Autistic Child Who was Allegedly Beaten and Had Teeth Pulled Deserves Justice

Target: Montgomery County, Pennsylvania District Attorney Risa Vetri Ferman

Goal: Help ensure the man accused of beating and pulling the teeth of a 4-year-old autistic child is put behind bars as long as possible, if guilty.

A man who was babysitting an autistic 4-year-old for his girlfriend is accused of severely beating the child and pulling out three of his teeth, then leaving him to cry and bleed through the night. The mother didn’t arrive home until the following morning, where she reportedly found her son lying in dried blood and crying. The child was able to tell police that it was his mother’s boyfriend did this to him.

The accused boyfriend claims the boy slipped and fell, but the district attorney reportedly said the boy’s teeth (including the roots) were physically extracted, forcefully, from the poor victim’s mouth. This may not have been an accident as the man claims.

It’s undeniable that someone who commits this level of child abuse is a danger to society. With that said, please urge the district attorney to make it her goal to help protect this boy (and future potential victims) from this horrific abuse by helping to have the man locked away for as long as possible, if guilty.


Dear Montgomery County District Attorney Risa Vetri Ferman,

As you know, a 4-year-old autistic child was left overnight with his mother’s boyfriend only to be found crying the next morning while lying in his own blood. He’d reportedly been severely beaten and three of his teeth were forcefully removed.

A person capable of this level of abuse poses a threat to the rest of society, especially children. Please make it a goal to protect children like this poor child from this abuser by helping see to it that he’s locked away for as long as possible, if guilty.


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Photo credit: Montgomery County, Pennsylvania Sheriff’s Office

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  1. What a horrible experience for this poor 4-yr-old autistic boy. I hope he can recover physically, but will he mentally or emotionally? His mother’s monster boyfriend should receive the harshest punishment possible for this cruel, callous, heartless crime. So very many times when a child is beaten, tortured, raped, murdered, it is the mother’s “boyfriend” who is left alone with the child. When will these women learn??? When will they love their child(ren) as much as a “boyfriend”??? It’s such a shame much of our society have turned their backs on the morals, values & principles that made us a once great nation.

  2. I truly hope the poor boy is not allowed back with his mother either. My heart aches for this little boy. How horrible . . . .

  3. Who but a depraved sociopath would torture a disabled child? As if beating the child sick enough, he had to do something so diabolical, so sadistic, so disgusting. And what kind of mother would leave her autistic child overnight with a boyfriend? Both of them should be charged and serve time.

    • Nena Miller says:

      I absolutely agree, this is terrible and no person goes from being that great companion to this level of sadism. That mother had her head in the sand

  4. What a horribly sadistic person! He needs to be jailed so that he will not have another opportunity to hurt anyone else.

  5. Angela Parker says:

    Start pulling out this monsters teeth. I only hope this poor boy will be able to get through what was done to him. When are woman going to learn NOT to leave their children with their boyfriends, this sort of thing happens a lot.

  6. Karen Remnant says:

    I hope that if this sadistic bastard has any teeth then they get pulled out one by one once he’s locked up!

  7. “The more helpless the victim, the greater the crime” (Dr Gerald Curtler).

  8. The mother should have known better.Now that both have committed a horrible crime, they should be dealt with legally. Most important aspect is to see that the child gets a place to live protectively with professional assistance for his health conditions.

  9. KatWrangler says:

    So this adult – big man that he is – tortures a 4 year old, then lies about it. Man up, you POS!
    Then do your time, you POS

  10. Lisa Tyree says:

    My nephew has autism, & it’s bad enough that he’s such a challenge to manage, so a mother doesn’t need to see that after coming home.
    People shouldn’t take care of children unless they can handle it.
    (Even in high school child-rearing class they tell you the same, & you get the opportunity to test-drive it in a funny way.)

  11. Catherine Dugan says:

    What a cruel man to hurt this poor child. He deserves to be in jail and not have anything to do with children. Please find him guilty of child endangerment.

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