Dog Stabbed in Neck Deserves Justice

Target: Thomas M. Quinn, Bristol County District Attorney

Goal: Help ensure man accused of stabbing dog multiple times goes to prison, if found guilty.

A man allegedly stabbed a dog multiple times. He needs to be penalized to the fullest extent of the law in order to better ensure that animals are safe if he is found guilty of this hateful action.

According to reports, a lady was walking her pit bull terrier—Smokey–in Fall River, Massachusetts when another small dog ran up to it and began showing aggression towards the larger animal. Both owners were said to shout for help. The lady told police that while separating the two dogs, a man ran up to her dog, forcefully grabbed it by the neck and stabbed it multiple times. The lady originally thought the man was smacking the dog on the side of the face in order to try and break up the animals and did not realize until it was too late that what she thought were necessary actions taken to separate the animals was really malicious stabbing.

William Whitson claims he stabbed the dog because it bit his hand and would not let go. Contrarily, he was only treated for “a small laceration,” likely making his story a huge stretch from the actual truth. In addition, the man was also arrested for animal cruelty, as well as for two other crimes relating to the incident.

Sign this petition and request it be suggested that Whitson be given one of the harshest sentences under law, including either five years in prison or 2.5 years in the house of corrections and a $2,500 fine if he is found guilty of such heartless animal cruelty. No dog ever deserves to be treated in this deplorable manner.


Dear Attorney Quinn,

A man was reported to have stabbed a dog multiple times. If he is found guilty, it is important that he serve maximum time in either prison or a corrections facility and that he pay the highest possible fine in order to better ensure animals in surrounding areas will be safe.

The owner of the dog explained to police that she had been walking the dog when a small dog ran up to it and began attacking the larger animal. After the owner of the two dogs called for help, a man allegedly ran up to the scene, grabbed the pit bull terrier by the neck and stabbed it five times. While William Whitson claims he did this because the dog would not let go of his hand, he was only treated for a small wound, making it much less likely that his story holds complete validity. In addition, police charged him with two other crimes pertaining to the incident.

It is for these reasons that I urge you to recommend that William Whitson be given a maximum punishment under state law and that he either serve time in prison for five years, do time in a correctional facility for 2.5 years and that he further be required to pay a $2,500 fine if he is found guilty of such malicious animal cruelty. The dog may unfortunately die because of this heartless act; therefore, his abuser deserves to be punished to the fullest extent of the law.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: WHDH News

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  1. guilty now= this punk needs to go to hell for attempted murder on a family member now.

    • Simon Wooliscroft says:

      I agree. But don’t worry John. He will go to hell. The “higher judge” will send him there not matter what happens here.

  2. Melissa Ashton says:

    Sick sick vile people … Same should happen to them, no place in the world for animal abusers …

  3. Chris Connors says:


  4. If this William Whitson was an innocent passerby, who stepped in to separate the 2 fighting dogs (and in doing so, stabbed one in the neck), why was he armed with a knife (or stabbing implement) to start with? What were his true intentions, walking around armed with the knife/stabbing implement? If he hadn’t come upon the sight of the fighting dogs, what/who did he intend to use the knife/stabbimg implement on?

  5. Bina Pannell says:

    It seems that nutters in this world are increasing exponentially.

  6. My question is why didn’t this asshole have his dog on a fucking leash is my question? I hope he rotts in Hell!


  8. MY HEART BREAKS FOR THIS DOG! ==== I pray this sweetie makes it! == I wish the mindless Whitson had needlessly stabbing this unthreatening animal === thinking things through, being rational along with compassionate would be the right way — where’s the accountability? — how do we know what he’ll do in the future! ==== these irrational, mindless acts must NEVER be repeated & such crimes against animals MUST be taken seriously === LISTEN! WE DO NOT WANT REPEATS OF SUCH BEHAVIOR & ABUSE TO ANIMALS EVER AGAIN! Make Whitson pay the piper!

  9. todd fletcher says:

    This ASS munch should be next!

  10. Is the police officers and other psychopaths all of them death penalty after tortured.All this psychopaths are very well, and can’t be killed because is a human life, oh my a…s…s. Human lives there are scumbags, shit human and evil malignant are just polluting the world, and like we do to the weeds, they need to be killed. There are more and more of this shit because they all are still alive. They just inflict pain to others either 4 paws or 2 paws animals (in case some didn’t notice we are also animals), make people suffer and in the end many of them with the excuse we can’t kill them as it is a human life end up killing many other human lives, so death penalty. Let’s do a cleaning in the world.

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