Revoke License of Veterinarian Accused of Killing Cat with Bow and Arrow

Target: Karen Phillips, Director of Enforcement, Texas Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners

Goal: Revoke license of veterinarian accused of shooting and killing a neighbor’s cat with a bow and arrow.

In April, veterinarian Karen Lindsey allegedly shot a supposed feral cat through the head with a bow and arrow, killed it, and then picked up the dead feline by the arrow, which was stuck through the animal’s head. Smiling in the picture that was proudly posted on Facebook, the “vet” declared, “My first bow kill, lol. The only good feral tomcat is one with an arrow through its head! Vet of the year award … Gladly accepted.”

Despite ForceChange’s call to action to the Austin County, Texas District Attorney to Punish Vet Accused of Bragging About Killing Cat, charges were not filed against Lindsey. Thankfully, other people took note, and Lindsey was fired from the veterinary practice where she worked. It has been said that the cat she shot and killed was not feral, but rather a neighbor’s beloved feline. An inquiry with the Texas Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners was opened, and on Aug. 28, the board found Lindsey in “violation.”

While this is a small victory, animal rescue organization Alley Cat Allies reported that it is unclear whether Lindsey’s license will be suspended or revoked, and the Board will not issue a final decision until October. We must remain resolute in taking action to ensure that this vile woman never practices veterinary medicine again. It is not good enough to suspend Lindsey’s license; it must be revoked.

Demand the Texas Board of Veterinary Medicine revoke Kristen Lindsey’s veterinary license so that she can never practice veterinary medicine again. This woman should not be allowed to touch anyone’s pet.


Dear Ms. Phillips,

Thank you for finding veterinarian Kristen Lindsey in violation during your hearing on Friday, Aug. 28. This is a step in the right direction, as Ms. Lindsey should be punished for her alleged cruel and inhumane action against what appears to be a neighbor’s pet cat.

The picture of Ms. Lindsey holding up the dead animal with the arrow through its head is vile and shocking. No person who would gain pleasure in doing something so cruel and unthinkable should be licensed to practice veterinary medicine.

Ms. Lindsey not only allegedly killed what appears to be someone’s pet, she smiled and bragged about it publicly. This woman clearly doesn’t take veterinary practice or animal care seriously. In fact, she mocked your agency by saying, “…Vet of the year award … Gladly accepted.”

Please revoke this woman’s license. She has no business practicing veterinary medicine. The Austin County District Attorney’s office failed in its job by refusing to press charges against Ms. Lindsey. Please make up for this oversight and revoke Dr. Kristen Lindsey’s veterinary license.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Simplicius

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  1. primitive, cowardly murderers. are perhaps the next victim people ?????
    whether animal or human – they’re all living creatures with feelings and pain and suffering for so many hours a Upper cowardly from behind with bow and arrow
    murderous would like something has no right to any. for me a so-called of lawless

  2. She has gotten away with this long enough . She took an oath help animals . She killed this cat and bragged about it .

  3. I’ve really changed my view in the last few years. Peace and compassion out, real justice and intolerance of abusing animals, our planet and people in. Okay revoking license is a beginning. Any vet who would be that cruel with one animal will surely repeat the behavior with her patients. But. Come on, I am SO SICK of these little taps on the hand that animal abusers are getting. I’ll bet while the cat that was JUST being a cat didn’t sit there and think “oh no, this person shouldn’t be allowed to be a vet. Dollars to doughnuts the cat thought “you f***in bi*** I didn’t do anything to you if I wasn’t laying here in excruciating pain, I’d kill you”. You can usually find other jobs so she’ll bounce back. That in itself is NOT a deterrent or a punishment that fits the crime. It’s common sense and common decency. So basically we’re putting it out there if you abuse we will prevent you from working with that population but otherwise you can go about your business. Wtf????

  4. Sharon- her name is Kristen not Karen – thanks

  5. Revoke licence! !!

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