Release Bears Living in Concrete Ditch to a Sanctuary

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Target: Pymatuning Deer Park owner Rachelle Sankey

Goal: Let bears suffering in roadside zoo live out the rest of their lives in a reputable sanctuary.

Bears at a roadside zoo are reportedly living in a bare, concrete ditch. Conditions are apparently so bad that one bear can barely walk and still has not shed her winter coat from last year. Pymatuning Deer Park, which is located in Jamestown, Pennsylvania, has allegedly been investigated and cited by the U.S. Department of Agriculture. The USDA confirmed that one bear’s arthritis was reportedly never brought to the attention of the veterinarian and was likely caused by the concrete.

This was not the only time the zoo was accused of failing to notify a veterinarian about an animal’s health problem. A five-month-old cub was apparently found whimpering and sucking on his paw for extended periods of time. This is a telltale stress indicator. The cub’s brother was also sucking on his ear, which put him at risk for an ear infection. In addition to all of these health problems, the USDA reportedly stated that the pit the bears lived in did not allow them to move freely. The pit is so bare that the bears have nothing else to do besides beg for scraps from the zoo’s visitors.

By signing this petition, you are demanded that Pymatuning Deer Park retire their bears and let them live out the rest of their life in a reputable sanctuary where they will be happy and healthy. Hopefully this will inspire the roadside zoo to let even more of their animals live in happier, healthier conditions.


Dear Ms. Sankey,

Your park has allegedly been cited multiple times by the USDA for the cruel ways you have neglected your bears. Your bears are reportedly living in a bare, concrete ditch that no living being should have to consider home. They have apparently experienced many health problems that are likely due to their living conditions. These health problems reportedly include arthritis and not shedding their winter coats. In addition, the bears are showing many stress indicators, like excessive sucking. You have been accused of failing to mention any of these problems to a veterinarian, which put the bears at risk for even more health issues.

The bears have been at your park for much too long. It is time to give these bears the happy home they deserve. Show some respect for these beings and retire them to a reputable sanctuary. Let the rest of their lives be happy and healthy.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Cory Byknish

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  1. Dianna Koller says:

    IIt amazes me how these zoo owners believe they can imprison and torture these precious wild animals for greed, and they think they have rights to treat these animals with such gruesome disregard for their mental and physical health because of their greed. I hope that this zoo is shut down and these magnificent creatures returned to a place where they can find peace and be what they are supposed to be, free and wild. Bears are so very intelligent and they teach their young and care for their families like humans do so they have compassion and feelings just like we humans do. I pray for them to be set free of these miserable people and wish for zookeepers to experience the pain the same way they infict it on the bears. Set them free u have no rights to own them they are not things to be extorted by anyone and should live as they were meant to live, free.

  2. Hal Shootel says:

    Your stance regarding the bears coupled with the worldwide exposure you are receiving on social media has set the stage for a major tragedy. Your social media profile is high and contraversial. Why are you risking a serious tragic event for youself and your employees when simple action on your part could diffuse the hatred blatently expressed toward you and your commpany.

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