Charles Diaz says:

      Fur bearing predators are edible.

      • Indeed, one would then be left with the dilemma as to what to do with the hide once the animal is consumed. . . It would be wrong to have killed it for the hide but conversely discarding the pelt would there again be wasteful.

        Such moral dilemmas. . . Guess we should just revert back to sustaining ourselves on hope, dreams, good intentions and unicorn poop.

    • Nancy Munger says:

      Ingorance is vile . Trapping has been around for centuries (protecting lambs, calves, fawns, elk calves, as well as dogs and cats). We do not all live in the cities. Perhaps country folk can see clearly the need for trappers and trapping.

  7. kari klausman says:

    I want a ban on wild mustang slaughter too! now!

  8. Ruth Rogers Ruth Rogers says:

    Signed and shared.

  9. and the desert nevada needs all the life it sustains!

  10. Charles Diaz says:

    Wow, nearly all women commenting. People commenting that know nothing about what they are commenting on. Trapping should not be allowed in civilized societies? Trapping is but one part of our heritage that has allowed us to reach this point. Check your emotions at the door. Many of you have no problem exterminating unborn children for the sake of convenience. Yet you get bent out of shape over the trapping of animals. Your hypocracy stinks all the way up into the stratosphere. Traps mangle fur bearers? Actually, if true, that would make the fur worthless. It is a lie. Yet, many do not give a second thought to the dismembering of unborn children in the womb, or burning them to death with saline solutions before removal. You call yourselves civilized. HA! You don’t know what you are talking about.

  11. Charles Diaz says:

    And, BTW, fur bearers are edible.

  12. Charles Diaz says:

    Educate yourselves and watch this:

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