Demand Maximum Punishment for Alleged Dogfighters

Target: Alan Wilson, Attorney General of South Carolina

Goal: Demand alleged dogfighters receive the severest penalty under law if they are found guilty.

One of the largest dogfighting rings was just raided in South Carolina. Those responsible need to be given the maximum sentence if they are found guilty of this horrible crime in order to better prevent other dogs from getting hurt and killed in the future.

Rowen Hay, Angela Hutchins and Roger Cook were quickly arrested, as they were thought to be the organizers of this cruel fight. Four dogs were rescued from the operation. Unfortunately, two of them were thought to have been in other recent fights, as scars on their bodies indicated this was likely the case.

Police also reported that they found hundreds of audience members at this disgusting spectacle. Just as bad, the dogfighters were allegedly offering between $80,000 and $100,000 in prize money to the winner of this event. Thankfully, dogfighting is a felony offense in South Carolina, punishable by $5,000 or a five-year prison sentence. Even spectators can be charged with having committed a misdemeanor crime.

Sign this petition and demand that all guilty parties receive the harshest penalty under law for participating in this heartless event. Dogs deserve to be loved and taken care of, not sickly abused for the sake of profit.


Dear Attorney Wilson,

One of the biggest dogfighting operations in South Carolina history was just exposed. If the people responsible are not given the harshest punishment, they will likely hurt or kill many more animals in the future.

Four dogs were seized, and it was thought that two of the dogs had been in recent fights, as indicated by the scars covering their bodies. Authorities also suspected that between $80,000 and $100,000 was supposed to be given to the person whose dog was declared the winner of the fight.

Since a great deal of dogfighting equipment was found at the scene, it is likely these alleged dogfighters had participated many other times in similar events. It is important they are given the severest penalty under law so that other dogs do not have to go through the same brutal experience in the future.

For all of these reasons, I urge you to recommend that these dogfighters be given the maximum sentence. Leniency only sends the message to society that it is OK to treat animals in this abusive manner.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Copy: Dante Alighieri

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  1. Without the death penalty, which I oppose totally for all of the obvious reasons, there isn’t a punishment harsh enough for these creeps. But I guess life in prison without parole would do. Let’s get some laws made to provide for this. But for spectators just attending this sickness, I’d settle for a few years in prison.

    • Bina Pannell says:

      Life in prison is too good. They get their food, clothes etc. free of charge in prison. No, bring back hard labour, the chain gang, or even working at dog kennels- cleaning, feeding, walking the dogs.

    • julie landmichael says:

      you are so right this as to stop nowhang them or life in prisonbut do it just don,t talk about it!

  2. Instead of “rewarding” these low-lifes with a slap on the wrist and being allowed to continue with their “lives” (Michal Vick), either keep them in prison for the rest of their lives (at hard manual labor) or put them in a ring with the dogs they have “trained” and let the dogs have a chance at them.

  3. Mary mckenna says:


  4. Mary mckenna says:

    We need to start taking these things more seriously

  5. Heidi Mugrauer says:

    Animal abusers need to be tortured and killed, that is the only way to stop this, stop with the fines the maybe 1 year in jail, they have to bwe killed, people like that are worthless scum and dont belong on our earth. They belong in hell

  6. Catherine Dugan says:

    Dog fighting should be illegal. They poor animals pay the price of being beaten and evenually die from all the fighting they do. These people should be left in jail, to rot.

  7. Put these subhumans in a ring and let them fight to the end.
    We don’t need these cretins roaming our earth–a danger to all living beings.

    EVERYONE involved in this barbaric activity should be thrown in prison. They can’t be rehabilitated. They have crossed the line from human to monster.

  8. sherry compton says:

    The only way to curb this vile activity is to inflict harsh punishment for the mentally sub-standard individuals involved. Animal abuse is on the rise and it must be taken seriously. We must be a voice for those who cannot call for help!!!! Inexcusable cruelty!!!

  9. If any abuse, neglect or murder of animals was NOT TOLERATED and treated as MURDER, it would happen less. It’s not that complicated! People here have this entitlement that they can get away with murder and do whatever they like because even if they get caught – big deal – what’s the punishment? A fine? Little jail time? Just something else for trash like this to brag about. But eye for an eye just might make them think twice. And if not, doesn’t matter because once they are caught, shoot them, electrocute them, give them a shot – I don’t care how you do it….just take out the trash so this doesn’t continue. Eventually, they will catch on that it’s not cool and they could are risking their own lives by doing it.

  10. In this day & age, I cannot believe this horrific cruelty is still going on === penalties & punishments should be severe & serious ==== these brutal abusive crimes against animals MUST be taken seriously otherwise the idiot-monsters will continue with their depraved savagery === SOCIETY CANNOT ALLOW THIS!

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