Justice for Horse Allegedly Dragged Behind ATV

Target: Attorney General E. Scott Pruitt

Goal: Punish man who allegedly dragged his horse behind an ATV.

A horse was treated for numerous scrapes and rope burns after her owner allegedly dragged her behind an ATV in Claremore, Oklahoma. Oran John Spencer was charged with animal cruelty after deputies got a tip about an injured horse on his property. Tell Attorney General Pruitt to push to make sure Spencer is adequately punished for his alleged animal cruelty.

The sheriff’s office got a warrant based on the horse’s condition and released her into the care of On the Right Trail Rescue after reports stated that she was covered in cuts and burns. Investigation into her owner led him to claim he was trying to teach her how to lead by using his ATV, which is not even a remotely safe or correct way to train or handle a horse. Since her seizure they have found that the horse is already very well halter trained.

Currently Spencer is facing charges and the sheriff’s officer is searching for another horse registered under his name in hopes of also getting it out of his care. This was a cruel act performed against an animal with no reasonable justification. She did not deserve this mistreatment and the damage it has most likely caused physically and mentally. Her owner should be put in jail for his alleged act of cruelty.


Dear Attorney General Pruitt,

A horse was dragged behind an ATV and suffered cuts and rope burns from the abuse, and her companion is still missing. Her owner is allegedly responsible for the abuse that was performed against this horse, who was well trained and comfortable with human handling. The horse is finally getting the treatment that she deserves, but the person responsible for the damage done to her needs to receive punishment for animal cruelty.

No animal should be pulled behind an vehicle, it is both dangerous and harsh to a creature with no understanding of what is happening or why. This is not a safe training technique and there was no reason for this horse to suffer the marks she did if the action had been performed with consideration for her comfort and safety. Give this horse justice by ensuring no other animal will be subjected to the same kind of treatment at the hands of this man.


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Photo Credit: Kersti Nebelsiek

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  1. find the person that did this to the horse and do the same thing to him/her and let them see how it feels to be dragged behind the vehicle !!!!

  2. Drag his idiot behind an ATV

  3. If this SOB is not punished severely for dragging this poor horse behind an ATV, then there is something dreadfully wrong with the court system there. I’d like to see him dragged behind a vehicle & left to bleed & die. The world does not need subhuman monsters like Oran John Spencer, who did this to this animal. He is an evil, heartless, soulless, mean, hateful bastard who needs to suffer worse than this animal had to suffer. I hope to God that all animals in this sorry subhuman’s possession will be confiscated & sent to a reputable sanctuary where they will be treated with love & respect. If he is that mean & evil, you’d better bet it wasn’t the first time & it won’t be the last if he has other animals in his possession. Punish him, incarcerate him, seize his animals, order him not to ever have another animal in his possession for the rest of his sorry life, and list him on an animal abuse/torture registry so the the people around him will know just what is living in their midst, and can report any untoward activity coming from this subhuman’s residence & to make sure that he does not have any more animals, and if he does get another one, it needs to be reported so that it can be seized right away.

  4. I would pay to watch his ass dragged down a gravel road, to his death!!!!. EFIN BASTARD!!!!
    Who needs Creeps like this on our Planet!!!???

  5. It really angers me to no end when people abuse animals. They know animals cannot talk or defend themselves. Jut like babies they are helpless and this is why cowards abuse them.
    I hope, although inpossible, for animals to revert against their abuser. One kick from this horse would had killed him instantly. Too damn bad that is not possible.

  6. Jan Bowden says:

    Curse the scum SOB’s who harm animals with their disrespect and cruel ways! CURSE THEM AND DO THE SAME TO THEM!

  7. Find the person and kill them by dragging behind a motor vehicle!

  8. Just shoot his sorry as and rid the planet of yet another sadistic POS.

  9. Patricia Dumais says:

    Cruel people like this man must be forever kept from owning or caring for animals.

  10. Sometimes I just don’t have words that I can legally print, lest that something would happen to him, I would be a likely suspect or person of interest.

  11. All animals on this moron’s property should be permanently removed; the moron should be in prison !!!!

  12. Anyone over there willing to give this s.o.b. a taste of his own medicine? This is sick, sick, sick

  13. CRIMES AGAINST ANIMALS MUST BE TAKEN SERIOUSLY! — What kind of society would allow this horror? — The punishment MUST be very severe & strict! — WE MUST STOP SUCH IDIOTS — These mentally unstable sickos think it’s ok to be cruel, vile, unconscionable, psychopathic, sociopathic, hateful to animals! — Society MUST teach them otherwise! — IF WE DON’T STOP THEM PERMANENTLY, WHAT DO YOU THINK ….? The torturous suffering this innocent horse must’ve gone through — SOCIETY MUST NOT ACCEPT THIS — THROW THIS MONSTER IN JAIL — THROW HIM INTO A RUBBER ROOM — THROW AWAY THE KEY! — Do NOT let him out EVER!

  14. kay allan says:


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