Stop Brutal Seal Clubbing and Torture

Target: Canadian Prime Minister, Stephen Harper

Goal: Stop brutal seal clubbing in Canada.

Every spring, the Canadian government allows seal cubs to be brutally slaughtered. Even with dwindling demand for seal products, due in large part to a European ban on seal fur and products, the massacre continues. Seal pups, less than 3 months old, are skinned alive, screaming in agony and torture. Those not skinned alive are clubbed and axed to death, struggling to evade their murderers.

Harp seals spend most of their time swimming in the icy waters of the North Atlantic, hunting for fish and crustaceans. They dive between 90 and 300 feet and can remain submerged up to 15 minutes. Baby seals are born on pack ice in a large colony. As the pack ice has decreased due to global warming, the ice has become thinner and many baby seals drown before they learn to swim. Yet still, the unconscionable carnage continues.

Fishermen blame the dramatic decrease in fish on harp seals and argue vocally for the continued slaughter. Research has shown, however, that it is human overfishing that has led to the decrease in fish populations. Inevitably, the decrease in fish populations will result in a reduction or relocation in harp seal populations as they move toward an area with more abundant food.

The brutality of the hunt and torture of the animals by skinning them alive is appalling and inhumane. Seals that are not skinned alive are murdered with a large, hammer-like mallet which crushes the seals’ skulls. Guns are not used because the risk of a stray bullet ricochet on the hard ice is too great.

Even though “white coat” killing of the baby harp seal pups has been illegal for many years, the carnage continues. By signing this petition below, you will urge Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper to end the senseless slaughter of harp seal pups.


Dear Prime Minister Harper:

The senseless slaughtering of baby harp seal pups in Canada must be stopped. As the market for seal fur and seal products decreases and the seal population diminishes, murdering these seal pups will result in the harp seals becoming threatened or endangered.

The Inuits have always hunted seals and use the whole animal for meat and leather products. The fur hunters’ torturous clubbing, or worse skinning alive, of the baby harp seals is inhumane and deviant. Thousands of seal carcasses are discarded after being skinned and brutalized.

Harp seals are social creatures and live and breed in colonies. They are not a threat to the fishing industry as their diet is varied. Killing these beautiful creatures can only be detrimental to the larger ecosystem.

I urge you to stop the brutal clubbing of harp seal pups. Killing these innocent creatures is not necessary and unethical. Those hunters defying the ban on “white coat” killing need to be legally punished and fined. Please don’t allow any more torture and violent harp seal deaths to occur.

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Photo Credit: Vladmir Melnik

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  1. anna valvona says:

    Absolutely disgusting

  2. Ravinder Sngh says:

    I hope sooner they will pay for their karmas.

  3. Enough is enough already EVEN those holier then we’ll YOU know PEOPLE that believe only the best or NOTHING for them would not know the differences between the poor skins of seal who was just beating to death or any of the new furs being produced. THEY want the real thing make sure it comes.with the real.blood and guts. When was needed for WARMTH. That was.then and the brutal killing has never made sense. But there is no reason for the slaughtering for any reason

  4. The seals were here before us so they are the ones who should have the fish. Plus the way they kill the seals should be stopped. Let’s skin those who kill them.

  5. Some people are just plain heartless.

  6. Heather Brophy says:


  7. Robert Pound says:

    Neanderthal thugs that cruelly kill BABY seals have a friend in Canadian govt., Stephen Harper, who does not enforce his own nations law that FORBIDS killing of ‘whitecoat’ seals that are too young to swim! The ravenous fishing industry has WAY overfished for way too long and then they blame the poor SEALS? Very disturbing! BOYCOTT CANADA until they stop the destruction of their wildlife!

  8. Victor Castillo says:

    Canada Sucks!I used top think Canadians were a good people when I was stupid.

  9. “So many people insist they are against animal abuse, cruelty, suffering and the inhumane treatment of animals, yet they don’t understand they are actively engaging in and supporting egregious suffering, abuse, cruelty and inhumane treatment when they eat animals and their ‘by-products.’ If you are against cruelty, suffering and inhumane treatment, then you go vegan. It’s just that simple.” – Sarah Kiser

  10. Most humans can not live without animals. Whether it is for food, their hides, exploiting for work, or exploiting for entertainment. They are dependent on them. Animals, don’t need humans to exist. Animals would thrive without humans.

  11. Alexa Martens says:

    Please stop the Baby seal slaughter, it`s barbaric and cruel

  12. natasha polychuk says:

    canada sux
    i live here sadly.

  13. I have been signing petitions against the slaughter of seals all my life without results.I am sincerely hopeful that this wonderful and sensible new prime minister, Justin Trudeau, will show Canadians’ compassionate nature.

  14. WHO, I ask you, in their right mind, picks up a bat and clubs any animal in the head, whether repeatedly or just once? — WHO, I ASK YOU? (Give me a moment, while I vomit). — The slaughter of these animals is against everything that is decent, rational, sane, compassionate and good! — There is no justification, no reason to brutally slaughter seals! — NO ONE ON THIS PLANET NEEDS SEAL PRODUCTS — STOP YOUR HORROR — Here’s an idea — why don’t you set up a turnstile for animal-loving tourists who would pay ANYTHING just to get a glimpse of these beautiful animals in their natural habitats while they’re swimming about happily & comfortably — when will you killers finally get it? —- you do NOT have the RIGHT to take away the lives of seals.

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