Protect Your Right to Avoid GMO Foods


Target: Mr. Mitch McConnell, United States Senate Majority Leader

Goal: Don’t prevent states from mandating GMO labeling on food products.

It seems that the United States House of Representatives is so in the pocket of the major agri-business companies that it would do nearly anything for them, including infringing upon the very notion of federalism. In a new bill, the lower house of Congress seeks to prevent states from requiring labeling on all genetically modified food products. This bill not only flies in the face of states’ rights, it intentionally keeps consumers in the dark about what they are eating.

There are two main arguments from those who support this bill: that the labels will confuse people and that forcing companies to label their products would drive up costs. The first of these arguments is a blatant insult to the intelligence every person living in the United States. To say that Americans can’t research and figure out what’s best for them is nothing short of calling every single person a nitwit. The second argument, claiming that labels would raise prices, is nothing short of a scare tactic. How could changing packaging drive up costs so sharply? Companies change their packaging all the time.

The resounding question, and greatest opposition to this bill, is simply: why not? What are food manufacturers trying to hide from consumers? If what food companies, and the FDA for that matter, claim is true, and genetically modified products are not harmful in any way, why prevent people from knowing which use them?

Beyond these obvious concerns, there is the issue of the federal government interfering directly with states’ rights and undermining the federal system that the United States was based upon. Sign here to demand that the Senate vote this bill down and allow states to require whatever food labels they desire.


Dear Senate Majority Leader McConnell,

I am writing to you concerning a bill that has just made its way through the House of Representatives and is on its way to your chamber. It concerns the ability of states to make their own regulations surrounding genetically modified food labels and seeks to prevent any state from requiring food companies to include labels on their packaging. This is a big issue as it concerns states’ rights, but it is a bigger issue because concerns the health and well-being of American citizens.

The only two arguments against this type of requirement are: new labels may confuse consumers and new labels may raise food prices. The first is a blatant insult to the intelligence of every American and assumes that average, hard-working people are not able to make their own decisions about the food they eat. The second is simply a scare tactic that those in the pocket of the food industry are touting to scare off those who want to know what they’re eating. Why? Why are these companies, and Congress for that matter, trying to hide these things from the public? I am writing ask that you please vote against this bill in order to protect states’ rights and American consumers from ignorance.


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  1. Judith Pecho says:

    All Americans have a right to know how their food is grown and what is in it. I do not want altered genetic food. Do not make us an enclosed experimental camp for corporate profits. Tests on animals have shown GMO foods are not safe and can have very harmful results, such as infertility, mucous pregnancies in stead of live off spring, cancerous tumors. Even the Russians are protected from this Frankenfood. It is not allowed to be grown or sold in their country, and the same for most European countries. You are our representatives and should be protecting our rights and health and not sell out to high pressure corporations. Do it for your children. Stop this legislations with your “no” vote.
    Just say “no”.

  2. Michael Guest says:

    Congress shouldn’t be playing politics with food group industries that threaten our food safety. We all have a right to know of what is in our food that we buy and feed our families. We must stop this legislation before it’s too late. Please vote “no” now!

  3. Stan Benton says:

    This is pretty sick, even for Mr. McConnell. Any decent government would have required GMO labelling long ago, and hopefully even banned most of these horrible toxic “foods”.

  4. Janet Jacobson says:

    Monsanto has hired a literal army of aggressive assholes to patrol Congress and the internet. You can find some of them over at . Anyone in that group is a hired Monsanto shill who deserves to be hacked.

  5. In fact, the Shoppers Guide is what launched the True Food Network! The Guide is designed to help reclaim your right to know about the foods you are buying, and help you find and avoid GMO foods and ingredients.

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