Demand U.S. Army Intervene in Afghan Rape


Target: Colonel Brian Tribus, spokesman for the American command in Afghanistan

Goal: Urge the U.S. Army in Afghanistan to intervene in horrendous rape cases.

When trying to stay on the good side of foreign government, the U.S. Army should know what buttons not to push while within their borders. However, when there is repeated incidents of rape and abuse, it would be against the morality of the American people to sit idly by and let it happen. Unfortunately, this is exactly what is happening overseas in Afghanistan. There is a total of 33 U.S. bases stationed in Afghanistan, and not a single one is speaking up about the sexual abuse that occurs there every day.

Bacha bazi is a well-known term among the Afghan people, and it directly translates to “playing with boys.” Bacha bazi is used as a tool to flaunt a man’s status and how much power he has. The more young boys a man has at his whim, the more power he has. The boys forced into this horrendous lifestyle are bought to perform sexual acts. They are often chained up, raped, beaten and told to not try to escape. Although bacha bazi is illegal in Afghanistan, the law is seldom enforced and police have even been found to comply with the perpetrators of these crimes because of their fear of challenging power.

So, if we have all these bases with soldiers aware of this happening, why aren’t we helping? According to Brian Tribus, the spokesman for the American command in Afghanistan, it is the Afghan government’s responsibility. Previous soldiers have even been reported saying they were told to look away, as it is Afghanistan’s culture and they are not to intervene. The Army has allegedly gone so far as to kick out soldiers for attempting to help. Former Special Forces captain Dan Quinn was released from command for reportedly fighting an Afghan military commander upon finding out he was keeping a young boy chained to his bed and holding him captive as a sex servant. The young boy’s mother tried to report the incident and was beat up by the Afghan commander.

These vicious sex crimes need to be stopped. We need to step in for the voiceless and protect victims who are being betrayed by their own government. Sign this petition to urge the U.S. Army to intervene and save these helpless sufferers. If we do not help them, who will?


Dear Colonel Tribus,

On the official United States Army website, a few of the Army values listed are respect, selfless service and personal courage. These values are meant to be instilled upon every soldier and commander, yet the actions of the United States Army in Afghanistan is saying otherwise. Horrendous sex crimes are being committed daily in Afghanistan and the soldiers are being ordered to stand by and not help. Some soldiers have been told to just look away as it is not our business. However, it is our business. International human rights laws specifically outlaws rape under any circumstance, anytime, performed by anyone.

If the Army is meant to uphold the values instilled upon them, how is sitting by and letting people be raped an act of selfless service? How is a soldier meant to have personal courage if they are being ordered to not speak up about such a horrendous act? What respect are we paying these victims by letting their voice go unrecognized and, in turn, allowing rape to happen with no intention of helping? The U.S. Army should not stand for such an injustice. We need to intervene and help these poor sufferers and show them what the United States military is all about: helping and protecting the helpless everywhere.

I urge you to enforce the law that is currently being ignored and not allow these crimes to go unnoticed. Report the incidents of sex slavery and ensure safety is brought to all victims who are currently suffering while we sit by.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Staff Sgt. Isaac A. Graham

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