Save Public Lands from Mining and Drilling


Target: United States Congress

Goal: Save precious public lands from destruction.

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  1. Esther Garvett says:

    Stop logging and drilling on public land.

  2. Patty Sykes says:

    Please stop over drilling.

  3. This land is my land, not your land, leave it unspoiled and beautiful. NO MORE MINING AND DRILLING PUBLIC LAND.

  4. christine burgess says:

    Please stop ruining the land save it for future generations to enjoy

  5. Laurie Youngleson says:

    Public land is for the PUBLIC & wildlife (what’s left that is!!!) NOT greedy Industrialists who dont give a damn – except for the money they can make by exploiting yet another piece of unspoilt land.

  6. Linda Rolf says:

    Publicland belongs to the public–not to the US Government or special interests. This is abuse of power plain and simple. Call your Congressmen and tell them to stop the immoral public land giveaway!

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