Princess Must Apologize for Saying Animals Don’t Have Rights

Target: Princess Michael of Kent

Goal: Apologize for publicly stating that animals should not have rights because they don’t have money.

Princess Michael of Kent recently stated that animals do not have rights because “they don’t pay taxes.” The royal said this offensive comment during a book tour for a novel she recently released and has since ignited backlash from the animal rights community. Her justification for the comments is that since animals do not contribute to society financially, they do not have rights.

The Princess has stated she is a “great animal lover,” however her comments do not reflect this. “They don’t have bank accounts. They don’t vote,” the Princess allegedly stated during an interview. Stating that because animals do not have money or political views, they have no claim to rights is outrageous, especially coming from a supposed animal lover.

The Princess’s views are incredibly distorted from reality. It is imperative that she be more careful about the way she speaks on these issues because of how influential her opinion is. Princesses are role models for young girls and their opinions are often mirrored in the eyes of young people. She must uphold strong values on the treatment of animals and teach the next generation to do the same. If her statements were to be applied to everyone, then kids would not be given rights either. Children do not vote or have bank accounts, so does this mean they should also be ignored in the justice system?

Urge the Princess to apologize for her comments. Reckless words coming from such a powerful figure can be incredibly damaging to the minds of young people. The Princess must be aware of the fact that her words reach people and use that power for good and speak carefully.


Dear Princess Michael of Kent,

I am writing to you because I as well as many others are saddened at your recent comments about animal rights. You have allegedly stated that animals do not have rights because “they don’t pay taxes.” It is disappointing for such careless comments to come from someone who has advocated themselves as a “great animal lover.”

Stating that because animals “don’t have bank accounts. They don’t vote,” is incredibly unsettling. If those comments were to refer to human citizens, then children would also not have rights. They do not vote nor do they have bank accounts, but we would not suspend their right to justice over that.

As a Princess, your opinions are publicized immediately and you are looked upon as a role model. You must be aware of the fact that as such a powerful and influential figure, your words reach people and affect them strongly. Young girls idolize princesses and your opinions are ones they are likely to mirror.

Animals must have humans be their voice as they do not have one. I urge you to apologize for these comments and choose your words carefully when speaking publicly.


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Photo Credit: Paul Reynolds

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  1. Janet Hurst says:

    She’s a stupid, over-privileged, insensitive gobshite who knows nothing & should keep her trap shut.

  2. Barry & Helen Hildebrand says:

    Stupid, indulged Princess. Absolutely disgusted that she is a member of the royal family. I hope the Queen has heard of this and given her a roasting. People look up to the royal family and to make her comments – what a message to pass on to the general public. Just pure ignorance. I want to take all her rights & priviliges away that she gets from the taxpayers – not deserved. What a pig of a woman.

  3. I think we understand now why people want to do away with the Royals, some of them are simply mentally ill and she is a brilliant example. If we applied her logic babies and children/youths under 18 not in employment would not have rights because they would not be paying taxes.

  4. Animals are better and more intelligent than these heartless ignorant people

  5. Feed this parasites to the hungry obligate carnivours.

  6. She is an ugly,uneducated,repulsive POS.I have never met an animal that I have disliked,however I am unable to say the same about all humans.

  7. Gaynor Wright says:

    wow rich words coming from a women that has never worked a day in her life and lives of other working peoples taxes, she has no right to even open her mouth. the royal family are worse than the politicians, why the hell are we still supporting this family on welfare, in big castles and homes and holidays, and food and their servants, get them out, what they cost could feed a huge village, or many animal sanctuaries!!!!!

  8. This attitude is typical of someone who never had to work or struggle, someone who has lead a worthless privileged life, someone who will never be remembered for anything other than being arrogant, outspoken and for allegedly marrying up

  9. Wendy Burrows says:

    Dumb inbred royal trash.
    what about the millions of other people freeloading on the country that don’t pay taxes?
    ahem, not so long ago, the Queen wasn’t paying taxes, but I didn’t see her rights being removed. or has that conveniently been forgotten.

    As usual royalty are like ticks on society.
    Get a real job you royal inbred hag
    You seem to forget where you actually come from, nothing to be proud of there, that’s for sure.
    Your a royal pain in the ass.

    Royalty should be disbanded and the castles and estates turned into wild life sanctuaries and animal welfare societies.

  10. Very disappointing to hear such a brass and unintelligent comment from a princess! All living breathing feeling sentient beings need to have their rights, it is insane to think otherwise and it is the duty of all citizens of the world to see to it that they have their rights and are protected, because it is OUR species who are exploiting them, if it wasn’t for US, they wouldn’t need to be protected and their rights would not be taken from them!

  11. Debbie Bemister says:

    Maybe the princess should be reminded that she, herself, along with the rest of the over-privileged monarchy, are nothing but glorified welfare recipients.

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