Stop Tragic Koala Die-Off

Target: Professor Helene Marsh (Qld), Chair of the Threatened Species Scientific Committee

Goal: Protect koala habitat in an effort to better ensure koalas will not die off.

Koalas are declining in rapid numbers because the trees where they spend a majority of their time are being quickly chopped down. Activists need to take action to try and protect these animals’ habitats so they do not become a thing of the past.

Roads are being built where there were once trees, increasing the risk that the animals will be hit by cars. In addition, when houses are built in place of the trees that once covered the particular land, the animals are in greater danger of being attacked by the dogs of the people who now live in the newly built houses.

Currently, about 80 percent of the koalas’ habitat is almost completely ruined due to human encroachment. Only a small portion of this land is now protected. This is ironic when one considers that the koala is a protected species. Yet, because the koala’s habitat is constantly being destroyed, about 4,000 of these animals are killed by cars and dogs every year.

Urge officials to protect larger areas of the eucalyptus forests where these animals live in order to help save them. If we don’t do something now, koalas may soon have no place in the wild that solely belongs just to them.


Dear Professor Marsh,

Trees are being chopped down, making it so koalas have less and less natural habitat to dwell in. If something is not done, habitat destruction may quickly lead to this species’ demise.

When trees are cut down in order to build new roads, the number of koalas hit by cars increases. Koalas are also much more likely to be attacked by peoples’ dogs when this happens, as a result of residents moving into developed areas with their dogs.

While it is good news that the koala is a protected species, it is horrible news that almost all of their habitat remains unprotected. Since 80 percent of their habitat has already been destroyed due to human encroachment, these animals will likely die off within the next few years if people are allowed to continue to destroy the eucalyptus forests where these animals live.

Alarmingly, 4,000 koalas are either killed by dogs or hit by cars each year. These statistics are a clear reminder of just how in danger these animals truly are.

For all of these reasons, I urge you to stand behind this issue and to suggest legislation be set in place that forbids crucial koala habitat from being destroyed even further. If something is not done today, our kids may only see these beautiful animals in pictures tomorrow.


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Photo Credit: Heather Paul

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  1. Bina Pannell says:

    Roads will be of no use if we don’t have any wildlife and therefore no ecosystem and therefore no planet. It really doesn’t take a genius!

  2. One of the few things your country is KNOwn for thru out the world. THE KOALA. just a few MONTHS past world news about the poor.soul who was burnt in the forest fire you had. And was saved. YET, YOU WOULD LOSE A LOVING BEAUTIFUL REPRESENTATION OF YOUR wonderful country. By allowing this HUMBLE BEING TO.DIE OFF!

  3. Christina Anderson says:

    All because of human greed, human over-reproduction, human lack of conscious caring for the environment and the creature who live in it – all because of humans. I have had enough of the human race. Humans, as a species, suck.

  4. Stella Bartlett says:

    Brisbane City Council has given development approval for known koala habitat at 408 Stapylton Rd. Heathwood. There has been 220,000 sq metres clear felled with a further 300,000 dq metres earmarked for imminent clearing.
    How do we stop the greed and total disregard for our wildlife?

  5. My favorite animal, bar none !!! Koalas are also a large part of Australia’s landscape and culture. In fact, when most people think about traveling to Australia, “koalas” are among the most precious treasured animals that tourists hope to see. These precious lives must be saved before the species becomes extinct. Frankly, I don’t want to live in a world without koalas. I’m serious …. my biggest dream has always been to travel to Australia just to see the koalas in their natural habitat. Please don’t destroy their environment. Yes, there are some things in this world that are much more valuable than the almighty dollar – i.e. wildlife.

    • When my dad visited Aus in WW2 era, there were plentiful koalas — many soldiers wanted to know if they might somehow take some home. When my son visited Aus 20 years ago, he witnessed many, many dead koalas on the roadsides and citizens talking as if they were horrible backyard pests. My favourite pic is of him snuggling with one. I still haven’t had my oppty to visit — nor have my granddaughters — but at the rate Aus is disturbing and destroying them, I expect they will all be gone soon. Please help them while you are still able!!!


  7. Sheila Blackwell says:

    We humans are responsible for the destruction of the natural koala habitat. Something has to be done now before another beautiful creature is condemned to distinction.

  8. And this is the country that eats its other icon the kangaroo, wants to dredge channels in the Great Barrier Reef for coal export, ships thousands of cattle and sheep on a horrific journey to Middle Eastern hell holes where (if they survive the journey) a cruel death awaits them…wake up Australia. Have they not realised yet that houses built in bush land will likely be destroyed in a bush fire anyway.

  9. Anna Buenaventura says:

    How can the Australian authorities claim that koalas are a protected species when they are allowing the destruction of its natural habitat for revenues to be gained from human advancements? That is just bs. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to realize that everything is interconnected and the inhabitants will never survive if its habitat is compromised.

  10. The day ‘MAN’ as a species leaves this planet, will not be a day too soon!

  11. The greed of man is so insatiable that he can never have enough, even if it means destroying animal…and plant life (cutting of trees). Man is the most exasperating creature on this Earth!

  12. Cecily Colloby says:

    Yet MORE proof, if proof is needed, of the insanity and disgusting, mindless greed of the vile human race. In a country the size of Australia for God’s sake isn’t there enough room for hideous humans to put up their equally hideous houses without stealing the habitat of the harmless and beautiful koala?? I truly despair of the human race….

  13. We NEED our koalas == our planet NEEDS our koalas — we MUST intervene — we MUST be their voice — we MUST save them.

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