Expel Students for Allegedly Making Misogynistic Threats of Assault

Target: John R. Broderick, President of Old Dominion University

Goal: Expel students responsible for flying threatening and sexist banners targeting new female freshmen.

Signs advocating the sexual assault and harassment of freshmen girls greeted the incoming class of 2019 at Old Dominion University in Norfolk, Virginia before the school ordered them taken down. College authorities are now investigating who was responsible for the signs and have promised that they will face reprimands of some kind. Demand that the students found responsible for this disgusting display of rape culture be expelled as soon as possible.

Colleges and universities nationwide have finally come under increased scrutiny in recent years for the rampant culture of sexism and toxic masculinity that they too often foster in young men. When one out of every five women who attend college report being sexually assaulted during their time there, we know that we as a nation have an issue with rape culture in higher education.

Unfortunately this problem was on full display this summer at Old Dominion University. A number of male students in off-campus housing neighboring the school reportedly greeted incoming students and their families who were arriving on campus for the first time by hanging a series of abhorrent, sexually harassing banners from their balcony.

The signage in question is reported to have read “Rowdy and fun—hope your baby girl is ready for a good time…,” “Freshman daughter drop off,” and “Go ahead and drop Mom off too…” Needless to say, school authorities were horrified and ordered the signs taken down, and have since launched an investigation to find out who exactly was responsible for them.

Male students who advocate sexual assault and harassment are a threat to students and campus communities as a whole. Sign the petition below to demand that the students found responsible for this disgusting display be expelled from Old Dominion University as swiftly as possible so that they cannot put other students in danger.


Dear President Broderick,

I am writing you today regarding the misogynistic banners that were apparently hung by students of your university for all incoming students to see. I am pleased that you have been strong in your response to this incident so far, but I want to be sure that you continue to be so when the perpetrators are found.

You do not need to be reminded that universities have an issue with sexual assault. This incident is a profoundly disturbing example of the culture that fosters that horrible campus epidemic. When commentary like the kind included on these banners is considered appropriate by young men at school, we no longer need to wonder why sexual violence is so pervasive. Misogyny and rape culture is normalized, embraced, and acted upon.

As a result, the students who allegedly created and hung these signs from their housing should not be dealt with lightly. They have demonstrated their sexist attitudes beyond any doubt, and cannot be trusted to not act on them in the future. I demand that the students your school finds responsible for this abominable display be expelled as soon as possible for the safety of your other students.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: David Shankbone

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  1. Alexander F Angul says:

    “,” “Freshman daughter drop off,” and “Go ahead and drop Mom off too…” ”

    how in the fuck are these threats of assault?

    and How can you demand students be expelled for alleged acts?

    what happened until innocent, until proven guilty.

    You silly fucking twats are whats wrong with this world..

    and im so glad ill be gone soon and wont have to deal with the mess you twats are making the world.

    • Yep I knew there would be at least one misogynistic ass.

    • Right. Its just good clean innocent fun. How dare these “twats” try to ruin your good time with claims of inappropriate and harassing signage! Doesn’t anybody have a sense of humor anymore? What’s the matter with these people anyway?

      Can I sign the petition twice?

  2. This is not a healthy climate in which to learn & a safe one to love in. College isn’t supposed to be that way.
    This whole disrespecting women thing is something that isn’t even American — this kind of appalling sentiment expressed is what would be expected of a radical Muslim state! We need to remember what country we’re in, & that we’re better than that. One would think that of all times, with ISIS going further along these lines that it just couldn’t happen.
    Looks like these men in college didn’t get the memo by simply following the news.
    How did they get accepted to go there in the first place then, seeing that brains are obviously lacking?!

  3. Seems like students who have the opportunity to go to collage show their “street smart” education instead of their true learning ability. Being of high education and all, I thought they were more mature and respectful to one another….apparently not.

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