Clean Up Toxic Mine Water Spill


Target: Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper

Goal: Declare a state of emergency after three million gallons of mine waste water spilled into the environment.

Three million gallons of toxic waste water from an abandoned mine have spilled into local water sources, poisoning countless animals and preventing farmers from being able to irrigate their crops. According to the latest report, it’s still gushing at a rate of 500 gallons per minute. It’s so bad that the Navajo Nation has declared a state of emergency, and the government of Colorado should do the same until the spill is cleaned up.

Mine waste water contains all the dissolved materials from the mine it seeped into, including arsenic, lead, and whatever heavy metals are in the rocks. Many mines are abandoned without having the water cleaned, and any number of natural events can cause that water to spill out and into nearby streams and rivers, killing fish and any other wildlife that comes into contact with it–as well as endangering local humans. In this particular area of Colorado, there are a number of endangered species that have already been disrupted by similar pollution.

The EPA has unfortunately mishandled this spill so far, and the results have been catastrophic. The governor of Colorado needs to follow the lead of the Navajo Nation and declare a state of emergency so that funds can be immediately directed toward cleaning up the spill before it seeps further into the groundwater and disrupts the ecosystem even more. Sign to demand that immediate action be taken.


Dear Governor Hickenlooper,

As you are no doubt aware, three million gallons of toxic waste water from an abandoned mine have spilled and contaminated your state’s local water sources, and more is gushing out at a rate of 500 gallons per minute. It’s so bad that nearby farmers can’t irrigate their crops and the Navajo Nation has declared a state of emergency.

Waste water from abandoned mines contain all the toxic substances found in the rock that dissolves when left sitting in the stagnant water. It often harbors arsenic and lead, which are poisonous to many animals and humans. Once it gets into local water sources, it spreads throughout the environment, poisoning fish and any animals that drink the water or eat the fish. The entire local ecosystem can be severely disrupted.

The area already contains endangered species that have been severely threatened by other spills and pollution sources. If you don’t act soon, they could be wiped out of the area entirely.

This large of a spill deserves immediate action. You need to follow the example of the Navajo Nation and declare a state of emergency so that funds can be directed toward cleaning up the spill without delay. The more you wait, the more damage will be done. Please take action as soon as possible.


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  1. Cheryl Cortes says:

    My family lives in Tucson, Arizona. The majority of the water supply for Tucson comes from the Colorado river. Please clean this up so it doesn’t contaminate the drinking water!

  2. Alexandre Engelen says:

    People only act when it is already too late and sometimes never … Nature suffers again from human stupidity!

  3. Force Change – Requesting is ignored and people have been abandoned by government, we must take action to create our own peoples’ agencies and forces to take control of everything and abandon the government players that have abandoned us. Take back our resources, take back our government and agencies. We have brilliant people that can perform seeming miracles when free of repression. Let’s take control and support each other; cut off financial support to the Federal government and allow our communities to use these resources for their own higher good.

  4. michael guest says:

    Pollution is dirty and harmful. This can’t be ignored. It needs to addressed and cleaned up to protect our planet’s health and environment!

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