Punish Man Who Allegedly Buried His Dog Alive


Target: Christiane Taubira, French Minister of Justice

Goal: Push for a severe penalty for the man who allegedly buried his dog alive.

A dog was allegedly buried to her neck underneath a pile of dirt and left to die in the sun. After her owner was identified using a tattoo on the dog’s lip, he was arrested and is facing charges of animal cruelty. Tell the Justice Minister that if he is found guilty, her owner should face the full punishment for animal cruelty in France.

Pedro Dinis was walking his own dog in the suburb of Carrieres-sur-Seine outside of Paris when he saw another dog off the path. Her legs were reportedly completely immobilized by the dirt, which was covering everything except her head. He uncovered her, taking photographic proof of the abuse that was done to her as he went. Once he got her out of her intended grave, Dinis gave her water and took the dog to the veterinarian where she is currently back at full health.

If Dinis had not found and rescued this dog she would have suffered a painful death from heat stroke, unable to move or do anything to change her fate. The owner claimed that the dog escaped his yard, but since she is ten years old with severe arthritis the judge found it unlikely and the charges of animal cruelty are being brought against him.

If the accused is found guilty he should receive the full penalty for animal cruelty in Europe, which is two years in jail and a fine of 30,000 euros. Leaving an arthritic old dog to die buried alive is extremely cruel, and the sentence should not be light for what this man allegedly did to his pet.


Dear Justice Minister Taubira,

A man was walking his dog when he allegedly found someone else’s pet buried alive up to her neck, paralyzed by the weight of the dirt. After he uncovered the animal and gave her water to help her severe dehydration, a veterinarian used the tattoo on her lip to identify her owner. She was ten years old with severe arthritis which made it unlikely she was escaped and subjected to this fate by someone else, and the owner is being charged with animal cruelty.

Once the trial moves forward if her owner is found guilty he should receive the full sentencing of two years in prison. Leaving an animal to die from being buried alive is extremely cruel, and if the walker hadn’t found her she would have been unable to move with the heat bearing down on her possibly for hours until she passed.

Animal cruelty is often lightly punished around the world, and this trend needs to stop. The person responsible for causing this dog to suffer should not get leniency and a movement on harsher animal cruelty sentencing should begin.


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  1. death to this dog abuser now.

  2. Kathy Williams says:

    I’m so disgusted by the ever increasing number of sadistic incidents and the intensification of violence perpetrated on innocent, sentient beings, at this stage, I’m all for “an eye for an eye” justice.

    That poor dog’s frozen expression of bewilderment is heartbreaking and tragic. No animal deserves to be tortured! EXCEPT, the human(s) responsible for inflicting such terror, acute pain and prolonged agony on another.

    I say bury this psychopath in the ground up to HIS neck until HE’S crispy brown. Anyone capable of such evil is beyond redemption. And although this monster’s execution could never compensate for the malicious suffering he forced this baby to undergo, it would at least rid society of one more vicious predator.

  3. Toni Hernandez says:

    despicable human beings ashamed to be human.

  4. Yes, give this man the full penalty for his cruelty and callousness. One doesn’t do this to his best friend. When he is punished, It will serve as an example and a lesson to all would-be animal abusers. We must put an end to their ilk! the world doesn’t need people like them!

  5. Judith and David Clark, DVM says:

    There is no difference between a child and an animal. Both are completely dependent on human adults, and, as such, both should be afforded the same laws of protection.

  6. Heather Brophy says:



  8. Put this piece of turd in a box and bury him alive. Let him suffocate slowly and experience what his poor dog felt. A prison sentence is too lenient for this creep.

  9. Jean-Louis Rubens says:


  10. “So many people insist they are against animal abuse, cruelty, suffering and the inhumane treatment of animals, yet they don’t understand they are actively engaging in and supporting egregious suffering, abuse, cruelty and inhumane treatment when they eat animals and their ‘by-products.’ If you are against cruelty, suffering and inhumane treatment, then you go vegan. It’s just that simple.” – Sarah Kiser

  11. Bury this bastard alive, but torture him while he writhes in the pain he caused this poor dog. An eye for an eye. May he rot in hell.

  12. Sabina Weilbier says:

    I think we have to VERY CAREFUL here and not assume that just because the dog was arthritic, it could not possibly go missing. There are people out there who kidnap dogs for various reasons – those looking for bait dogs to train fighting dogs, disgruntled neighbours fed up with nuisance barking keeping them awake, sadists who just enjoy torturing animals. So, I would like the law to fully investigate this case before assuming the owner is guilty of this horrendous crime. If the dog went missing as the owner claims, there should be some kind of evidence that he went looking for her such as making enquiries with shelters, talking to neighbours and putting up posters around the hood – such as most people do who want their pet back. If the owner did absolutely nothing to find his “missing” dog, then we can probably assume the worst, and punish him accordingly.

  13. Thank you Pedro Dinis for finding and rescuing this poor dog from a cruel fate imposed by a heartless owner.

  14. WE MUST TAKE THESE CRUEL & UNCONSCIONABLE CRIMES AGAINST ANIMALS SERIOUSLY! — clearly, this idiot-owner has mental issues — I hope the Judge sees that — make this owner responsible & accountable for his horrific crime against this innocent elderly animal — this dog’s life is precious and valuable — SOCIETY SHOULD PUNISH this owner-idiot — society MUST teach the world that we do NOT WANT repeats of such crimes against animals — punishments & sentences MUST be severe and serious. WHO DOES HE THINK HE IS?

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