Don’t Sue Hero who Allegedly Saved Teen Girl from Stabbing in Target


Target: East Liberty, Pittsburgh Pennsylvania CEO of Target Brian Cornell

Goal: Don’t sue man who allegedly saved girl from knife-wielding attacker.

A 16-year old girl was reportedly being stabbed by a man in a Target store until one man put a stop to it when he swung a bat.

Now, he’s reportedly being sued by Target, who claims his actions caused “unreasonable risk of harm to others,” although it seems he prevented the unreasonable harm.

The victim’s attorney told news outlets “suing is just Target’s way of trying to blame someone else for what happened under their own roof. The family certainly doesn’t blame him and are thankful he was there that day.”

The hero stood outside Target, holding a sign that read “Target Sues Stabbing Victim Hero.” When approached by a news outlet, he said “Now you got to think twice before helping someone. I feel very sad inside.”

Anyone would’ve reacted the same way, in his situation. Had this man not picked up the bat, the teenage girl might not be alive today. It’s a shame that Target is suing a man who risked his own life for others.

Target doesn’t seem to care that he saved this girl from further stabbings.

It seems Target expected customers to ignore the girl being stabbed right in front of them rather than stepping in. It would’ve been too risky to try fighting off the knife-wielding attacker without some type of weapon and the man obviously had too good of a heart to just stand by watching the girl be stabbed. As one person noted, “would Target rather the attacker get to stab her until he was satisfied and then possibly end up with a murder on their hands?”

What this man did was heroic. Target should be ashamed for suing someone who saved a girl from the attacker who’d reportedly already stabbed her in the shoulder.

Please urge Target’s CEO, Brian Cornell to drop the greedy, senseless lawsuit against the man.


Dear Target CEO Brian Cornell,

A 16-year old girl was reportedly being stabbed in a Pennsylvania Target when a man intervened to save her by brandishing a bat.

The alleged lawsuit against him appears to be unjustified because his alleged actions may be the only reason she wasn’t further injured or killed.

From what has been released to the public so far, innocent people weren’t harmed due to the man intervening. The alleged attacker may have been injured when the alleged hero swung a bat, but it’s better than the alternative — the girl being injured or murdered from the stabbing.

We hope you understand blaming the hero is wrong and only proves that helping a fellow human can backfire on you, ruining your life. Please don’t contribute to a society that’s unwilling to help others all because companies are too eager to sue.

Please do the right thing and drop the lawsuit.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: WXPI

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  1. Kim Phillips says:

    How much worse of a scene this could have been if the man had been successful and stabbed this girl leaving her laying in her own blood in the middle of the floor. This lawsuit makes no sense. I hope the judge throws this case in the trash where it belongs.

  2. Kim Phillips says:

    I would delete my previous comment but was unable too. I just read the rest of the story and there is a lot more to it and it’s a complicated legal situation.

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