Deer that Drowned After Being Chased by Boat Deserves Justice

Target: Tom Landwehr, Commissioner, Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, Fish & Wildlife Division

Goal: Punish man allegedly responsible for the harassment and drowning of a deer to the fullest extent of the law.

A deer recently drowned in a Minnesota Lake after being forced to tread water by the driver of a boat who chased it, several witnesses are alleging. The large buck, which had been swimming in Tulaby lake, attempted to get ashore when a pontoon boat came between it and the land, blocking it. The boat persisted in its harassment of the deer, forcing it to swim further and further until the animal became exhausted and drowned in the lake.

While nearby witnesses were unable to get the man to stop harassing the deer, they were able to record the boat and its registration number. The men were able to retrieve the deer carcass and transport it to the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, which has opened an investigation into the case and have determined that a visitor of the boat owner was responsible for the incident. So far, no charges have been laid.

On top of whatever fine the district court hands down, the man is liable for a $500 restitution fine which will likely be doubled in this case as the buck’s antlers are large enough for it to be deemed a “trophy animal.” This buck’s drowning was clearly a result of malicious harassment, and should be punished accordingly. Sign the petition below to demand that the person responsible is punished to the full extent of the law.


Dear Commissioner Tom Landwehr,

A man recently forced a deer to drown due to exhaustion after chasing it around Tulaby lake in a pontoon boat, according to witnesses. When the deer was swimming toward the shore, the man blocked its path, preventing it from making landfall. The man proceeded to follow the deer around the lake in a boat, forcing the deer to keep swimming until it became exhausted and drowned.

This man, who refused to listen to the warnings of witnesses that the deer was becoming tired, was clearly acting out of malice. Had he stopped his pursuit of the animal, it would have been able to go ashore to rest. We, the undersigned, demand that the man responsible for this horrific drowning is punished to the full extent of the law.


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Photo credit: Yathin S Krishnappa

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  1. Please punish this slime S O B


  3. Judith Mitchell says:

    Really? Got yer rocks off chasing a helpless animal in yer stupid pontoon bote? You are a serious jackass. Big guy, right? You make me sick.

  4. Ravinder Sngh says:

    He should be punished so hard that it sets an example for others to think twice before hurting innocent animals.

  5. I am a million percent certain that KARMA at one point in his miserable life will get even with this sub-human. He will have a horrific payback such as loss of a limb. GOD is the only one who knows this sub-humans fate. You just don’t mess with his creatures period! In the meantime he needs fined and jailed!

  6. This man should be severely punished, not just because the antlers could have been for a “trophy animal” but because it was a life that was wasted so this idiot could look like a “big man”. I hope some day someone harasses YOU by not letting YOU get to shore! JERK!

  7. This, I’m sure is NOT the only time this person tortured an animal!!! This is only a one time thing that was seen!!
    Hammer time?

  8. Katt Chenette says:

    This isn’t “sport” by ANY stretch of the imagination. It’s cowardly and cruel. They should have the same thing done to them!

  9. michael guest says:

    What a freak! This was cruelty. Poor deer. Very upsetting. You don’t feed, touch, harass, tease or get too close to wildlife. It’s dangerous and illegal!

  10. Lisbeth Alvarado Sanchez says:

    What kind of low life is capable of doing such an act of cruelty? I hope that he suffers tenfold for his barbaric actions.

  11. EXCUSE ME ?!?!?! A $500 restitution fee ??? Is that all human beings can think about when a helpless animal has been tortured to death ?!?!?! This “man” (uh, if I can even call him that?) is not only a SCUMBAG, but a menace to society. Anyone who intentionally mistreats, abuses, tortures or murders a helpless animal ~ for absolutely no other reason than personal pleasure ~ needs to be put away with all the other psychopaths !!!!!!!

  12. Scum of this earth! Shoot this bastard…after he suffers great pain!! How absolutely pathetic!!

  13. A visitor of the boat owner was responsible? I presume the owner was driving the boat therefore he is equally responsible and should be fined. They are both cruel, lowlife scum. How they both drown.

  14. There are no words to convey the pure raw disgust, depression and rage I feel over the truly horrific, senseless, unnecessary, and mindless abuse and murdering of animals. Bottom line, it is morally and ethically wrong! It is critical that something be done about this type of sickening evil criminal act-

  15. Any time a human gets pleasure from killing they are letting us know they shouldnt breed. Start temoving sexorgans of violent and torture enjoying humans. 2nd offense should be death. Cut off this man’s dick.

  16. He should get the same treatment

  17. sabita patwardhan says:

    Hope the bastard gets the worst punishment there is. But it will never take away the frightening last minutes this deer went through and the fact that it did not get to live its life.

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