Success: Clerk No Longer Allowed to Deny Marriage Licenses

Target: John Roberts, Chief Justice of the United States

Goal: Thank the Supreme Court for demanding that all people be treated equally in regards to marriage.

A Rowan county clerk named Kim Davis has repeatedly denied same-sex couples marriage licenses because she believes it is immoral for these couples to join in holy matrimony. Thankfully, the Supreme Court will not allow her to continue doing this.

While other clerks also disagree with same-sex couples being legally allowed to get married, they have—at least—still obeyed the law by providing such couples with marriage licenses. However, while other couples were not being denied their constitutional right, one such couple—James Yates and William Smith Jr.—were denied this right three times by clerk Kim Davis. Fortunately, they will now be able to get married in their own county as the Supreme Court is upholding a lower court’s decision to demand that Ms. Davis grant same-sex couples marriage licenses despite her personal beliefs.

Sign this petition to thank the Supreme Court and activists like those from the ForceChange community for demanding equality not be denied. By requiring Ms. Davis to provide marriage licenses to same-sex couples, they are making it clear they are serious about upholding their recent decision to allow all couples in love to marry.


Dear Chief Justice Roberts,

As you know, a Kentucky clerk recently appealed a decision made by a lower court, insisting that she continue to be given the right to deny same-sex couples marriage licenses. The activist community would like to thank you for deciding that it is important for Ms. Davis and other clerks to treat people equally by granting marriage licenses to all couples who request them.

Your decision likely came as great news to James Yates and William Smith Jr., a couple who was denied this right by Ms. Davis three times. While they could have gotten married in another county, they should have never been denied the right to get married in the county where they live. Although we are still divided on this issue as a country, such social progress can only be made by clerks upholding and respecting the Supreme Court’s recent decision to allow all couples the right to marry.

Thank you again for making this heroic decision. Activists around the world are happy that you have bravely stood up for human rights.


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Photo Credit: David Shankbone

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  1. HELL NO I’m not signing this shit

    • I guess you are another religious fanatic who sits there and judges everyone in the name of god. That bitch has been divorced and married but for some reason she is forgiven. Religion is the root of all evil and those who believe in a fairy tale are pathetic. Grad a brain and think for yourselves.

      • Bit of difference Evelyn .at least she married a bloke not another for `bitch` Id save that for yourself.Im 100% behind her.

        • Why are you sooooo concerned about who people sleep with? None of your business at all. Perhaps the old lady should be denied any more marriages. But I wouldn’t support that, because it is not the law of the land to deny a license to marry, even if one has used up all the licenses herself.

    • Im with you Candace.and NO im not a religious nut Im someone who will NEVER see two blokes sleeping together as natural

      • But it is none of our business what two consenting adults do. They are not hurting anyone. They are just trying to live their own lives and have the same rights as everyone else. I have more respect for the many gay couples who are devoted to one another and have been partners for decades than I do for heterosexuals who marry (make a vow) and then divorce over and over again, like this judgmental, hypocritical woman has done.

  2. This is antiwhite victimisation. In the UK muslims working in supermarkets are allowed to refuse to sell alcohol n cigarettes to customers because Islam prohibits their use. However, in the USA Christians or persons of firm personal believes are forced to service behaviours in others which their own believes prohibit. Why? Because they are white n Western! The UK government has said on TV several times that it tries to respect firmly held believes. In other words, if you are not strident youll get walked all over. Not a good policy! In a democracy, no group of ppl is singled out for special treatment. All citisens live under the same laws. The West was like this before. Let us return to democracy!

    • UK Supermarkets have no bearing on the United States decision. Once court ordered, one should either fulfill their obligation as an employee of the government or resign and find some other employment more in line with their desire. I understand the position this woman is in but………Either become a Nun or do the job you were hired to do by the State. God is not paying your salary at this time, Uncle Sam is. Whether I agree or not is not the issue, the issue is that the Supreme court has ruled and they way to change that is in your hands. You have no rights to decide individually what you will and will not do in any Job. If there was such a Job, I would want it also! God bless us all

      • Thank you! Very well said, and quite accurate, Puckmeister. I still don’t expect that they (the opposition) will be able to climb out of their little box to process the entire issue with any true understanding. It’s apparent that they’re due a tremendous amount of education before that can ever happen.

    • Wednesday's Childe says:

      Awww….poor baby! Yeah, you guys are soooo down-trodden. What good is it to be a christian white gal if you can’t tell other people how to live by your religious BS anymore. What’s the world coming to? Boo Hoo [sniffles]

    • kathryn stein says:

      It’s the UK, nimrod. Not relevant visit a bis THIS country…the USA if you’ve forgotten.

    • kathryn stein says:

      It’s the UK, nimrod. Not relevant visit a vis THIS country…the USA if you’ve forgotten.

    • You say all citizens must follow the law. Well, the law states that gay marriage is legal. So this woman, who has been married numerous times, can get off her high horse and get into a different line of work. What if someone refused to serve her because they consider her a habitual adulterer. It’s all insane and primitive. Why not just allow people who are good citizens and not hurting anyone, to just live their lives free of ridiculous obstacles and torment?

    • Who ever raised the UK up on a pedestal and proclaimed it the moral and legislative compass? It is also none of the business of any Muslim (etc) to refuse products to customers. If they are primitive, they need to find a job with other primitives so they can all feel comfortable. They are interfering with an employer’s business if they won’t do their job. I’m a health advocate/professional and know, on the deepest level, just how devastating tobacco/alcohol addiction is and what it does to the human body, yet it would not occur to me to dictate to those who want to purchase it. It’s called FREEDOM!

  3. why do the gay people think that their rights and ideals are more important than anyone elses. I think that is way unacceptable. They go naked in the streets in protests and parades when anyone else would be arrested. I just don’t get it. In this situation it is discriminating against the clerk and denying her rights. Our supreme court needs to listen to the people!!!!

    • 'She read', but she doesn't think... says:

      Wow….you really DON’T know how government works do you? The majority NEVER gets to vote on basic civil rights for a minority; if that was constitutional then we’d still have Joe Crow laws on the books…. EVERYONE deserves and gets the same basic civil rights under our Constitution.
      Also you might want to re-study the whole “Separation of Church & State” concept: one old lady’s personal interpretation of the bible doesn’t get to take away another person’s civil rights.

    • If idiots like yourself would butt out and just accept everyone for who they are, there wouldn’t be a problem!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

    • If you see gay people running nude in the streets, you should call the police, because it is against the indecent exposure laws. My guess is that the couple attempting to obtain a marriage license were doing just that and not running naked. There are idiots in every cross section of society. Not ALL of every group is bad or good, and to make discriminatory, prejudicial statements against any group is not helpful or civilized. Not all Germans are Nazis, not all African Americans are thugs, not all religious folk are kind, etc.

  4. Wednesday's Childe says:

    F yourself honeypie

  5. I would never sign this..this is not justice!

  6. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

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