Stop Slaughter of Last Remaining State Panthers

Target: Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission Chairperson Brian S. Yablonski

Goal: Don’t give hunters license to kill off the last of the Florida panthers to benefit corporate interests.

Florida residents could be allowed to shoot and kill critically endangered Florida panthers on sight if the Vice Chairperson of the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission gets her way. Aliese P. Priddy has written a new policy on killing panthers that would allow anyone to kill a Florida panther if they felt at all threatened, even though there are less than 200 of these creatures left in the state.

Florida panthers live on lands near factory farms that lose livestock to these predators and that is also coveted by oil and fracking companies, but these corporations can’t do anything about it as long as the panthers remain protected. Priddy is clearly in the pocket of greedy tycoons who don’t care how many animal species they need to wipe out in order to maximize their profits.

Florida panthers were named the official state animal after they were brought back from the brink of extinction in the early 1980’s. Now they’re back on the brink in spite of outrage from activists and scientists who can see how close we are to losing this essential predator forever. Sign our petition to demand that the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission reject any policy that allows corporations to slaughter these iconic animals for no good reason until they’re wiped out entirely.


Dear Chairperson Yablonski,

Your Vice Chairperson, Aliese P. Priddy, is currently drafting policy that would allow citizens of Florida to shoot and kill Florida panthers for the crime of threatening business interests, including killing factory farm livestock or existing on land desired by oil and fracking companies. In short, she’s trying to kill off Florida’s state animal to benefit the bottom line of big corporations.

The Florida panther was nearly driven to extinction by habitat loss and hunting in the 1970’s but was saved by the Endangered Species Act and the efforts of scientists and animal activists. Now, they are once again under severe threat. Less than 200 of these creatures remain in your state. Panthers are also important in maintaining the balance of Florida’s ecosystem as an apex predator.

Priddy apparently thinks that there are too many panthers in your state, but 200 is not nearly enough. That’s why these animals are listed as endangered. It’s your duty as Chairperson of the Fish and Wildlife Commission to protect wildlife, not kill off wildlife to protect the interests of heartless corporations. Stand against Priddy’s new policy and stop her from letting the last of Florida’s panthers die off.


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Photo credit: Everglades NPS

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  1. the chair person named aleise p priddy needs to be fired now. let these panthers live now.

  2. Priddy has no place on a Wildlife Commission. She needs to be fired immediately. Anyone who is a hunter does mot have wildlife’s best interest at heart and has zero business being on a commission that is supposed to look after the interests of the animals, not selfish, greedy ranchers and wildlife poachers aka “hunters.” Apex predators are integral to the balance of nature and the environment as a whole. If anyone’s population needs to be managed it’s the human population. We’re the ones multiplying like roaches and stealing the homes and hunting grounds of these innocent creatures because we have no consideration for them. This needs to STOP. No animal deserves to be exterminated because some barbarians and savages who haven’t evolved have no compassion or respect for all the other sentient beings who share our planet. Priddy, step down and go get a soul, because no true human being would take pleasure and satisfaction in seeing a species of beings slaughtered for human greed and sadistic amusement. Shame on you! 200 panthers is a joke. There should be thousands! They were here long before humans evicted them and slaughtered them to near-extinction.

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