Prevent Demise of Solar Energy in California

Solar energy is critical to the environment.

Target: California Public Utilities Commission

Goal: Vote against utility companies’ proposed billing changes for solar energy usage.

California utility companies have submitted a devastating proposal to the California Public Utilities Commission to end solar energy. Mega energy companies Edison, San Diego Gas and Electric, and Pacific Gas and Electric are proposing billing changes that will cost solar energy consumers more money, which is ironic considering solar consumers are not obtaining their energy from the electric companies. The California Public Utilities is set to vote on this greed-laden proposal soon, and we must encourage it to reject the changes in their entirety.

Currently, Californians using solar energy are tied into the local power grids run by the energy companies. Any leftover energy is diverted to the utility company for its use. Solar homeowners are credited the amount of energy the utility company uses off the homeowner’s solar panels on their monthly bills at currently utility rates; should these homeowners need to pull energy from the grid, they are billed at higher rates.

The proposal set for vote will cut the credit amount in half, meaning the energy companies are giving themselves a 50 percent discount on the energy it receives from solar power. Solar users are already paying more for any utility company energy they use, and the utility companies want to pay half of what it should for the solar energy. Does anyone smell a rat?

The utility companies also want to tack on monthly fees calculated by solar system size. Lyndon Rive, chief executive of SolarCity, a solar energy installation company, calls these changes out for what they are–“a clear indication” the utility companies are playing dirty and “trying to stop competition and the solar industry.”

These changes will make solar power as expensive as (if not more) than utility company power. Stop the greedy intent to eliminate solar power in California. Encourage the California Public Utilities Commission to vote no on this ridiculous proposal.


Dear Commissioners,

You have a very important vote coming up, and I cannot stress enough how devastating the wrong vote will be to California and its residents. Many other states look to California for policy guidance on solar energy, and should you approve Edison, San Diego Gas and Electric, and Pacific Gas and Electric’s proposed changes to solar energy billing in the state, you will cause California to take a serious step backward in the implementation of solar energy for private and commercial usage.

When one reviews the components of the bill, it is clear that the only purpose it serves is to put more money in the utility companies’ pockets. Those using solar energy are already paying more than utility customers are for any energy they take from the grid; surplus solar energy is purchased by the utility companies at only the current energy rate. Solar energy users are already being gauged by utility companies for not using their energy and this proposal will gauge them even further.

Power companies are proposing to give themselves a 50 percent discount on the energy they take from solar power. This makes absolutely no sense; there is no viable explanation for this action except pure greed. Why should a consumer sell energy to a utility company for half the cost when they are paying more for any energy they use? This plan is devastating to the solar energy industry, which is exactly what the power companies want.

Do not set the ball rolling to end solar energy in California. As a state riddled with energy problems, we cannot afford to prevent something as crucial and beneficial as solar energy from booming in the state. Vote no on Edison, San Diego Gas and Electric, and Pacific Gas and Electric’s proposed billing changes.


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Photo Credit: Hochgeladen von Pujanak

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