Address the Refugee Crisis in Europe

Target: Jean-Claude Juncker, President of the European Commission

Goal: Force all countries in the European Union to grant asylum to refugees.

The influx of refugees seeking asylum in Europe has become a humanitarian crisis. Without a cohesive EU refugee policy, individual countries are establishing their own protocols, freeing themselves from any obligation and leaving the fate of the refugees in the hands of shady smugglers. Tragedies are becoming commonplace; recently, 700 refugees drowned after a boat capsized off the coast of Libya and 71 suffocated to death in a trailer driving through Austria.

The UNHCR, a United Nations agency for refugees, estimates that since the beginning of 2015 more than 300,000 people have risked their lives trying to seek asylum in Europe. Reports have come out that refugees, under the hands of smugglers, have been beaten, pushed into hazardous enclosures, burned, thrown overboard, or forced to pay thousands of dollars just to get a fresh breath of air.

The refugees who make it to Europe are entitled to asylum under the Common European Asylum System. However, the Dublin Regulation restricts them from leaving the country they arrived in until their asylum is granted. Due to this and the ever-increasing influx of refugees, coastal countries, such as Italy and Greece, have become overwhelmed with asylum seekers and have ran out of housing and supplies for them. Conditions in the overrun refugee camps in these areas have been described as inhumane. To get to better living conditions or family members who are established in other parts of Europe, refugees must go through the smuggling process all over again. The situation would be more manageable and safe if refugees could spread out, but EU countries are trying to back out of their responsibilities to let them in. Hungary recently built razor-wired fences along their borders in an attempt keep out any further refugees.

This tragic crisis has shown the dire need for reform within the EU’s governance. Urge the European Commission to adopt a harmonized asylum policy that will grant EU-wide rehabilitation to refugees.


Dear Mr. Juncker,

The refugee crisis is a huge challenge for the European Union and I appreciate the asylum your Common European Asylum System grants them. However, as the crisis worsens and death tolls rise, more must be done. Providing open borders is a core mission and purpose of the EU, yet you’re leaving the responsibility of mass influxes of refugees to a small handful of countries that are ill-equipped to meet the needs.

Germany recently allowed Syrian refugees to apply for asylum within their borders, which can set an example for the rest of the EU to follow. The EU must get rid of the Dublin Regulation and make asylum status valid throughout all of their countries. A quota should be set to ensure there’s a fair distribution of refugees throughout the member states.

Please put politics aside and come together, as a true union, for this severe humanitarian crisis. To ensure that refugees have humane conditions throughout Europe, while accounting for the needs of your member states, I urge you to adopt a EU-wide refugee policy.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: UNRWA/AP/NTB Scanpix

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  1. Bina Pannell says:

    The two main culprits in this unfortunate saga are Blair and Bush, yet neither of them are being held to account.

    The current powers that took over from the 2 Bs are doing nothing to ease the plight of these poor people. First Assad tries to destroy them with chemical weapons and the world does nothing, now ISIS is running riot through their countries and still the world does nothing.

    These are REFUGEES, not migrants and they don’t have a choice.

  2. The situation in the Middle East is quite complex. It is caused in part by the greed of the Western rich. They want ME oil and they want cheap foreign labour n a higher working population in the West. However, Iran recently test fired a missile which could reach European countries. This is a concern because they kill their own children for being raped. They need dealing with. Whatever, I dont want to lose my country, England, so I wont sign this petition. Also, many migrants come SPECIFICALLY to the UK for our overgenerous benefits. This is why the Europeans say England CREATES the migrant problem. We should just bomb Iran into weakness and leave the sane countries alone. And England should NOT give benefits to illegals!

    • I agree and I feel the same way about my country. The USA needs to stop rid itself of illegals, strip the anchor baby double-speak, enforce e-verify and take back OUR country!

  3. Why Europe? Isn’t e.g. Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Emirates a much better place for them to flee to? It’s rich, it’s nearby, and most importantly it has the same culture they share the same ideology. Integrating in a culture based on judeo-christian-humanitarian values will be impossible for them. There are riots and terrorist attacks enough already in the cities of Europe. By granting asylum to hundreds of thousands of them will only lead to relocating the same ethnic en religious war to the streets of Europe. Bad idea, i want my children to live in freedom and not under sharia law.

  4. I want Heleen to stand for prime minister, I hope I have spelt your name right, but, what you are saying is exactly right, and many feel the same way!

  5. No nation can afford to take in all the people who need help. Let’s get real here. There’s not enough money in the entire world to do this. It’s up to the people of every country to fight and overcome the evil rulers and then form a good form of government. The truth is, we don’t all get along and are better off in our own countries. It’s the wicked leaders in each nation who must be removed.

  6. I feel that they should tighten the gates. And not allow any more into their countries. There are too many of these Refugees and not enough room or money to care for all of them. I also feel that the EU is doing more harm than good. In telling these countries to accept them as citizens.

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