Save Animals From ‘Dead Dog Beach’

Target: Alejandro Javier García Padilla, Governor Puerto Rico

Goal: Enforce existing anti-animal cruelty law and promote spaying/neutering to prevent stray dog deaths.

As many as 300 starved, homeless dogs can be found at any given time on Dead Dog Beach in Puerto Rico. Many of these dogs are ill, covered in fleas and ticks, but not all. Some seem to have been loved, but abandoned, family pets. Formerly a beach popular with tourists, Playa Lucia has become home to these sad, homeless animals.

Puerto Rico has a pretty harsh law on the books aimed at preventing animal cruelty, but it’s rarely enforced. This law, Law 154, in conjunction with promoting spaying/neutering, would drastically reduce the number of unwanted dogs found at Dead Dog Beach. The SATO dogs organization is making strides to rescue these dogs and bring them to the US to find forever homes.

The SATO dogs organization works to provide food, water, veterinary care, and love to each dog left on Dead Dog Beach. They provide spay and neuter services for dogs healthy enough to undergo surgery. Each dog is given a name and any emergency veterinary care needed. Once dogs are healthy and stable enough for travel, they’re booked on flights to the US where they’re met by either their forever homes, foster parents, or one of the projects many sanctuary partners.

The majority of these dogs, if not recused by the SATO project, will not live past their second birthday. Yet, they’re exactly the type of dog that would make a great  family pet. Small and terrier-like, they’re quick to learn and have the most adorable long ears.

Sign this petition and demand that Puerto Rican officials enforce Law 154 and run campaigns promoting spaying and neutering to save countless innocent dogs from starvation and death.


Dear Mr. Padilla,

The United States via SATO dogs is currently rescuing thousands of dogs from Playa Lucia, now known as Dead Dog Beach, every year. Despite a strict anti-animal cruelty law on the books, Law 154, the abandonment of these animals is allowed to persist unchecked.

In addition to enforcing this law, spaying and neutering the dogs would drastically reduce the number of unwanted dogs born. Puerto Rico needs to run campaigns promoting this surgery and consider funding low-cost spay/neuter clinics to encourage this course of action.

The heart of a person, a culture, can be seen in how it treats its animals. Show the US and the rest of the world that Puerto Rico has a heart that loves even its most unloved animals.


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Photo Credit: yeowatzup

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  1. Let’s not blame the all of the Puerto Ricans and their culture-they are all not responsible. Before you start spitting your hate at people, their culture and speaking ignorance, I suggest you read up on the history of Puerto Rico and ACCEPT that HERE IN THE U.S. there is plenty of animal abuse going on.

  2. KatWrangler says:

    Let’s include cats in this petition, please. You can’t imagine what is done to cats there, too. Horrible for all.
    Signing for ALL animals.

  3. Protect

  4. SHAME on Puerto Rico, its people AND its useless Governor Alejandro Javier García Padilla!! Who would want to visit Puerto Rico after seeing this DISGUSTING thing!! To picture poor helpless animals DEAD from neglect! I would NEVER visit Puerto Rico!

    I’ve shared this all over facebook and pinterest!

  5. I have heard such atrocities that have been done to defenceless animals. I rejoice everytime the animals get back at man.

  6. Norma Hernandez, no one is putting that country down. There r animal abuse in every country. U have a very stiff law on the books that could help but, it is not enforced. But, there r also countries that r worse than others and that is what has people speaking out. Look at the countries that skin animals, boil them alive. There r just so much evil against all animals now that I don’t think we will ever stop it all. But, we can all work together to try our best to love and take care of them. No animal was put on this earth for any human to abuse. They were put here for us to take care of. They r the voiceless ones. We have a voice, so let’s it be heard LOUD AND CLEAR!!!!##

    • norma enid hernandez says:

      Really? Many of the comments here are attacking the people of Puerto Rico. As uncivilized as the U.S. culture as wellas Asian where animal abuse thrives????!!! You’re an ignorant person and my people are not barbarians!

      • Margaret Melnick says:

        I think the reason you are seeing the people of Puerto Rico as being uncivilized isn’t the animal abuse as much as the fact that no one seems to be outraged and no one other than tourist seems to be shocked and disgusted by what is happening. Maybe the people of Puerto Rico should start Lobbying their government for better animal protection. No one will ever stop all animal abuse no more than you can stop all human abuse. however we can try to fight to speak for those unable to speak for them self. You are not barbarians as you state but maybe start a petition in your country so the rest of the world can see you care.

      • Norma, you are a vile animal hating moron.

