Punish Criminal Who Burned Five Dogs With Acid

Target: Kamala Harris, California Attorney General

Goal: Severely punish the person responsible for throwing acid on five dogs, killing two.

Five dogs have been found around the Los Angeles area who had severe acid burns. Two of the poor dogs were burned so badly that they had to be euthanized when taken to a shelter. The three other dogs include a golden retriever named Fergus, a pit bull named Bella and a third unidentified dog.

Similar instances have occurred in recent years in Ohio and Texas. Animal activists have raised money to help aid in the medical care associated with treating the dogs, and shelters are currently working to find the dogs a home.

Why anyone would or even could do this to innocent, stray animals makes absolutely no sense. The person committing these sickening acts of animal cruelty must be stopped and punished. When the perpetrator is found, urge officials to punish him or her under the full extent of the law.


Dear Attorney General Kamala Harris,

Five dogs have been found around the Los Angeles area with severe acid burns. Luckily the dogs are being treated and shelters are working to find the animals new, loving homes, but the awful person who did this is still at large.

The person committing these sickening crimes against these poor animals must be stopped and severely punished, as they are a danger to all. When the perpetrator is found, I urge you to punish him or her under the full extent of the law.


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Photo credit: Beverley Goodwin

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  1. Bina Pannell says:

    Words fail me, again!!

  2. Arretez de vous venger en torturant des animaux!!Ils ne sont pas responsable du fait que vous soyez une ordure et un minable!!!

  3. These individuals who hurt animals should have to sign a register where their names appear at Animal Shelters and other places that animals are adopted at or sold where these stupid individuals are NEVER allowed to adopt or buy and have anymore animals in their lives and homes!!!!!!!!!

  4. incredibly sad

  5. Animal and human abusers come in every walk of live it’s up to the good and decent intelligent humans to correct this situation, stop pushing it off, who ever does nothing about this is just as bad as the perpetrators

  6. With getting these scumbags off the streets away from decent people & innocent animals we need to change the laws. The police & judges also must do their jobs & not let these people walk

  7. Karen Remnant says:

    When found I suggest he gets an acid bath!

  8. Just shoot the sick POS.

  9. Soo unhuman practice . They deserve death panelty. They should be procicuted to the maximum

  10. If the laws were only stricter there wouldn’t be a need for so many animal abuse petitions. Every effort should be made to find the sadistic perpetrator … and when found … he / she needs to be incarcerated FOR LIFE !!!!

  11. Guillaume LAURENCIN says:

    Same thing for him, no mercy

  12. These subhuman monster that commit these types of atrocities should have the same things done to them. An eye for an eye!

  13. It should be obvious that whoever committed this heinous act be severely punished.
    Unfortunately, this world is filled with sociopaths/psychopaths who are extremely cruel to animals.
    Our legal system should be making certain that they will never harm another animal–with stricter laws, more severe punishments, an animal abuse registry (similar to that for sexual abusers).
    These monsters are a danger to all animals, as well as humans, and should not be left loose to create further damage!


  15. Kathy Khoshfahm says:

    As stated above, our elected officials need to start doing their jobs and hold these assholes responsible for their actions. Nothing is done and the abuse and torture continues…

  16. jessa bella says:


  17. CRIMES AGAINST ANIMALS MUST BE TAKEN SERIOUSLY! — What kind of society would allow this horror? — The punishment MUST be very severe & strict! — WE MUST STOP SUCH MONSTERS — These mentally unstable sickos think it’s ok to be cruel, vile, unconscionable, psychopathic, sociopathic, hateful to animals! — Society MUST teach them otherwise! — IF WE DON’T STOP THEM PERMANENTLY, WHAT DO YOU THINK ….? The horrific suffering these innocent animals must’ve gone through — SOCIETY MUST NOT ACCEPT THIS — THROW THESE IDIOTS IN JAIL — THROW THEM INTO A RUBBER ROOM — THROW AWAY THE KEY! — Do NOT let these idiots out EVER!

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