Allow People to Rescue Distressed and Dying Animals

Target: Bill Galvano, Florida State Senate Majority Leader

Goal: Make it legal for people to help a distressed animal out of a hot car.

Dogs left unattended in cars may soon be legally rescued by concerned citizens. Activists need to support this potential law in order to better ensure that animals in danger will be saved.

The bill known as the “Protecting Animal Welfare and Safety Act” would not only allow officials such as animal control officers and firefighters to rescue an animal from an “unattended vehicle,” it would also allow regular citizens to use “reasonable force” to rescue the animal if the owner is unable to be located. The person would only have to get permission from either someone in law enforcement, a 911 operator or a fire department official.

Under this new law, a person would not be “criminally or civilly” liable for breaking into a car to retrieve the animal if the animal is clearly suffering and is at risk of dying. He would only have to leave a note disclosing the name of the shelter or safe haven where the animal is being taken so authorities would better be able to determine if the animal should remain in the owner’s care.

Thousands of dogs die every year because they are left unattended by their owners in cars. In fact, according to the American Veterinary Medical Association, the temperature can rise approximately 20 degrees inside a car, quickly turning a 70-degree day into a 90-degree day for a dog. This is the case even when the windows are cracked.

Sign this petition and urge lawmakers to make this proposed bill a law. Many more animals may be saved as a result.


Dear Senator Galvano,

As you may know, a proposed bill known as the “Protecting Animal Welfare and Safety Act” may soon make it legal for officials and other good citizens to rescue distressed animals in hot cars. Making it so someone is able to quickly get permission to rescue a distressed animal without being “criminally or civilly” liable is a great idea, because a potential rescuer will likely take action rather than wonder if he will be legally penalized for helping the animal.

Thousands of animals die every year as a result of being left in cars. Because of how high temperatures can reach within a confined space, dogs are still in danger when the windows are cracked. These facts alone make such a law necessary. For all of these reasons, I urge you to stand behind this issue and to support officially making the “Protecting Animal Welfare and Safety Act” law. Doing so will likely save many animals from heartless abuse.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Karl and Ali

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  1. Allow people to rescue distress and dying animals

  2. Janet Scolerio says:

    I hope this law is passed we need to be a voice for these innocent animals!

  3. The sad fact is that there are those of us who are just THAT ignorant that they’d leave an animal, a CHILD on a hot sweltering car unattended with the windows closed to bake in there like a pot roast. And until now there was almost no real laws to protect them. But some of us WOULD go above and beyond the law anyway to rescue these sentient beings from the stupidity of man. Let me tell you that law or no law, if ii see this and there’s no choice, consider the window smashed, and the dog rescued. I’m really hoping and praying that those ego are in a position to make such a law as this, will act accordingly and do the right thing. The HUMAN thing and give anyone of us who have to make this choice the authority do take this kind of action. A life depends on it. Those who made this law just simply an ownership of property are pathetic, and disgusting. This is civilization, do become civilized and make this law a reality ALL over the nation and, for that matter, the world.

  4. This should be mandatory, I see this all the time!!

  5. Rhonda milligan says:

    I would rescue any animal no matter what time of year it is

  6. A life is a life and it’s worth saving!!!!!! Can’t say I feel the same about the owner. Make the owner sit in the car for an hour and see how it feels.

  7. This is awful

  8. Please put a law into affect so that we can get these dogs out and save their lives. What if it was a child? Would you just stand there knowing it was taking his last breath. Well animals are our children. I don’t think people should learn not to get involved and them somone or some animal dies. I want the permission to help somone and not be in trouble. We lost too many animals this way. Please put a law in place and stop the horrible deaths of dogs and children.

  9. Stop the deaths of dogs in hot cars. Sometimes it’s nabies. You really don’t want a country that practices don’t get involved. If someone is dying and you could help them ,you want us to turn a blind eye? I can’t so put a law in place so that more dogs and babies don’t die in VERY HOT CARS. please save their lives and thank you, Lina sorrentino

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