Denounce Cast Members Who Illegally Hunted Black Bear for Discovery Channel


Target: Atz Lee Kilcher and Cristina Jane Kilcher

Goal: Criticize the illegal hunting innocent black bears for a TV show.

Two cast members, husband and wife Atz Lee Kilcher and Cristina Jane Kilcher, as well as the production company of the Discovery Channel reality show “Alaska: The Last Frontier” are charged with using a helicopter to hunt black bears, something that is illegal in the state of Alaska.

The entire incident of the helicopter flying around in order to murder black bears was filmed for the show. It’s illegal under Alaska law to use a helicopter to hunt for game, including for transporting hunters, hunting gear or unprocessed game.

So not only were innocent black bears murdered for fun, but illegal and more dangerous means were used in order to hunt them and take their lives. Then to top it all off, it was all filmed for human entertainment. The entire incident is sickening, and it’s sad that these people aren’t getting more of a punishment than a misdemeanor hunting violation.

Once again the lives and welfare of animals is tossed aside so humans can have a little bit of disgusting fun. Tell these hunters that we will not stand for their inhumane ways, and that they should never do something like this again.


Dear Atz Lee Kilcher and Cristina Jane Kilcher,

You recently used a helicopter to hunt black bears, something that is illegal in the state of Alaska. So not only were innocent black bears murdered for fun, but illegal and more dangerous means were used in order to hunt them and take their lives. Then to top it all off, it was all filmed for human entertainment. I’m disappointed you aren’t receiving a worse punishment for your sickening actions.

The lives and welfare of animals should not be disregarded just so people like you can have a little bit of disgusting fun and profit off of it on TV. We will not stand for your inhumane ways, and you should never, ever do something like this again.


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Photo credit: Andrew E. Russell

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  1. Cecily Colloby says:

    Every bit as vile and moronic as that idiot dentist who killed Cecil…..

  2. Louise Garner says:

    ¿Killing for fun? ¿What are these people thinking?

    We are not granted, by virtue of birth, the ‘right’ to exploit and murder helpless beings.

    • Matthew Garcia-Mann says:

      So when these “helpless beings” kill an innocent human guarding THEIR territory we should turn a blind eye yes?

  3. The ex governor, S. Palin did the same thing, hunting wolves via helcopter a few years back and got away with it.

  4. Andrzej Elzanowski says:

    Why don’t you direct this petition to an appropriate authority or their TV management rather than to killers themselves?


  5. Shannon Harvey says:

    Using a helicopter, that’s cheating. And it’s alleged at this point, they are charged, no hearing as of yet. And the reason the Kilcher hunt bear,they eat them. This wasn’t a trophy hunt if indeed they were hunting in the first place. Time and evidence presented at trial will tell the tale.

  6. Has anyone actually seen them shoot and kill a bear from a helicopter?

  7. allen christian says:

    Yup,let’s condemn subsistence Americans. The only Americans left that hunt, fish and trap to feed themselves and their family. This petition is just another reflection of idiots being allowed to waste brain matter equal to cottage cheese sitting without being touched at a salad bar. These true Americans eat what they kill, trade with others for material and do this every year without the bitterness of brain eating amoeba like yourselves sticking your cottage cheese where it’s not welcome. These true American Frontier families are not only supporting wildlife and gaming, but they aren’t wasting anything they hunt, fish or trap. Unlike cottage cheese’s waste of going to the nearest shopping mall and downing a gallon of espresso and all the chemicals and packaging that comes with supplying you with your fix and then going to the nearest Applebee’s for you glutton of fat fix you truly need to get your cottage cheese educated. Where it’s truly physical labor to hunt with a weapon not to mention the skill it takes to use a weapon, but to kill a game animal like a bear, then field dress that bear quartering the carcass, skinning the fur then humping what you killed out leaving guts and blood to many other animals to be recycled into food. Once back at home to allow the meat to air cure for a day then to cut your steaks and other parts into stews and roasts by freezing them for eating in that year. There is no cost in raising any of their meat as nature does it for them. How much does that hamburger you ate yesterday cost to raise cattle, grain feeding, cost of all that work for your little hamburger. I bet you pound for pound your hamburger cost 10x more including your blessed carbon footprint then it does that bear meat they use to feed there family. Your so ignorant you cottage cheese wasting slugs to people who live subsistence ways of life. Look up the word subsistence and learn from it, don’t be so ignorant to think that there way of life is wrong just because you, cottage cheese wants to be handed your food to eat each day. FYI, innocent until proven guilty in all fifty states. Ignorance, useless in all fifty states.

  8. Matthew Garcia-Mann says:

    Ms. Jenkins,

    I would like to have you stranded in the Alaskan wilderness and see if you think it really is in humane to hunt to survive. It’s called population management as animals reproduce at a faster rate and number than humans. I value everyone’s opinions but not those that are personally fueled and/or baseless without objective facts as yours are here.

  9. Charges were dismissed and rightfully so. Do your homework you sheeple and learn the facts – no bear was killed. That’s why the charges were dropped. So the next time you twits decide to smear someone, get your information right. This site is ill informed.

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