Denounce Obama’s Decision to Allow Arctic Drilling

Target: President Barack Obama

Goal: Criticize Obama for rolling out a climate change plan then going against it by allowing Royal Dutch Shell to drill for oil off the coast of Alaska.

Despite protests from environmental activists, President Obama recently granted Royal Dutch Shell the permit it needs to start drilling for oil in the Arctic Ocean off the coast of Alaska. Shell presented a cap to be used during the drilling if there happened to be a well blowout, so it’s believed this proactive measure helped the company’s case.

This is the first time the Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement granted a permit for this kind of drilling off the northwest coast of Alaska in over 20 years. The Chukchi Sea, the area where the drilling will take place, is home to threatened wildlife that could be in serious danger during and after the drilling, as their environment will be disrupted.

Obama has been a fairly vocal advocate for climate change reform, so protesters of the drilling are disappointed he isn’t staying true to his climate change plan, including switching from fossil fuels to more renewable energy sources.

Even though Obama let this happen, we can still let him know that we the people don’t agree with this blow to environmental and wildlife welfare. Tell Obama you oppose the drilling approval and are disappointed he’s going back on his word regarding climate change.


Dear President Barack Obama,

You recently granted Royal Dutch Shell the permit it needs to start drilling for oil in the Arctic Ocean off the coast of Alaska. The Chukchi Sea, the area where the drilling will take place, is home to threatened wildlife that could be in serious danger during and after the drilling.

I’m truly disappointed you’re going back on your word when it comes to climate change and breaking promises to switch from fossil fuels to more renewable energy sources. I don’t agree with this negative blow to both the environment and the innocent animals that live there. I urge you to think about what you’ve done and how you can stop disasters like this from being accepted in the future.


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  1. Cat Jefferson says:

    President Obama,
    Saying you will work to curb climate change and allowing more drilling for oil, and allowing fracking is simply talking out of both sides of your mouth, proving that you have caved to big money, like any worthless politician. Don’t you realize that your daughters are the ones who are going to suffer the consequences of the unstoppable rise in global temps?

  2. michael guest says:

    I just heard about this! And I’m very disappointed. He made a bad and terrible mistake. This is not about politics. It’s too dangerous and unsafe to drill for oil in the Arctic. We won’t stand for these mistakes.

  3. Has Shell proved that should a disaster occur that they have the capability to handle it? NO. What the heck are we doing? We are destroying our earth over our greed, our need for more money, more power. In the end this things will amount to nothing. This is going to be another disaster and as usual animals are the losers.

  4. Ted Voth Jr says:

    Just cant straighten up and fly right, can you? 2nd Peter 2:22 But it is happened unto them according to the true proverb, The dog is turned to his own vomit again; and the sow that was washed to her wallowing in the mire. Leave the oil in the ground where the Lord put it. It was a test, and we failed…

  5. Bina Pannell says:

    The amount of money spent on explorative missions could have been spent on renewable energy.

    Why do all these politicians promise to curb the use of fossil fuel and then fail to deliver? My answer – bribery. There has to be a sweetener in it somewhere.

    So, they drill in the Arctic and find oil – at what expense to the ecosystem and wildlife, and how long will the oil last, given everyone uses fuel with impunity. Then on to the next piece of land to destroy.

    Why are these consequences never considered? Or is it me me me for today and sod the future, our future generation, the world and everything in it?

    Sometimes I wish a meteor would hit this planet and blow it out of all existence. With all the cruelty, abuse, wars, famine, greed, we don’t deserve this world anymore.

  6. Cyndi Palmer says:

    Shame on you Mr. President! I’m so disappointed in this decision. I voted for you twice, believing you would make our country and planet a better place for all. Instead, you go and do this? That’s not being a friend to the planet, not to mention all the harm it will do our climate, but the animals who call the Artic region home!

  7. I’m at a loss for words, other than to share my disappointment on Obama’s decision.
    I know he was very adamant in his thoughts,and speech,to not have this authorized and must have had a lot of pressure from the opposition.
    So all I have left to say,and suggest, is that we all come together to Fight like Hell,and do Whatever Possible,to STOP the Greed behind what could,and eventually, become a MAJOR DISASTER WAITING TO HAPPEN !.

    The Ocean Life is at a Serious Risk of being Annihilated!

  8. Brian Obudho says:

    It is extremely sad. even after numerous efforts from Forcechange..

  9. Obama is a traitor. He is destroying our country. He is incompetent. He is a liar. Impeach this idiot.

  10. Michael Henderson says:

    I feel betrayed for both of my votes

  11. Why Obama? To have been such a great president, but this is a big mistake! Please reconsider this and invest in solar, wind. Ect.

  12. Oh yes, reduce the production of oil; the prime product for the manufacture of plastics for smart phones, fabrics for clothing, many medicines, and least important of all, 95% of the fertilizers reqd to GROW FOOD. Since you want to eliminate cows and their methane, and their manure, just what the hell are you going to eat?

  13. Obama doesn’t care – he got his 2nd term in office, and can now do what he likes, as he doesn’t have to campaign for re-election. Now he can reveal his true colours.

  14. Karen Remnant says:

    So that’s the sort of legacy Obama wants to leave? I guess dirty money will always find a voice! Shame on you!

  15. Guillaume LAURENCIN says:

    Cracked under lobbies, Iwas thinking President stronger than that… sad

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