Support Ban on Microbeads Polluting the Ocean


Target: John Boehner, Speaker of the House of Representatives

Goal: Push for a nationwide ban on microbeads, a toxic plastic polluting the oceans.

Every single day, about eight trillion microbeads are being dumped into our aquatic ecosystems. If you have ever seen an exfoliating body wash, scrub, or toothpaste, you have seen the use of microbeads. However, those little plastic balls that scrub the dead skin off your body or polish your teeth are toxic to the oceans. They wash down the drain and go straight into our Earth’s oceans and freshwater lakes. These little pieces of debris, sometimes as small as one millimeter, are doing damage on a large scale.

The tiny plastic beads come together and form a mud that flows throughout our Earth’s water systems. The tiny polluter is even doing damage to our marine life. They have been found in the stomachs of many marine animals, as the marine life mistakes them for tiny particles of food and ingests them. Current studies are testing to see if there’s also harmful effects on the humans that eat the animals that have ingested the plastic. The beads have a chemical composition and are possibly fatal if ingested.

Environmental groups took notice to these harmful effects and their efforts were rewarded. So far, eight states have passed legislation to gradually pull these harmful beads from their shelves. Six other bills have been stopped from passing by companies that do not want their products threatened.

The efforts of many have pushed to put a nationwide proposal, The Microbead-Free Waters Act of 2015, into the arms of the House of Representatives. Sign this petition and urge the House of Representatives to take action on this destructive product and put the livelihood of our oceans above the greed of these corporations.


Dear Mr. Boehner,

Our oceans are so large it almost seems as if there is no way anything could come to harm them, especially not something that is only one millimeter in length. However, there is. Microbeads are tiny particles of plastic that are woven throughout hygiene products everywhere. They wash down our drains and join together to form a sludge that flows through our oceans and lakes, dragging their toxic chemicals with them.

Marine life ingests the toxic product, therefore resulting in the beads being consumed by humans who eat seafood. There are no positives to these tiny polluters, so why are we allowing them to be washed down our drains in the trillions daily?

Eight states have already passed legislation to ban the use of microbeads. An act to ban the use of this toxic plastic, The Microbead-Free Waters Act of 2015, has been presented to the House of Representatives recently. I urge you to pass this act into legislation and save our oceans and marine life. It is necessary to do everything in our power to save our oceans and do as little damage to our Earth as possible.


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Photo Credit: Paul Nettles

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  1. Dear Speaker of the House, Please do the right thing by supporting the ban on microbeads polluting the ocean before you leave Congress in early October. Thank you from a U.S. citizen.

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