Stop Cruel Pigeon Shoot

Target: Michael Thompson, Oklahoma Secretary of Safety and Security and Public Safety Commissioner

Goal: Do not allow pigeons to be shot at political fundraising event.

Hundreds of live pigeons may soon be tossed into the air and shot by people who would reportedly be doing it to raise money for their favorite political candidates. If this alleged event is not stopped, many innocent birds may soon be dead.

Senator Jim Inhofe of Oklahoma throws a fundraiser every year in order to raise money for his reelection campaign, as well as for Fund for a Conservative Future, a committee that also raises money for Republican candidates. Last year 1,000 pigeons were reported to be shot by Inhofe and his supporters. Live birds are allegedly left out in the field to suffer until they are finally relieved by death. The birds are not even eaten, making such a practice wasteful from a conservational standpoint.

Furthermore, Oklahoma animal cruelty laws are being broken if this event is taking place, as section 1685 under Cruelty to Animals clearly states, “Any person who shall willfully or maliciously…torture, destroy or kill, or cruelly beat or injure, maim or mutilate, any animal in subjugation or captivity, whether wild or tame…shall be guilty of a felony…”

Sign this petition and ask the Public Safety Commissioner to investigate these allegations and to not allow any such hunt to take place. Killing animals to raise money for a political campaign is a despicable practice, and no politician should ever be given the right to violate animal cruelty laws.


Dear Commissioner Thompson,

Animal rights groups have reported that several live pigeons are tossed into the air and shot for the sole purpose of raising money for potential Republican candidates. Many innocent animals may greatly suffer if this supposed event takes place.

As you may know, Senator Jim Inhofe throws a fundraising event every year to raise money for his reelection campaign, as well as for Fund for a Conservative Future. It was alleged that 1,000 pigeons were tossed in the air and shot at last year’s event by the senator and his supporters.

While some people may claim this is not an unethical practice, section 1685 under Cruelty to Animals in Oklahoma Animal Cruelty Statutes explains that maliciously torturing or killing an animal is a felony, and that such a crime can further be punishable by both imprisonment and a hefty fine.

For all of these reasons, I urge you to investigate the above allegations and to put a stop to any such events that may take place. No politician should ever be above the law, and animals should never have to suffer so that money can be raised for a political campaign.


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Photo Credit: Demon Traitor

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  1. Kathy Williams says:

    Truly vile and despicable.
    On the upside: Thanks to the internet, this senator’s stance on gun control, hunting and animal cruelty are all made transparently clear. Animal advocates will have his history of abuse on record should he ever run for President.

  2. What the f…. is wrong with you people??? Killing innocent birds for politics?????????

  3. A senator who is in favor of destroying wildlife as a fundraiser for his own self reelection greed has no compassion for animals and shows lack of respect for the conservation of wildlife birds. It is scrapping the bottom of the barrel when you have to kill birds to raise money for a campaign. I wonder if Jim Inhofe is aware that people can vote him out just as quickly as they had voted him in.


  5. You know what would be refreshing? Common sense! If common sense was actually present in politics, we wouldn’t have to sign these petitions to protect the innocent! Since I don’t see that happening anytime soon, I’ll see ya on the next petition! Good work (& common sense) to all those that care enough to sign these. 🙂

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