Tell YouTube Fat Shamer to Apologize

Target: Nicole Arbour

Goal: Apologize for offensive fat-shaming YouTube video.

Comedian and YouTuber Nicole Arbour recently uploaded a video to YouTube titled “Dear Fat People.” The video, which she claims is satire, makes jokes about obese people and fat shames them for their body. 

Arbour says things like, “Aaaagh, some people are already really mad at this video! What are you going to do, fat people? You gonna chase me? I can get away from you by walking at a reasonable pace.”

She claims fat people are just lazy, and that fat shaming isn’t a real thing (newsflash: it is). She cites times that she was both disgusted and inconvenienced by fat people but says she loves big sassy black ladies. So not only did she manage to fat shame, she also managed to perpetuate racial stereotypes.

YouTube has since taken down the video, but some are reporting that she made her channel inactive in order to claim YouTube took it down to censor her. Many YouTubers have come out against the video, condemning her fat shaming and for joking about something that just isn’t funny.

Overweight people face enough hate and discrimination without a viral video shaming them even more for something that is often out of their control. Tell Nicole Arbour to apologize for her hateful video and being a bully just to get some fame.


Dear Nicole Arbour,

You recently uploaded a video to YouTube titled “Dear Fat People.” This video is not satire like you claim. It’s not shaming anyone into improvement. It’s hateful. It’s spreading a malicious message that overweight people are already faced with day in and day out. Apparently someone needs to make a “satire” video shaming you for being such a hate-filled person who spews negativity on the Internet in an attempt to garner views and get your 15 minutes of fame.

Fat people aren’t just lazy. There’s a plethora of factors that go into someones body weight and shape. Weight does not determine health. There are so many other vital issues that you could address and possibly make a real impact with. This video is not that.

Overweight people face enough hate and discrimination without a viral video shaming them even more for something that is often out of their control. I demand you apologize for your hateful video and being a bully just to get some fame.


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  1. I’m NOT gonna sign it. Stop promoting these victim-mentality cries! Victim mentality sees everything as an attack. Obesity IS a an error in body functions. LEARN how to manage healthy body, NOT cry about being a victim.

    Such petitions are stupid! If only time spent on making this petition would be spent on learning about bodily processes… There wouldn’t be any need for cries of obese oversensitive ‘victims’…

    • And I suppose you are an expert on body processes?

      You can’t shame or hate people into changing just to suit you. I’m all for getting fit and healthy but everyone has their own challenges. Do you have nothing better to do than hate and judge? Well you better be a physically perfect specimen yourself.

      But what are you gonna do? Haters gonna hate hate hate hate hate hate.

      Just remember, Fat people can and do lose weight but Ms Arbour and those who agree with her will always be ignorant morons.

    • I’m not signing it either. In this country we have the right to say whatever we want as long as it’s not threatening or slanderous. DO NOT try and stifle Americans. We have a right that our founding fathers died for. Thank you.

  2. There is no way I would sign this, watch the video!
    There comes a point where as a rational human being you must look at yourself and think okay I’ve put on a few pounds maybe I need to get back into shape. Obesity is a product of the modern convenience food and salt, sugar and fat laden diet. Educate yourself, eat healthier, exercise and no one would need to discuss this topic. If your fat take ownership of it and lose some weight, stop blaming everything other than glutony and laziness.

  3. In our modern day of nutrition info and easy access to gyms and home workouts, obesity is a choice, if someone dont want to be fat, all he have to do is stop being fat by changing his habits, i find this petition utterly unnecesary

    Christian Bale proved to the whole world that if you want, you can gain or lose more than 50 lbs in a year

    In fact people in “big loser” have lost over 150lbs in less than a month, it just requires determination

  4. Tania Malven says:

    Wow! Where to start! #1 it takes money to buy health food and go to a gym, etc. It can be almost impossible to find fresh fruits and vegetables in a poor neighborhood! #`2 G enetic makeup can make it very difficult to lose weight, especially in some areas of the body are naturally heavier! #3 you do not have to be skinny to be healthy! The list goes on and on. Have some respect for individual differences. Putting people down does NOT promote change!!!!

  5. Amy M Glogowski says:

    If someone has a chemical imbalance, all the dieting in the world would not work! There’s more to weight gain than eating.

  6. A diabetic girl was being bullied because she experienced weight gain due to her insulin injections so she stopped her injections and her diabetes has now destroyed her vision. Now she has irreversible blindness because of those bullies. Also, some blood disorders can make people gain weight and I get bullied because I have a distended abdomen caused by painful Irritable Bowel Syndrome which is caused by stress so every time I am bullied for this it causes more stress which makes the illness even worse.

  7. Unfortunately I didn’t get to see the named vid on YouTube but I absolutely & totally agree with the petition ,I have had weight problems all my life & have always been a ‘big bird /cuddly / big built ect ect’ I am just under 6ft in hight.i was always picked on at junior school & it made me feel like I had to loo

    • As I was saying I was made to feel like I had to loose weight cus of wat the kids was saying but I wasn’t that big at all but by the time I was in my teens all I wanted was to be slim ,I battled with my weight for most of my life but I have never been the type that wud eat crap food my favourite things to eat is salads & melon !!! Anyway Igot in to drugs & I lost all my weight & I thought I looked fantastic but I didn’t being thin just looked awful on me I needed to be curvy ,my boobs have always been big even wen I was thin anyway I got off the shit & now being in my 40’s I am a very curvy woman not unfit at all ,it took drugs for me to loose weight & with drugs came trouble! !! I eat healthy every day & I’ve been a size 18 for the past 10yrs never ever do I want to be thin ever again I look at the thin girls who have no legs just sticks and I feel sorry for them !!! Big is beautiful ♥♥♥:-)

  8. Get a life and leave people alone !!!!!

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