Target Must Stop Selling Shirt that Promotes Women as “Trophies”


Target: Brian C. Cornell, CEO of Target Corporation

Goal: Stop selling offensive shirt for women that has “trophy” written across the chest.

A shirt was released for young women with one word on it: trophy. Target has the shirt for sale both online and in the store for $12.99 and it needs to be removed immediately. This shirt makes a mockery out of years of inequality where women were taken as evidence of a victory to be shown off as items instead of people.

This shirt may not be meant to be taken seriously, but the truth is that these sorts of shirts being sold off to impressionable teens can change how they think of themselves as they are surrounded by shirts messages them up with one word, and not a word that speaks to their brain or character but their looks. This is just one among many in a long line of one-word women’s clothing products that play to women as pretty items over people.

Target is calling the trophy shirt part of a bridal line with other shirts such as “Mrs.” and “Bride” available, and they claim support in the stores despite large internet outcry against the line. Men are offered no similar line sporting the words “Groom,” “Mr.” or “Trophy.”

Numerous people worked on and reviewed the shirt in order for it to reach the shelves, and no one stopped and considered the negative impact of selling a shirt that allows young women to advertise themselves as a prize, as less than a person.

This may be just one shirt, but there are thousands with similar messages that are promoting ideas of female inequality and perpetuating rape culture by allowing those who look at women to see them as something besides people. Target needs to set an example by stopping the sale of this shirt and making similar ones in the future that bring down the worth of young women.


Dear Brian C. Cornell,

Your store released a shirt for adult and teen women that advertises them as a trophy. This is a word that implies something that is won and taken as a show of victory. Around the world women in areas of war are still taken and treated as trophies, and a long history of women being seen as less then human is being perpetuated by this sort of attire.

This is a message that goes right to the heart of rape culture, a culture that is focused around the idea that men are taught women are less than people. Seeing their peers in this kind of light removes the person from the equation when it comes to sexual violence.

People may say it’s just one shirt, but it really isn’t. Thousands of girls could buy this shirt, and ones like it, from your store and others. This shirt was reviewed and designed by people within a culture who have it ingrained in their minds that labeling women with words like “trophy” is normal and acceptable.

By removing the trophy shirt from the shelves and no longer producing women’s clothes similar to it, your company can show that this is not the message they want young people to receive. Help end inequality by producing clothes meant to advertise women as people and not as things.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Jonathan McIntosh

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  1. This is ridiculous! The are far more important battles to be fighting other than a Trophy t-shirt. Get over it! Use your efforts to fight cancer, global warming, homlessness, or domestic violence.

    • If you do not like the shirt, do not buy it. It does not enhance or promote anything. We need to stop finding trivial and inane thnigs to be outraged and offended by and focus on things that matter.

    • Your comment implies that we are not capable of doing more than one cause at a time. I imagine that in this case you must have a hard time with any multitasking to think that this skill doesn’t exist in anyone else.

      If you deem our efforts wasted so be it, however there are far more better things you could be doing with your time than commenting about it, like Using your efforts to fight cancer, global warming, homelessness, or domestic violence.

      Being an activist doesn’t mean we only move on from a cause after it is won, it means we champion a lot of causes at the same time.

  2. If you dont like this shirt then dont buy it! I see people wear stupid shirts that offend me, yet you dont see me making petitions to ban them. Seriously, you people are full of it. Wasting my time, and everyone elses time.

  3. Women, around the world, are treated as objects, being raped, beaten, killed, forced into child marriages, not allowed education, or to even go outside, unchaperoned. Even in this country, they are still seen as 2nd class citizens, are paid less for equal jobs, are objectified and treated as sex objects, called “bitches” and “ho’s”, beaten and raped, often not listened to and ignored.
    I will assume that “Me” (in the comment above) is either a man or a young woman (or just plain ignorant), who doesn’t appreciate what women endured just to get the right to vote and a few other “equal rights”, such as being able to own property and have a credit card in their own name. As for “Me’s” comment about using efforts to fight other causes (does “Me” do that?), ironically the mention of domestic violence is part of this very issue. Objectifying women, certainly, doesn’t help that cause. There was a time, not so long ago, when domestic violence wasn’t even a concern of law enforcement. It was no big deal if a man beat a woman. In some ways, there has been little improvement, since, at least 25% of all women will be the victim of domestic violence, at one time in their lives. Treating women with respect will improve those odds. Considering women “Trophies” does not command respect!

  4. Judith Lassen says:

    There’s also trophy husband, boy, girlfriend…and ‘Kiss me, I’m Canadian’…. what’s the big deal……don’t like it, don’t buy… or do you want to make a”buzz’ ??

  5. I AM NOT FOR SALE AND SURE NOT A TROPHY !!!! Stupid jerk !!

  6. Desere Olson says:

    If you feel offended then dont buy it! it has nothing to do with insulting anybody, go find something better to do with your time.

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