Justice for Ducklings Run Over With Lawn Mower


Target: Rick Scott, Governor of Florida

Goal: Stop allowing lenient sentencing for acts of heinous and deliberate animal cruelty.

After being convicted for intentionally running over nine ducklings with a lawn mower, Jason Falbo is only facing one year of prison in Florida despite public efforts. Governor Rick Scott needs to address the issue of lenient animal cruelty sentencing and the state needs to start punishing offenders more seriously.

Falbo was on a riding mower as part of his landscaping job in a neighborhood where residents had been feeding a family of ducks. Falbo reportedly changed the direction of his lawnmower to run over the babies and witnesses  watched as blood and body parts sprayed out of the mower and onto the family lawn. Falbo was allegedly smiling and laughing while the child who had been feeding the ducks yelled at him to stop and the parents ran out of the house, saving the lives of the mother and two babies.

Seven ducklings died in the initial attack and two of the four who escaped with their mother after three attempts at running them over went on to drown from injuries. Falbo pled guilty to both nine accounts of animal cruelty and a domestic assault by strangulation charge that had already been filed by his girlfriend. He was also accused of aggravated child abuse and battery but not charged.

Falbo was given a deal that got him only one year behind bars and two on probation, which is less than many nonviolent drug offenders. He has already committed acts of violence against both animals and people, and one year of jail is not sufficient for rehabilitation. The FBI considers animal cruelty to be a crime against society because it can only escalate, yet a sentence of only a few years is common. Tell the Governor that Florida needs to start treating animal cruelty like the real, violent crime that it is and properly punish offenders.


Dear Governor Scott,

After running over nine ducklings with a lawnmower and strangling his girlfriend because she wouldn’t show him her phone, Jason Falbo is only facing one year behind bars. Both of these offenses are extremely violent and the actions of someone who is very troubled and in need of the kind of rehabilitation that cannot be obtained in one year.

His behavior has already shown that his violence can switch from animals to people with little hesitation, and he should not be getting deals that put him back on the street with little more than a restraining order against animals and the woman he abused. His case shows ones of the many skewed aspects of a system that is overly punishing many nonviolent crimes and being lenient on dangerous people taking their frustrations out on animals.

Animal cruelty has been treated with lesser sentencing for too long and people should not be getting minimal time for such a dangerous crime. Keeping people who enjoy the suffering of animals behind bars for long periods of time not only protect animals, but people. Florida needs to better protect its animals from this kind of cruelty and start punishing offenders more harshly. Tell people that the lives of nine baby ducklings are worth more then a slap on the wrist and stop overlooking this violent crime in Florida.


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  1. Janie Harley says:

    Evil monster. What else is he capable of?

  2. What an evil monster to inflict pain and horror on these innocent creatures living in their natural earthen habitat. This evil heartless man should be severely punished before he kills another innocent animal or human victim. Absolutely horrific!

  3. Manel Dias says:

    It is time bring a hefty lawn mover and run him over. So he will know the difference other than that such morons have no idea and will keep abusing and torturing the lives of other innocent & helpless beings. Make sure to give the punishment to fit the crime. This man is Evil. Scientifically proven the people who take voiceless animals lives while in fully control & cold blooded manner are the future ‘SERIAL KILLERS” …Please lock this scumbag for a longest time so he can have enough time to sit behind the jail cell to think the crime he did was heinous and brutal.

  4. Katrina Farquharson says:

    Sick b#####d! How can this sub-human be given a lenient short sentence for such horiffic & shocking crimes! He deserves to be locked up for the remainder of his life..he is a danger to human & animal life & doesn’t deserve his freedom! I am sickened at the cruelty some evil people inflict on others & sickened also by the actions of those who have the opportunity to impose the harshest punishment but decide against it!

  5. Cecily Colloby says:

    Another waste of space who should not be allowed to carry on living…….just shoot this bastard.

  6. Louise Garner says:

    He committed that crime with malice and forethought; I hope he pays for that the rest of his life.

    When Justice fails to protect those who need it the most, then it is Justice itself that should be on trial.

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