Extradite Cecil the Lion’s Killer to Zimbabwe to Face Justice


Target: U.S. Attorney General Loretta E. Lynch

Goal: Extradite American dentist who killed Cecil the Lion to Zimbabwe to face justice.

Cecil the Lion was a beloved member of Zimbabwe’s Hwange National Park. Cecil, who was known for distinct black streaks in his mane, was 13 years old when he was brutally slaughtered by an American hunter, Walter J. Palmer, a dentist from Minnesota. Palmer, along with two local hunting guides, lured Cecil away from the protections of the park by placing a dead animal on the top of a car on the park’s border. Once Cecil exited the park, Palmer shot Cecil with a crossbow, a particularly slow and nasty means of killing an animal, and which Palmer is fond of using in his recreational hunting.

Once impaled with the bow, Cecil was tracked for another 40 hours while slowly bleeding and being tortuously stalked by his killer. Eventually Palmer shot Cecil with a gun, chopped of his head and skinned him, leaving the carcass to rot on the ground. Palmer and his guides also are alleged to have tried to destroy the GPS research collar that Cecil was wearing, in order to cover their tracks.

Hunter paid $54,000 to kill Cecil and claims that he did not break any laws and was lead astray by his hunting guides. However, this is apparently not Hunter’s first time getting into trouble from a hunt. A number of years ago, it is believed that Palmer illegally killed a black bear in Wisconsin. At that time, he was fined $3,000 and placed on probation.

Unfortunately, Cecil the Lion fell victim to Palmer’s thirst for big game blood. Now it is also believed that Cecil’s cubs are going to be killed by Cecil’s rival in the park, Jericho, so that Jericho can replace Cecil’s bloodline with his own. The horrible suffering resulting from Palmer’s alleged actions is sadly not yet complete.

Please ask the U.S. Attorney General to agree to extradite Palmer to Zimbabwe where he can face justice for the killing.


Dear U.S. Attorney General Loretta E. Lynch,

An American big game hunter from Minnesota, named Walter J. Palmer, is alleged to have brutally slaughtered Cecil the Lion just outside of Zimbabwe’s Hwange National Park. Palmer and his guides are accused of using a dead animal to lure Cecil out of the protections of the park and into the sites of the hunter’s crossbow.

Palmer is accused of impaling Cecil with a bow and then tracking him for 40 hours while Cecil bled to death. At the end, Palmer allegedly shot Cecil with a gun, cut off his head and skinned the poor creature.

People have a duty to behave respectfully in foreign countries. Tricking a country’s beloved lion out of the protections of their national park in order to savagely kill the animal, shows an utter lack of respect for foreign cultures and practices.

As a result, I ask that you agree to extradite Palmer to Zimbabwe where he can face justice in their legal system.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Vince O’Sullivan

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  1. Cat Jefferson says:

    If the USA extradites this man it will show that the USA will not tolerate or protect Americans who break the laws of other countries. It will also make hunters think twice before murdering for a stinking trophy.

  2. WALTER JAMES PALMER…OOh..so that’s the name satan goes by these days…damn you to hell.

  3. I certainly hope all of this evil dentist’s patients refuse to use his practice anymore, and even PICKET his office, since he deserves to lose his career over this, and especially ALL income that funded this gruesome ‘pastime’ and the murder of Cecil!

    But why isn’t the very COMPANY whose hired guides collaborated with this POS also being charged and unceremoniously shut down for good, as well??? Without THEM, this couldn’t even have happened!

  4. This is horrible. Some of these rich no-necks aren’t satisfied with their killing over here–they have to travel all the way to Africa to destroy wildlife. Just like the idiot Trump and his two stupid sons. Why aren’t laws enforced to protect animals from these brainless killers. All they THINK of is what to kill next. I hope to heaven they throw the book at this dirt bag and make him pay through the nose for what he has done.

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