Stop Whipping Horses to Win Races


Target: Peter McGauran, Australian Racing Board, CEO

Goal: Ban the whip used to hit horses during races.

Horses are brutally whipped on Australian racetracks all for the purpose of trying to come in first place. If this practice is not banned, many more horses will experience painful lashings from callous individuals.

In order to try and make a horse run faster, a jockey is allowed to whip his horse five times non-consecutively if the action is performed with a forehanded strike and as long as the striking takes place in the last 100 meters of the race. Even worse, a jockey is allowed to whip a horse however many times he or she would like as long as a backhanded strike is used.

Sadly, it was recently discovered by a veterinarian that a horse’s top layer of skin is even thinner than a human’s, likely making being whipped extremely painful. In fact, when jockeys used a backhanded strike to hit pressure-detecting pads during a particular study, there was much more force applied to the pad than when a forehanded strike was used, invalidating the argument that when a horse is whipped with a backhanded strike, it is less painful than when hit with a forehanded motion.

Frames from another study also showed that horses were left with major lacerations after being whipped numerous times in 15 races. Sixty four percent of those times the unpadded part of the whip hit the horse, making the beatings even more painful than when the padded part was used.

Sign this petition and tell the head of the horse racing industry in Australia that there are better ways to handle horses. If jockeys are incapable of doing so without a whip, they shouldn’t be racing at all.


Dear Mr. McGauran,

Horses are severely whipped on racetracks in Australia every day for no other reason than to try and win a race. If this continues to be allowed, many more horses will be abused.

Although jockeys are only allowed to whip horses a few times at the end of the race using a forehanded strike, using a backhanded strike is allowed throughout the race. Both types of strikes have left lacerations on horses, indicating that both types of whippings are likely extremely painful.

Even though jockeys will only be allowed either “five forehand or backhand whip strikes prior to the 100 meters,” by the end of 2015, these horses are still going to experience pain as long as they continue to be whipped.

For all of these reasons, I urge you to ban this cruel practice. If whips need to be used on horses, the sport should be banned altogether.


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  1. I am 100% with you Donna Szlosek . I wish we could be invited to see those losers have their whippings , just to see if they would enjoy it???

  2. Why such heinously these Horses are being beaten up while racing is so unacceptable. People who goes to watch the horse racing need to stand up and demand these Horse races should take place without VIOLENCE. Beating extremely HARSH manner for the innocent, helpless Horse should be the Violation of Animal welfare rights. People always talks about the peoples rights. How about the Animals Rights? Where does that go? They too are living breathing souls and do not want to be tortured, harassed and inflicted in any manner. Please we live in a modern era. Change the olden stone age rules to match the modern civilization. Respect and consider the welfare of these defenseless, voiceless Animals well being as well. SHAME ON THOSE WHO RIDE THEM WHILE WHIPPING HORSES LIKE LUNATICS. TRY HARD AND WHIP YOURSELVES FIRST AND THEN YOU WILL KNOW THE DIFFERENCE. OR THE THINGS WHAT WE ARE TALKING ABOUT. YOU MORONS.!!!

  3. Heather Brophy says:


  4. First i heard about the cats, now the horses… Karma will bite your nation sooner or later you will see

  5. Anyone else agree that a public whipping of the monsters who abused these poor helpless animals would be the RIGHT thing to do ??? This is a vicious crime and should be treated as such. It’s bad enough that animals are forced to race for the pleasure and personal greed of barbaric humans; but being physically assaulted as well ….. INEXCUSABLE, BARBARIC, EVIL !!!!!!!!!!

  6. Sorry I am not signing this one!! There shouldn’t be any horse racing to begin with !!!!!

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