Cat Kicked Into the Air Like Football Deserves Justice


Target: Minister of the Interior Jorge Fernandez Diaz

Goal: Investigate and punish teens accused of kicking and killing a cat.

A video has been circulating online of a teenage boy allegedly throwing a cat and kicking it into the air like a football in Spain, while others laughed in the background. The cat flew and hovered in the air for what seemed like an eternity before crashing down on the concrete where it reportedly died of a broken back and ribs.

These teens reportedly performed a vicious act, purposefully performing a deed with the knowledge it could result in the death of an animal. This cat suffered and experienced immense fear before its death, and those responsible found it amusing enough to record the experience. The sound of onlookers laughing can be heard in the background, along with the terror of the cat and the sound of it hitting the concrete after flying through the air.

People have been searching social media in hopes of identifying the attackers and recorders, whose age and sex were determined by Party against Mistreatment to Animals as two teenage males. Once they are found these two teenagers need to face the fullest extent of the law in punishment for their alleged act of violence against this defenseless animal.

The death of this poor cat can hopefully lead to the incarceration and rehabilitation of people who have expressed obvious violent tendencies that could easily transfer to humans in the future. Don’t let this animal die in vain; encourage Minister of the Interior to fully investigate and punish those responsible.


Dear Minister of the Interior Diaz,

Social media has been sharing a video of a teenager allegedly throwing and kicking a small cat into the air in hopes to identifying this individual and bringing him to justice along with the friend who filmed him. Once he is properly identified and his actions thoroughly investigated, this teenager should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

His extreme act of animal cruelty was thoroughly documented by someone who got equal enjoyment from the death of this cat. The sound of people laughing and getting obvious amusement from the animal flying through the air and crashing to the ground is sickening. They then left this cat to suffer and be found by someone else where it soon died from the damage caused by the kick and fall.

This was a violent outburst that cannot be ignored. This kind of animal cruelty can only escalate in the future, and by getting to this abuser now and hopefully forcing him to face and be rehabilitated for his crimes, future animals and people could be saved from his behavior. Please help find and punish this teenager for his alleged act of abuse.


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Photo credit: Abeer Khan

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  1. There is no “escalating” we need to point to as rationale for halting such heinous acts. A living being’s very life and body has ALREADY been targeted, terrorized, tortured, then murdered — with disrespect, disdain utter indifference, and even AMUSEMENT, openly and shamelessly displayed for such a criminal and socially-depraved act. What “escalation” could there even BE, when such acts are ALREADY demonstrating the obviously twisted attitudes and behaviours of mentally unstable and dangerously violent people??!!! It’s already “the worst of the worst” and needs addressing through appropriately firm and harsh CONSEQUENCE AND PUNISHMENT, on both an individual AND broadly societal level, and NOW…not in some nebulous and “too late” future time!!!

  2. Throw these idiot-psychopaths in jail and throw away the key — DO NOT LET THEM OUT — they’re mentally deficient — thus, a danger to all of society!

  3. If you punish the sickos severely, you will NOT see repeats of abuse and death to animals.

  4. Catherine Dugan says:

    These people deserve to do hard time for hurting/ and or killing a sweet animal! They deserve severe jail time! Hurt an animal, go to jail!

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