Prevent Farm that Supplies Dogs for Testing from Being Built


Target: Communities Minister Greg Clark

Goal: Don’t allow the building of a new farm to supply beagles for animal testing.

There are plans in motion to open up a new beagle farm to supply animal testing in East Yorkshire. The new site will allow more animals to be bred and easily moved around to facilities in the United Kingdom where they will be subjected to research procedures and never experience life outside of a cage.

Thousands of dogs are dying every day around the world due to overflow in shelters, yet more dogs are going to be bred and raised in sterile environments to be sent off to die for research without any chance at a normal life. The world might not be at a point yet where animal research can be eliminated without a cost in creating important cures, but with so many animals existing and dying already, creating facilities just to breed more is completely unnecessary and inhumane.

Over 100,000 people have signed petitions to try and stop the permits needed to open the beagle breeding facility, but Communities Minister Greg Clark is still moving the plans forward. More litters of dogs are going to be born and raised in a factory to be shipped off and treated like supplies and not man’s best friend.

There are enough dogs suffering, and producing more specifically to be experimented on is wrong and only adding to the horrors to animal testing. Where it might still be necessary for now, it should be done as best as it can without wasting more animal life until the process can be eliminated.  Tell the Communities Minister that this plan will not be supported, and the lives of thousands of future dogs should not be wasted as research materials.


Dear Communities Minister Clark,

Despite the extreme public outcry you recently signed a permit allowing a new beagle farm to be built in East Yorkshire, but it isn’t too late to stop the future suffering of these dogs. The world already has an overabundance of dogs living in cramped conditions or being put down because they aren’t adopted. Opening a few dog farm is not the right step in continuing to decrease the number of animal research subjects.

This farm is only going to produce more dogs that are going to live their lives unwanted to eventually die in a cage, and where some animal research is still important, breeding an animal for the sole purpose of testing when so many are already out there is the wrong step.

Providing researchers easier access to beagles is not going to help slow animal testing and the search for alternative methods. Protect these beagles from being raised like unwanted objects and don’t allow the new farm to be built in the United Kingdom.


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Photo credit: Juanelverdolaga

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  1. Cecily Colloby says:

    Vivisection is totally evil as are those who carry it out. To actually breed animals for the purpose of torturing them in the name of “research” is wicked beyond belief. To give permission for this abominable place to be built makes those who gave permission as sick, twisted and disgusting as those who will breed these dogs and those sadists who will eventually torture and kill them. It is a punishable offence to ill treat an animal in the UK and yet these murdering vivisectionists are allowed by law to maim and torture animals.There has been a huge public outcry about this proposed breeding facility and yet it is going ahead. I hope those who build it, those who work in it and those who ultimately get their evil hands on the unfortunate dogs who will be bred there get the punishment they deserve courtesy of Karma or God……

  2. Amy M Glogowski says:

    Please don’t build a horrible place where animal testing is done & leave the animals alone!

  3. Do you even read peoples comments? Shared very far and wide!

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