  7. LR Acevedo-Rodriguez says:

    Gov. Alejandro Javier Garcia Padilla – I am disgusted that you have a strong law against cruelty to animals and the abuse is getting worse. While I lived on the island, I couldn’t believe that I had taken some in from the street because they were in shock finding themselves dumped, hot, hungry, and alone. It broke my heart how much they still trusted a human. Some dogs really looked crazy and confused. Gov.Garcia, you really better get out on the streets with your family and look about you. Life in PR isn’t just a paradise for tourists and your friends hanging out on golf courses and in affluent neighborhoods. You will see there are people that you are governing, on the streets, begging, just like the dogs. Things are not good. If YOU don’t enforce the law protecting animals, I can’t imagine you being able to run the island honestly and protect its people. That goes for all the governors on the island.
    Que Viva Puerto Rico!

  8. Alejandro Javier García Padilla, Governor Puerto Rico
    We are saddened to hear about Dead Dog Beach. Please could you attend to this small matter and assist in spaying and neutering dogs. This will save so many animals from leading awful, cruel lives.

  9. Ravinder Sngh says:

    SHAME. If people come together and start having compassion for animals much can be done .if you turn your face after seeing these poor animals then you are not fit to be called humans because human heart will do a kind deed even a small contribution can become big.

  10. Patricia Dumais says:

    Puerto Rico is an American territory! Funds must be made available to help the animals and anti-cruelty laws must be enforced.

  11. fildan maria says:

    I signed lots if petitions. Petitions won’t help !!!
    We need laws. Unfortunately “lawmakers” or governments don’t cares !!! ?

  12. It is shameful that this is happening in my island yes I born and raised in Puerto Rico. However, the news I’m getting is that starting from the so call Governor and the rest of the government in Puerto Rico is down right worthless. All I can do is pray for my people and my island future.

    • All you can do is pray??? Why don’t you get off your arse, put pressure on your people and Govt. Praying doesn’t help these neglected animals. Too many people sit back, do nothing but say that they will pray. Good grief. How useless!!!!

    • Pray to who ?

      A god that never bothers to do anything to help people or animals. Often you will find it is the “religious” who are the most cruel towards animals as they seem to think it is their god given right to use animals as they wish.

      I suggest you find another way to help these poor animals in your country – praying will achieve nothing.

  13. PLEASE Governor, take care of our outdoor & stray animals — get as many people on board to make this happen — with teams of caring people, all good things are possible — adopt out these animals to caring people — for those who do NOT get adopted out & who thrive in the outdoors, TNR the dogs & cats & ensure there are caretakers who oversee their needs on a daily basis. Trust me, there are people waiting to do this — PLEASE take care of these animals — do it for the animals who so desperately need care & love, do it for the communities who surely need help in caring for these animals — PLEASE, the world is watching.

  14. Anne-Mari Gavin says:

    We NEED LAWS WORLD WIDE to spay and neuter every animal!!!
    People who dump animals must be put to death!! Stone them like the Bible times or feed them to the lions!!!

  15. This is cruel to let these dogs just suffer and die like this. Someone or many people are responsible for this horrendous cruelty to these poor animals. Abandoned dogs and cats are left to fend for themselves – where are they going to find food – garbage pails? This is wrong. People must see these animals suffering there – and they should take action to get more people and an animal rescue organization involved in helping with this problem.

  16. bad karma awaits the animal killers now. justice for these great animals.

  17. A crime that leaves a shame on the responsible ones. Cruelty against innocent beings from a 3rd world country, must be dennounced and the governor made responsible.

  18. Nancy Dunlap says:

    Puerto Rico do the right thing and protect your animals!

  19. charlsie lyon says:

    I am stunned and sickened. What a crime and nightmare this is. What if everyone one in Porto Rico took several dogs in and had them fixed and for God sake given a meal. Aren’t there enough decent people there to neuter and spay their own pet then go get one from the hell these others are living in. And DON’T TELL ME the people there are normal or caring or even awake. There is NO, NO excuse for this. Your whole island should stink to high heaven for the sickness and abuse and cruelty and death. What a shame on civilization. YOU MAKE NORMAL PEOPLE SHAKE THEIR HEADS. ALL YOU THAT LIVE THERE, STEP OUTSIDE, BREATH DEEP, THEN GO EAT YOUR SANDWICH AND THINK OF A DOG WITH ITS STOMACH TOUCHING IT’S BACKBONE BECAUSE OF HUNGER. THEN SLEEP WELL TONIGHT. i CAN’T SAY GOD HELP YOU.

  20. Puerto Rico is a filthy animal abusing country.Lets boycott this cesspit and make these POS animal murderers go broke and hopefully die. An eye for an eye is required!

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