Severely Punish Man Accused of Throwing Kittens in Fire


Target: Karen Willing, Magistrate of the 80th district court in Clare County, Michigan

Goal: Give harshest possible penalty to man if he is found guilty of burning five kittens alive and killing one adult cat.

A man who allegedly threw five kittens into a fire is only being charged with one count of animal killing and torture. If he is not punished to the fullest extent of the law, many more animals will likely soon suffer at the hands of his abuse.

Lisa Connors trusted Richard Bancroft to watch her home while she was away. Yet, when Connors returned home, she was devastated to find her five kittens burning alive in a bonfire. Connors also later found her other cat, the kittens’ father, next to her fence with its neck snapped.

Although this was Bancroft’s first time being arrested on animal cruelty charges, he has been in trouble with the law before. Usually after someone commits crimes against innocent animals, they move on to committing much more serious crimes against human beings.

Sign this petition and demand this man be brought up on maximum charges that would include a five year prison sentence if he is found guilty on all counts. No animal deserves to be treated with such cruelty and people should not have to worry about someone this deranged running around in society.


Dear Ms. Willing,

A man that allegedly threw five kittens into a fire has so far only been charged with one count of animal cruelty. If he is not charged on all counts, other animals will likely soon experience his terror.

When Lisa Connors was unexpectedly called home, she was devastated to find her five one month old kittens burning alive in a bonfire. Her heart was even more broken when she found her other longtime companion—the kittens’ father—next to her fence with a snapped neck.

As you likely know, this is not the first time this particular individual has been in trouble with the law. As you are also likely aware, after people commit horrifying crimes against animals, they usually move on to commit other sick crimes against humans.

For all of these reasons I urge you to give this man the maximum penalty under law if he is found guilty on all counts of these disgusting and inexcusable acts. No other animals should have to suffer at the hands of his horrific abuse, and good citizens should not have to worry about such a crazed maniac walking free.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Pia Ojanen

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  1. Bina Pannell says:

    Words fail me!

    I’ve just read an article about 2 men beating a horse to the point of its collapse, in the UK. They got off with a fine and some community service.

    What is the point of a justice system in any part of this world if it doesn’t do its job properly?

    • Kathy Williams says:

      As long as nonhuman animals have no legal rights afforded to them, they will never receive true justice. When they are valued only for commercial enterprises and what they can do for us, they can never, ever be compensated.

  2. Lisbeth Alvarado Sanchez says:

    This is horrible. As long as this scumbags are not sent to jail for many years this terrible and sickening cases of animal cruelty will continue. Please punish this monters and make an example of him.

  3. Lori Stokes says:

    He needs a real man to kick his a** til his nose bleeds.

  4. MaureenLoCascio says:

    Put thesesadists away for good .There is no rehabilitation for the Devil

  5. The man is clearly a menace, unfit for society and Planet Earth. But humans being animals too, why not use the ‘tit for tat’ method, chucking him on a bonfire for a while? Have him send us a report…

  6. MaureenLoCascio says:

    Put this sadust away for good .There us no rehabilitation for the Devil!!

  7. Guillaume LAURENCIN says:

    Sometimes I have murders desire…

  8. Patricia Dumais says:

    Never leave your pets with people you do not know well.

  9. Karen Creamer says:

    This POS deserves to get the same fate he gave those kittens. He is a gutless, worthless waste of space. I volunteer to throw him in the fire.

  10. Camille Gallo says:

    he’s not a man; he’s savage and and barbarian. He should be put away as he had burn 5 children to death.

  11. Sometimes I feel we are getting better as a society than all faith when I see these stories.I feel such desperation.

  12. That’s lose all faith

  13. KatWrangler says:

    Signed and shared. This hasn’t been a great week or two with all that’s happened, so I have no heart to comment. I’m too disgusted.

  14. A possible 5-year prison sentence ??? Are you effing kidding me ??? This psychopath should be locked up away from both animals and humans alike. Individuals like Bancroft do NOT get better; they only get worse. He WILL kill again and again and again if he is not stopped. Damn! I really do wish he could be sentenced to death (by means of being burned alive) for what he did to these poor helpless kittens. Sadly, evil truly does exist in this world.

  15. nora power says:

    throw him into a lions den

  16. Barry Appleby says:

    Is there no animal-loving attorney who can work pro bono
    for the owner and mount a civil case for punitive damages that will cripple him financially. The mental anguish that the owner endured should surely motivate a high award.
    Animals are not property. They are sentient beings that remind us every day of our responsibility to all the other species who live on this planet and are our responsibility to protect.

  17. nous animal humain devons donner de l Amour a la place de l indifférence ou de l ignorance se connaitre sois même ces déja un debut de connaitre les autres.

  18. Amy M Glogowski says:

    I don’t have words to say how disgusting this pondscum is, poor kittens & killing 5 only to be slapped on the wrist for one?! WTF, is wrong with our system? He needs to be severely punished for his crimes & make him accountable for his actions! Plus never to be around another animal or to ever own any! Piece of trash, how would he like to be thrown in a fire?!

    • Robyn Reichert says:

      Amen! There is something wrong with our whole judicial system, not to mention society that allows this to continue! Thank you all for continuing to help the voiceless, they are the innocent victims, these crimes often lead to human crimes, when will people wake up?

  19. Idiots like this psychopath belong in a rubber room NEVER to be let out! We do NOT want repeats of such crimes against animals; thus, the punishment MUST BE serious and severe! TAKE THESE HORRIFIC CRIMES AGAINST ANIMALS VERY SERIOUSLY!

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